The powerful Drupal distribution for faster development, with editor experience in mind.

Brought to you by Vardot

Varbase is an enhanced Drupal distribution with a lot of necessities. Necessities are all the modules, features, configurations that we include in every project.

It's made with the following benefits in mind:

  • Speeds up development
  • Offers standardized configuration and best-practices
  • Comes with a lot of needed functionalities/modules for every-day Drupal site
  • Tested, tested, and tested

Varbase for Drupal 8

Starting a new project? Consider Varbase for Drupal 8.

Installing Varbase 8.x-4.x comes with several extra automated installation steps, to take full advantage of Varbase, other than the Drupal 8 installation instructions.

Install with Composer Building Varbase 8.x-4.x projects with Varbase Build

To install the most recent stable release of Varbase 8.4.x run this command:

composer create-project Vardot/varbase-build:^8.4.05 PROJECT_DIR_NAME --no-dev --no-interaction

To install the dev version of Varbase 8.4.x run this command:

composer create-project vardot/varbase-project:8.4.x-dev PROJECT_DIR_NAME --stability dev --no-interaction

Varbase for Drupal 7

Please check the installation documentation for more information (This is a must read, as there are extra installation steps).
Most of handbooks and information is about 7.x-3.x branch, the 7.x-2.x is deprecated.

This distribution is sponsored and developed by Vardot.


Supporting organizations: 
Initial building, ongoing maintenance and development
Concepts and R&D

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