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Sector is a Drupal distribution that is ready to go and easy to administer allowing you to develop and deploy Drupal websites faster and more efficiently.

Using the latest versions of Drupal 7 core, Media, Display Suite and (optionally) Workbench along with a wide range of contributed modules Sector provides a set of tools to create a wide variety of websites out of the box. By design Sector is not a lightweight distribution.

Sector includes a responsive theme called Sector Starter. Sector Starter uses Bootstrap as a base theme and provides base typography, helper classes and general style for components provided by Sector. Sector Starter can either be used as a base theme or extended by cloning and owning.


  • Common content types such as News, Events, Resources
  • Responsive theme (based on Bootstrap) with mobile, tablet and desktop support
  • Tools to support hierarchical, taxonomy and search driven content strategies
  • Optional editorial workflows
  • Sample content to get you started quickly
  • PHP support up to PHP 5.6.

Why use Sector?

Sector is targeted towards Drupal site builders and site owners that are looking for a fully configured Drupal project out of the box. Content owners and editors will find an intuitive content management, great authoring experiences and administration that does not require coding.

The preconfigured content types, file types, Display Suite displays and views provide support for hierarchical, as well as taxonomy and search driven content strategies. The flexible install wizard and modular feature structure allows your site to start small and grow big. And bigger.

Sample content is provided to demonstrate the capabilities of Sector at one glance, and can be removed by disabling the sample content features.

Project Roadmap

Please note: Sector is still under development not yet ready for production sites. General enhancements, module and core updates are to be expected.

A Drupal 8 version of Sector is in active development.

Additionally, we're aware of PHP notices on PHP7 environments, but PHP7 is not currently supported by all contrib modules used in Sector.


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