This module provides a Solr backend for the Search API module.
The backend uses, like the popular Apache Solr Search Integration module, Apache Solr servers for indexing and searching content. It has great performance, is suitable even for use on large commercial websites and supports facets and multi-index searches.


Requirements are:

  • The Search API module, of course.
  • An Apache Solr server which can be individually configured (or has a configuration compatible with this module).

For further details see the module's handbook documentation.

If you do not want to or cannot install your own Solr server, there are a number of web Solr hosts which are compatible with the Search API (either because they have it as an option, or they allow uploading custom configurations). Some of them are:

(This is a free information service, I do not endorse any of these products. If you want your Solr hosting service to be listed here, please contact me.)

7.x version

At the moment the maximum support Solr version is Solr 5.4.1. The required modifications to support newer versions have not been backported from the 8.x branch yet.

8.x version

The module's D8 version is currently in release candidate state.
In addition Search API Multilingual Solr Search has been created as an extension to ease language specific full text search settings.
The minimum support Solr version is Solr 4.5.1.
Due to a known bug in Solr 6.5.x the auto suggest support is broken with these versions. But Solr 6.6.0 fixed that issue.

Important: You have to use composer to install the module! Otherwise the dependencies won't be resolved and the autoloader isn't configured correctly.

Simply change into your drupal directory and run composer require drupal/search_api_solr.

Supporting organizations: 
Generously sponsored general maintenance of the module for almost a year
Sponsored several bug fixes and performance/UI improvements for the module.
Sponsored Solr 5.x support for 8.x branch and sponsors further development.
Sponsored 8.x branch development to get to beta.
Sponsored Search API Autocomplete 8.x support

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