#372 bartik.patch91.03 KBbleen
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#372 bartik-images.zip32.63 KBbleen
#328 bartik.patch91.03 KBbleen
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#328 bartik-images.zip25.04 KBbleen
#336 bartik-images.zip25.92 KBbleen
#323 bartik_broken.png19.71 KBaspilicious
#322 bartik-683026-322.patch86 KBJohnAlbin
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#322 bartik-images-683026-322.tgz23.96 KBJohnAlbin
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#320 bartik.patch88.55 KBdmitrig01
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#319 bartik.zip56.42 KBjensimmons
#317 bartik.zip63.16 KBjensimmons
#318 bartik_rc2.patch119.62 KBjensimmons
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#318 base.png661 bytesjensimmons
#318 preview.png661 bytesjensimmons
#318 add.png170 bytesjensimmons
#318 buttons.png2.9 KBjensimmons
#318 comment-arrow-rtl.png265 bytesjensimmons
#318 comment-arrow.png268 bytesjensimmons
#318 search-button.png692 bytesjensimmons
#318 tabs-border.png198 bytesjensimmons
#308 bartik-683026-308.patch85.6 KBJohnAlbin
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#303 bartik-683026-303.patch85.67 KBJohnAlbin
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#294 bartik-binaries.tgz23.84 KBjensimmons
#278 bartik-color-diff.txt2.43 KBdcrocks
#276 bartik-03.11.10.patch64.63 KBJacine
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#276 bartik-images.zip70.58 KBJacine
#257 683026_add_bartik_5.patch66.02 KBjensimmons
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#247 Screenshot-2.png148.91 KBRobLoach
#245 bartik-13180dbfe12bda2f6aa3396a22bfb6fc5a50af51.patch44.2 KBwillmoy
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#238 Drupal primary and secondary menus.png82.42 KBjoachim
#227 Screenshot-015.jpg111.93 KBeigentor
#226 Screenshot-013.jpg121.71 KBeigentor
#226 Screenshot-014.jpg133.28 KBeigentor
#223 bartik menu admin.png68.05 KBjoachim
#222 bartik vertical tabs overflows.png125.87 KBjoachim
#221 bartik - Create Article.png102.83 KBjoachim
#220 683026_add_bartik_4.patch64.05 KBjensimmons
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#218 683026_add_bartik_3.patch64.79 KBjensimmons
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#187 683026_add_bartik_1.patch134.02 KBjensimmons
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Invalid patch format in 683026_add_bartik_1.patch. View
#189 683026_add_bartik_2.patch134.02 KBjensimmons
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#175 bartik-683026-178.patch45.07 KBdixon_
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#149 Blue lagoon.jpg97.08 KBdodorama
#149 helvetica.jpg38.16 KBdodorama
#149 arial.jpg36.82 KBdodorama
#148 bartik-683026-146.patch58.21 KBdixon_
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#146 bartik-683026-146.patch58.21 KBdixon_
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#144 bartik-683026-144.patch57.41 KBdixon_
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#144 images.tar_.gz24.35 KBdixon_
#143 bartik-screenshot.png18.85 KBreglogge
#135 no-bg.PNG23.69 KBandypost
#130 bartik-683026-130.patch57.1 KBJohnAlbin
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#130 bartik-images-683026-130.tgz5.19 KBJohnAlbin
#119 WXPIE7000.jpg229.35 KBdodorama
#115 13.jpg68.9 KBBettyJJ
#92 unordered list screenshot16.99 KBcitronica
#89 D7Bartik.JPG19.86 KBchandrabhan
#82 Bartik admin tables not 100pc.png69.41 KBjoachim
#75 bartik.zip86.03 KBjensimmons
#63 drupal7.png216.82 KBJarek Foksa
#60 image_944x453.png107.74 KBmcrittenden
#54 bartik-with-basic-color-support.tar_.gz80.56 KBdixon_
#52 article_alignment.png70.15 KBrickvug
#52 comment_submission_form.png84.62 KBrickvug
#52 comment_threading.png51.87 KBrickvug
#52 pager_hover_state.png22.15 KBrickvug
#52 status_message_alignment.png226.34 KBrickvug
#52 menu_not_active.png73.88 KBrickvug
#52 menu_example_with_active_styling.png73.24 KBrickvug
#47 bartik-opera.png85.68 KBmarcvangend
#25 blog_error.png146.24 KBaspilicious
#20 white-space-error.png54.61 KBaspilicious
#11 bartik-01.zip83.95 KBjensimmons
#7 Two_women_operating_ENIAC.gif220.14 KBjensimmons
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jensimmons’s picture

