Sometimes it's necessary to exclude single nodes from the site search. An example use case would be, if you use the module "Insert view" to insert views into the body text of a node, which outputs a list of other nodes. A common problem is here, that the listing node is found as a second unwanted search result as it displays content of the listed item as it's own (body) content. With this tiny module you can exclude these listing pages or other unwanted node pages from the search result by entering their node ids into an exclusion list.

This module does exactly this and nothing else.

Drupal 7: As requested lately I set the length of the textfield holding the excluded node ids to 1024 characters. If you think you might hit this threshold at some stage, you should really consider using one of the modules below, as the queries executed by the search module get more and more inefficient by each node id added.

Drupal 8: The input field is a textarea here, but still the same limitation as in D7 exists. If you think you might need to exclude a lot of nodes, better try an alternative module.

Alternative modules, which offer similiar (much more) functionality:

If you need the same functionality for Search API have a look at:


This module was built with the support of Sparks Interactive - a New Zealand company supporting the Drupal Community!

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