Uber Publisher

A Powerful Publishing Experience That Changes The Way Content is Curated

Uber Publisher is a flexible and powerful solution designed to evolve the way publishers and media do business.

Built on Drupal, Uber Publisher allows publishers to control the way their content is experienced. From layout management, custom workflows, integrations, to an app store with growing features Uber Publisher provides a full solution that allows our customers to focus on crafting their narratives.


Currently Uber Publisher installation profile cannot be packaged by drupal.org since some of the libraries used in the profile are not GPLv2 compatible, until this issue #1449452: Give installation profiles/distributions GPLv3+ license as option for packaged downloads is solved we cannot packge this distro on drupal.prg.

Build it yourself

wget http://cgit.drupalcode.org/uber_publisher/plain/make.uber_publisher
drush make make.uber_publisher build_directory


Please check the installation documentation for Varbase installation profile (This is a must read there is extra installation steps), Uber Publisher is sub-profile of Varbase.

This distribution is sponsored and developed by Vardot.


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Project information

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