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Goal of this module is to provide a generic entity browser/picker/selector. It can be used in any context where one needs to select few entities and do something with them.

Possible use cases:

  • powerfull entity reference widget,
  • embedding entities into wysiwyg,
  • you name it!

8.x-2.x branch information

8.x-2.x is a branch with support for the core media entity. You should only update to this version if you are using core version. If you are still using contrib version of Media entity keep using 8.x-1.x versions. If you are not using Media entity at all it should make any difference.

We strongly suggest to test the upgrade in a testing environment before rolling it to production.


Some documentation is available in Drupal 8 media guide. We try to keep it up to date. If you find any missing parts or inconsistencies please open a pull request.


Entity browser comes with an example module that can be used as a starting point.

There is also File entity browser module that creates a nice widget that allows you to upload files and select from file library. It uses standard entity browser plugins and does some tweaks and themeing on top of that.


Entity browser integrates with Inline entity form. See documentation for more info.

List of available plugins


  • Standalone (part of main module)
  • iFrame (part of main module)
  • Modal (part of main module)

Widget selectors

  • Dropdown (part of main module)
  • Tabs (part of main module)
  • Single widget (part of main module)


Selection displays

  • No display (part of main module)
  • Multi-step display (part of main module)

Modules that use Entity browser


We use Github pull request workflow. Each pull request should have a related and cross-linked drupal.org issue.


Check roadmap meta issue in order to see what current focus of development is.


We are available on #drupal-media IRC channel on Freenode. Maintainers are available for comercial support, coaching, custom development, ...

Our fancy logo was created by David Ličen.

The previous Drupal 7 module has been moved to Entity Type Browser module
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