This module provides a GoogleDocs integration (i.e. media type
provider plugin) for Media entities.

/!\ Be aware of the different versions. As Media Entity Module will be merged into Drupal core in 8.4, it is important to download the appropriate version of the module.

  • 8.x-1.x version is appropriate for any installation with Drupal core 8.3.x and lower. It depends on [Media Entity Module]( to work.
  • 8.x-4.x version is appropriate for Drupal core 8.4.x and upper.


Check Setup Guide


Check Usage Guide

Integration with Lightning Media

Media Entity GoogleDocs can be used with its companion module for Lightning Media. More information can be found at and


Development is generally done via GitHub pull requests.
Every pull request should be linked to an issue in issue queue and vice-versa.

If you prefer usual patch-based workflow feel free to submit a patch. We started
using GitHub mostly for easier review process. However, there are no strong opinions
about that. Any contribution in any shape or form will be treated equally.

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