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Payment processor implementations for DPS (Direct Payment Solutions) Payment Express payment gateway.

Payment Express offers both merchant hosted and provider hosted payment processors and is commonly used in Australia and New Zealand. This module implements methods for each of these (via PXPay, PXPost).

Merchant Hosted

The merchant-hosted interface in this module is PX Post. This method will allow you to transact using credit cards on your own website without redirecting to a remote payment page. You will require SSL certification and additional merchant compliance requirements to use this method - for full details please consult with DPS or your bank.

This implementation requires SSL and cURL support be available to your PHP as well.

Provider Hosted

The provider-hosted interface in this module is PXPay. This method will redirect transactions to the DPS website for payment. This method has less compliance requirements than the PXPost method, and as card details are collected by DPS on their secure payment gateway this may be implemented without requiring an SSL cert on the merchant site.

Also still in the module, but deprecated, is PXAccess. Please switch to using PXPay, it's the same thing! See #1376810: Deprecate PxAccess for more.


Please direct enquiries about account setup or potential sales directly to Payment Express at

If you have a support request or an issue with how to configure payment processors in Ubercart, please search the forums at before posting a support issue here.



8.x-1.0-alpha1 implements pxpay2 based solution as an checkout payment method for drupal Ubercart

Do NOT uninstall the module when having orders with DPS payment attached

DPS pxpay user ID and key (live / dev) from paymentexpress is required

This implementation requires php cURL installed.

Ubercart needs to be installed with following modules enabled: Cart, Country, Order, Product, Store, Payment.

Enable the DPS module, which can be found under the Ubercarts payment module section, and the new payment method will become available in the Stores "Payment Method" page at /admin/store/config/payment

"DPS pending" status added into the order status list for later on usage - eg payment failed from dps and please remove this payment status via admin/store/config/orders when uninstall the this module

Installation & Configuration

  1. Please get your DPS pxpay user ID and keys for both live & dev from paymentexpress
  2. Enable the module
  3. Add 'DPS Checkout' payment method via admin/store/config/payment
    - currently we only support single payment method instances so avoid adding additional methods once DPS has been used.
  4. Add the required info on the config page (admin/store/config/payment/method/dps). If live account details are not available just use the same dev detail in the live fields.
  5. DPS payment method added in 3) should now show as a payment option in the cart checkout form.


Ubercart PaymentExpress - DPS PXPay & PXPost: xurizaemon PHP cURL from DPS

This module was built with the support of Sparks Interactive - a New Zealand company supporting the Drupal Community!

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