Jacine’s picture

Nice work Jen! subscribe :)

wretched sinner - saved by grace’s picture

Version: 7.x-dev » 8.x-dev

As great as this is, due to feature freeze it won't make it into core. Keep the development up and we can look at it for early inclusion in D8.

catch’s picture

Version: 8.x-dev » 7.x-dev

New themes aren't API changes, let's give webchick and Dries a chance to look at this.

aaron’s picture

oh, nice. subscribe.

Dries’s picture

Nice! I like the layout -- much more modern than say Garland's. It is also nice to have a theme that has some extra regions. In general, it also feels right. It feels like it has the right level of sophistication, and the proper balance between simplicity and complexity.

My only real criticism is that the colors are a bit depressing (for lack of a better word). I'd prefer to have a "happier" initial experience, if that makes sense. Maybe it is a matter of changing some of the colors? I certainly want to avoid design by committee, but I figured I'd share my initial experience.

Relative to other Drupal themes, I'd give it a 9/10. Relative to other non-Drupal design, I'd give it a 7/10. It is certainly very promising, and I think it could be a significant step up from Garland. I definitely look forward to see how this plays out/evolves over the next couple of days.

jensimmons’s picture

220.14 KB

a photo of Jean Bartik, working on the ENIAC computer

BTW, the name "Bartik" comes from one of the first computer programmers — Jean Bartik. She was one of the six people (all women) who programmed the ENIAC computer (the first general-purpose electronic computer), and is sometimes credited as the team leader. She later worked on the BINAC and UNIVAC teams.

More on her (including a video of her presenting at Google):

Her name is pronounced "bar-tick" with an equal emphasis put on both syllables.

drupaltronic’s picture

Nice theme !
Will the primary navigation support active states ?

Will it have support for the skinr module ?

RobLoach’s picture

Bartik is pretty!

jix_’s picture

Very nice!

Some small things:

  • Buttons don't look like actual buttons at the moment, more like text fields.
  • I'm not sure if it's wise to style the form item descriptions italic. By doing this, emphased pieces of text can't be separated from the other text anymore.

Other than that, I'm really impressed. It feels like a more 'mature' Garland. It looks more like an actual 'site', something I don't think Garland does very well. (Garland is like half site, half admin.) If this theme would support the color module, I think it would be the perfect replacement.

jensimmons’s picture

83.95 KB

Here's a .zip file of the theme. You can try this out by dropping it into themes/ or sites/all/themes. Later, I'll make a patch.

jensimmons’s picture


Buttons don't look like actual buttons at the moment, more like text fields.

Yup. On the list. Somehow they magically got smaller and tighter tonight, and definitely need improvement.

If this theme would support the color module, I think it would be the perfect replacement.

Also on the list — the header, header text color, overall link color (that's now blue), and two other things will be customizable via the color module. JohnAlbin is going to help make that happen. The main menu tabs that are now grey are actually translucent, so they will show through whatever color is underneath (well, not in IE. They'll be grey in IE.) So if you make your header blue, the menu tabs will be light blue. Try it in Firefox with Firebug, changing the #header background to another color.

NikLP’s picture

There's a lot of positive things to say about this! Good job, nicely done.

I do agree with Dries on the color aspect of it, but as has already been pointed out, support for the color.module would render this issue a non-.... issue. :)

Would also like to know about any grid or other system or subtheming stuff that might be relevant here?

webchick’s picture


We did a lot this release to focus on improvements that make Drupal 7 out of the box more palatable to designers. I think this could be the capstone. I love the origin of the name, too! :D

Looking at the code, it seems this has a couple of nice things:

1. It looks like this is based off the 960 grid system. A lot of designers are familiar with this and the fact that Drupal ships with a core theme based off of it would show off its flexibility immediately.
2. Its .info file is longer than 4 lines! This makes it more of an 'advanced theme' that, if built into core, can give folks a taste for what's possible.

