Bigmenu - AJAX loading for menu tree managment

An alternative to core menu management - adds scalability to the admin menu management screen, by loading subtrees via AJAX.
(Not related to megamenu & similar display modules - this is an admin-only content management utility)

When dealing with a site menu that contains thousands of links, the Drupal Menu UI admin interface becomes so unwieldy as to be impossible to use. When the drag & drop functions for tree management are running, a page can take minutes to render.

THIS MODULE attempts to replace the all-in-one global tree view with a similar interface, but sub-trees are "collapsed" below a certain level, and can be expanded as needed.

Drag & drop between expanded and collapsed menus should be supported.

Known issue A conflict with jquery 1.4+ due to D6 core, so if you've used jquery_update, see the patch

REQUIRES Javascript enabled. Though a noscript fallback is actually available, it sorta defeats the purpose.
It (and Drupal) will not help much if your tree structure is 2 deep and a thousand wide. It should help if your tree is half a dozen deep and a dozen wide.


  • Allows direct access to submenu sections of a big menu, so links within a section can be managed without loading the whole global menu.


  • tiny_menu. Appropriately enough.
  • Jquery Update beyond 1.4. See the issue


Drupal 7 Version


Original discussion : How to manage HUGE menus?

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