Soundcloud integration for the Media Entity module.


  1. Enable the media_entity and media_entity_soundcloud module.
  2. Go to /admin/structure/media and click 'Add media bundle' to create a new bundle.
  3. Under Type provider select Soundcloud.
  4. Save the bundle.
  5. Add a field to the bundle to store the soundcloud url.
  6. Edit the bundle again, and select the field created above as the Soundcloud URL source field.


  1. Go to the Manage display section for the media bundle.
  2. For the source field selected, select Soundcloud embed under Format.
  3. Click on the settings icon to configure the embedded player.
  4. Save.

Player configuration

  • Type: Visual or Classic
  • Options: Autoplay, Hide related, Show comments, Show user, Show reposts.
  • Width and height
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