Media entity provides a 'base' entity for media. This is a very basic entity
which can reference to all kinds of media-objects (local files, YouTube
videos, Tweets, Instagram photos, ...). Media entity provides a relation between
Drupal and the media resource. You can reference to/use this entity within any
other Drupal entity.

This module attempts to provide the base storage component for the Drupal 8
media ecosystem.


Our current development focus can be seen in the roadmap issue.

Development is generally done via GitHub pull requests.
Every pull request should be linked to an issue in issue queue and vice-versa.

If you prefer usual patch-based workflow feel free to submit a patch. We started
using GitHub mostly for easier review process. However, there are no strong opinions
about that. Any contribution in any shape or form will be treated equally.

Media provider modules

There are already several media provider modules that extend functionality of
Media entity:

Other modules that integrate with media entity

Media entity 8.x-1.0-beta2 to 8.x-1.0 update instructions

We started depending on the Entity API module. In order for update to go smoothly please make sure that the Entity API >= 8.x-1.0-alpha3 is installed before updating Media entity.


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Initial development of Media entity and media provider plugins was partly sponsored by, part of Outbox AXS.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial development and maintenance.
Initial development.
Development and maintenance.
Development and maintenance

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