This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides a Facebook media entity type for Drupal 8.

It works by asking users to paste in a Facebook embed code. The module examines the embed code and extracts the actual post URL that the user is trying to share. It then makes an API request to Facebook's oEmbed API to retrieve the proper embed code to place on the site.

Which version should I use?

Regardless of your Drupal core version, if you are using the 1.x branch of Media Entity, you should continue using the 1.x branch of this module.

If you are building a new site and want to use the new Media in core (>= 8.4.0), you should use the 2.x branch of this module.

If you have an existing site with Media Entity 1.x and you want to upgrade to Media in core, you need to update the code of this module from the 1.x branch to the 2.x branch. Please check the upgrade instructions on the Media Entity module page for more information on that process.

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