Every webpage needs an automatic XML sitemap generator for SEO reasons. This module aims to be a replacement for the xmlsitemap module for Drupal 8.
Simple xml sitemap is lighter than xmlsitemap in terms of resources and usability. Its functionality differs from xmlsitemap, see this post for details.

Sitemaps generated by this module adhere to the new Google standard regarding multilingual content by creating hreflang sitemaps. Googlebots will thank you later.

Upgrade path

Please do not forget to run update.php after every update.
Branch 8.x-1.x is no longer supported. As there is no upgrade path between major releases, please uninstall 8.x-1.x before installing 8.x-2.x.


The module generates a multilingual sitemap for entities and custom links. Out of the box it supports most of Drupal's content entity types including:

  • nodes
  • taxonomy terms
  • menu links
  • users
  • ...

Contributed entity types like commerce products or media can be indexed as well. Inclusion and priority settings can be set for bundles and overridden on a per-entity basis.

Here is a sample of the XML markup it generates. Do not forget to view the page source (ctrl+u).

Similar modules: XML Sitemap, however not adhering to Google's hreflang standards.

If you would like to say thanks and support the development of this module, a donation is always appreciated.

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