Entity Browser Enhanced Module

This module provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multiselect and image/media browsers.
Influenced by the enahncements made on the Media Entity Browser in Lightning.

Does this module replace "Entity Browser"?

No. This module adds to Entity Browser some missing usability enhancements. Specifically for the "View" widget.
Entity Browser Enhanced back-end selection


Currently this module allows you to select an "Enhancer" to each "View" widget in a given Entity Browser.
Available enhancers now is one that's called "Enhanced Multiselect". Which does the following:

  • Hides the checkboxes, allows you to select anywhere on the entity to select it as an item.
  • Adds some styling enahncements on selected entities.
  • If an Entity Browser is used as a field widget, the Entity Browser's View widget would limit the number of selectable entities based on the field's cardinality config.
  • Doubleclicking the entity means add or place.


We've seen that a lot of Entity Browsers out there have their own styles, JavaScript and CSS enhancements. Mainly on the "View" widget.
The vision of this module to provide a set of pluggable enhancers that allows you to choose from for each View widget in an Entity Browser.

This module is sponsored and developed by Vardot.


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