I only got like 4 hours of sleep last night, so I'll have a look more in-depth later, but for now A+++ WOULD SUBSCRIBE AGAIN!1!

cweagans’s picture

+100000000 for this theme going into core. Like right now.

and another +100000000 for this being the default (instead of Garland, which could probably still ship with Drupal....just because it's been there for a while, and there have been some really good improvements on it)

and another +100000000 for webchick getting some sleep here pretty soon ;)

catch’s picture

This looks great, typography is good, layout and overall feel is good, details like comments / user pictures are good too. Didn't review code at all, would be interested to see how poll/forum and other badly behaved modules look in it.

We haven't had a new default theme since Drupal 5.0 was released three years ago. That's a really, really long time. We also removed pushbutton, bluemarine etc. this release, which is great, but was on the assumption we wouldn't ship with only one front-end theme. Installing with Seven then getting Garland feels a bit backwards too.

So I'd love to see this as a new default theme, Garland needs to stay in as not the default at this point.

I also really like that this doesn't scream Drupal as much as either Bluemarine or Garland do - it looks really usable for an actual website, so should also play nicely with others if we have a theme chooser in the installer and/or new themes in Drupal 8/9.

mcrittenden’s picture

+1 for getting this in if at all possible. I'd be interested to see what Mark Boulton has to say about this, since he was rallying for a new frontend theme in #drupal-themes a couple weeks ago.

eaton’s picture

If this theme supports color.module, it will kick some serious ass, no question about it. I'm very, very encouraged by what's been done here, and I think that the presence of a multi-region theme in core will do a lot to open casual evaluators' eyes to the fact that Drupal can go way beyond 'header, column, content, column, footer' layouts.

Dave Reid’s picture

Is this being developed in a CVS sandbox or somewhere we can checkout? I'm very encouraged by this!

aspilicious’s picture

54.61 KB

I think I have some work for you ;)

ps: found this while playing with the collapsing button of advanced search

jensimmons’s picture

@dave reid

I don't have it in version control yet. You can download a zip file (yes a zip!) at Comment #11.

It will be in version control soon....... later this week, I hope.

gusaus’s picture

A couple first impressions from the tweetesphere -

Amazing work, Jen! Bartik into core would be major accomplishment for Drupal.

jensimmons’s picture

Issue tags: +Needs design review

I'd love to hear some feedback on what people think of the look of the sidebar blocks. I think the sidebar can be better, and am looking for ideas for which way to go.

Do you love it? hate it? (be sure to look at it in webkit — Safari /Chrome, too)....

Also tagging.

laura s’s picture

Issue tags: -Needs design review

Personally I like it. A bit similar to Garland in gestalt, but much cleaner.

Stylesheet suggestion: Put stylesheets into a /styles or /css folder, and break out the major color settings into one separate stylesheet so the n00b themers can at least override only one stylesheet to color up their derivative theme to their tastes.

Nice work!

aspilicious’s picture

Issue tags: +Needs design review
146.24 KB

Another glitch

jensimmons’s picture


Thanks for posting these errors!
Could you also list what the URL is to get to them / describe where you are and what you did to see these?

nbz’s picture

I like the look very much.

The sidebar to me seems a bit too thin when compared to many other two column themes - it seems to be more like a three column theme with one column turned off instead of a native two column design.

(Many sites needing to allow adverts, there is a standard ad square of width 250px (as opposed to the 18p0 that is currently allowed for), so having it wide enough to fit such adverts in the content may be an idea to consider... but that would make the sidebar 70 pixels wider.)

as has been mentioned before, the top (primary?) menu items do not seem to have a hover state.

A third place of potential improvement is just below the top menu - where it goes into the main page background, it seems a little too simple. Maybe give the menu a bottom border of a few pixels (that then maybe the tabs of the menu can blend into)?

All in all, I am not a designer and many of these ideas may be plain stupid, but I think they are worth exploring.

/is-not-a-designer-and-has-no-design-sense so feel free to ignore.

aspilicious’s picture

Issue tags: -Needs design review

I just made a blog item, and visited it...

