A rewrite of Nodequeue for Drupal 7 based on entities.

The Entityqueue module allows users to create queues of any entity type. Each queue is implemented as an Entityreference field, that can hold a single entity type.

For instance you can create a queue of:

* Nodes
* Users
* Taxonomy Terms

Entityqueue provides Views integration, by adding an Entityqueue relationship to
your view, and adding a sort for Entityqueue position.

Entityqueue API

Entityqueue uses plugin handlers for each queue. When creating a queue, the user selects the handler to use for that queue. Entityqueue provides two handlers by default, the "Simple queue" and "Multiple subqueues" handlers. Other modules can provide their own handlers to alter the queue behavior.

In the 7.x version, entity queues are also exportable using ctools exportables.

Dependencies for the 7.x version

The 8.x version does not have any external module dependencies.

Supporting organizations: 
Funded the initial port to Drupal 8.

Project Information