Boobaa’s picture

Issue tags: +Needs design review

Would be even better with div#page { background-color: white; }, and not this simple transparent one.

mcrittenden’s picture

Edit: attempted to retag, but somebody beat me to it. Ignore.

spencerwyatt’s picture

I really like it and hope this gets into Drupal 7 core. Well done!

One small critique though, and this is just my opinion: to me it looks a bit odd to have a larger corner-radius on the tabs (8px) than on the sidebar blocks (4px). In my opinion, the tabs are a bit too rounded and would look better and more consistent if they used the same 4px radius as the blocks.

Here's how it would look with a consistent 4px radius:

Manuel Garcia’s picture

I like the clear looks it has. I also think it needs a bit more work.

Active menu items is a must imho. This can be easily done by changing:
#navigation ul.links li a:hover { (line 278 of style.css) to:

#navigation ul.links li a:hover,
#navigation ul.links li {

I also like the typography, although i personally like Arial based fonts for the main content text (headers are fine in serif), though it's just a personal preference.

This needs an accessibility review, tagging as such. For example, I feel the form buttons are a bit too dull to see, imho they should come up more, since the cursor stays the same, and there is no hover action.

I love the #footer-columns styling, very nice. Again, needs accessibility review, might be too little contrast there, but I personally like it =)

Looking at the markup

  • I can't help to notice that it prints <div class="region region-page-top"> </div> and <div class="region region-page-bottom"> </div> with no content in there. I think the theme should check if there's anything to print there before printing out these container divs.
  • In the region #triptych, each block is contained inside two extra divs, <div class="section"><div class="region region-triptych-middle">, which are not being used for anything, and which aren't necessary, so these should be taken out.
akahn’s picture

I like this a lot. I have one piece of feedback:

I like how the links in the demo site appear to be centered. This is visually striking since centering text or other elements in a container usually doesn't look good and is sometimes frowned upon by designers. But it works here. Looking at the CSS I see that the node links are not actually centered but are indented using margin:

#block-system-main #link-wrapper { margin-left: 236px; }

I think this could be a problem in the long run. Some sites have many links in this area, and those sites would have 236px less room for them. Two ways to deal with this would be centering the text in the container or giving only a slight — 10-15px — margin-left to #link-wrapper.

What do others think about this?


emmajane’s picture

Great job so far!

I downloaded the zip file. I'd like to see a couple of changes including:
- layout folder for css files that are grid/layout related.
- I feel weird about a credit back to a company in core. I'm cool with a credit being in the code, but I don't like it being displayed in the description. I would like to see that credit removed from the Description in .info.
- Where's the rest of the copyright for 960.css? it's licensed under GPL, but who owns the copyright? It seems as though this file as been edited by Spry Soft?

Unsure how I feel about, but want to highlight...:
- Should line 95 of node.tpl.php be a preprocess function instead of having this formatting in the tpl.php file? Moving it would show people how template.php works. But maybe that just complicates things unnecessarily? What do other people think? The snippet that I'm referring to is:

            print t('published by !username on !datetime',
              array('!username' => $name, '!datetime' => $date));
mfer’s picture

The theme isn't blue enough! :P

/me ducks

Great job. So happy to see a new theme.

mcrittenden’s picture

A quick point: as is the case with Garland, if this theme makes it into core, then it will be used/hacked as a starting point for custom themes for years to come. As such, it's really important that the theme is coded cleanly and beautifully, and sets a good example for other themes.

With that in mind, I'd vote to at least move it out of 960gs in favor of more semantic class names and less unnecessary CSS. Thoughts?

ipwa’s picture

this is awesome! good work, will be testing and send some screenshots of admin

jensimmons’s picture


I feel weird about a credit back to a company in core. I'm cool with a credit being in the code, but I don't like it being displayed in the description. I would like to see that credit removed from the Description in .info.

I agree. I wrote that description for the first round of showing this to people, and definitely plan to rewrite it to match other core theme. (And change out the screenshot, too)


Unsure how I feel about, but want to highlight...:
- Should line 95 of node.tpl.php be a preprocess function instead of having this formatting in the tpl.php file? Moving it would show people how template.php works. But maybe that just complicates things unnecessarily? What do other people think? The snippet that I'm referring to is:

            print t('published by !username on !datetime',
              array('!username' => $name, '!datetime' => $date));

That code is straight from the node.tpl.php in core. line 94. So if this is an issue, it's an issue for the node module. There are similar functions in other files — comment.tpl.php perhaps? or maybe was page.tpl.php?


Where's the rest of the copyright for 960.css? it's licensed under GPL, but who owns the copyright? It seems as though this file as been edited by Spry Soft?

@mcittenden said

With that in mind, I'd vote to at least move it out of 960gs in favor of more semantic class names and less unnecessary CSS.

As I've said above, I'm debating whether or not to include 960.css. There are reasons why people are excited to see it in core, and reasons why maybe we should not include it. I'd love to hear more opinions about it. I'll decide later this week and switch the layout to either all 960.css or no 960.css.


A quick point: as is the case with Garland, if this theme makes it into core, then it will be used/hacked as a starting point for custom themes for years to come. As such, it's really important that the theme is coded cleanly and beautifully, and sets a good example for other themes.

I *totally* agree! Like most people, I tried making my first Drupal theme by hacking a core theme, only to find out what a total and utter mistake that was. I assumed that if a theme were in core, it must be coded using the best practices out there. How wrong that assumption was. Drupal's changed a lot since then — the theme code in core is now much improved and the old yukky themes are gone. I want this theme to honor my first assumption, that this theme is ready and able to be hacked up successfully as a great base for a new theme.

I know right now the code is incomplete and messy. Let's make it totally awesome before D7 is released!

moshe weitzman’s picture

Nice. A few items to tidy up and explore

  1. breadcrumbs unstyled and unimpressive
  2. tables unstyled and unimpressive
  3. I can't find a pager. Hopefully they look consistent
  4. perhaps turn on taxonomy terms so we can see those term pages.
  5. create a content type with text/number Fields so we can see how that looks.
kika’s picture

- Should it be a framework theme or just fancy replacement of Garland? 960gs and reset etc suggest former, theme structure (it's not a subtheme based on abstract 960 builder theme) suggests latter.
- Will we now have 2 reset.css' in core?
- What about NineSixty theme what was once planned for core? Why that was no-go and this is go? Because NS was not providing fancy skin subtheme?

My take on this: I am blown away by aestetics of this as rest of the thread, but the theme's structure and reusability as base theme (960 part) needs serious thinking.

But if you care about Drupal7 alpha wow-effect committing this NOW and pushing Garland non-default is our last chance. We still can re-architect theme's structure later.

joachim’s picture

Nice! I like.

Re: 960.
The 960 framework looks very cool, but it falls down as soon as you want to do anything reasonably complex such as having a column subdivided if that column is being made in several templates (think Views). has a better system for subdividing columns in that there is no need for an extra class on the containing column.

Does it work with Color module? It should.

mfer’s picture

A few thoughts...

This theme should go in without it working for color module. While I love color module, we have a short window and that should not hold it up. I would hope we can commit the theme first and then follow-up with color module support if someone wants to do it.

@kika - I don't think a framework theme is a good idea right now. We need another reasonably good looking theme in core. The offer is for a non-framework theme so lets look at that. This isn't the place to suggest the type of theme.

Plus, the theme system in D7 changed a lot. I think it will take a little time using D7 to figure out what a framework theme should look like. For example, many of the cool things Zen did are now part of core theming.

I like the idea of using the 960gs for this core theme. It's used as part of the theme and not as a framework in core so it is ok. One bonus over other grid frameworks is that we have access to many people who know 960 really well and the person (Nathan Smith) who created and maintains it.

If there is concern over the grid and how it scales we may want to strip out the grid and do the positioning in a very basic way. But, I still like 960.

One thing to watch out for is if the file name of a css file is the same as the file name of a core or module css file it will replace/override the core/module file.

Cliff’s picture

Haven't had time to review the theme, but the comments have me really pumped. Subscribing.

mcrittenden’s picture

@mfer, even if it's not a "framework" theme, it's still going to be used as one. Look at the number of sites that have used Garland as a starting point. We need to code it like it is going to be adapted, even if that's not its real purpose. Besides that, even if it will never be adapted, we still should use it as an example of how Drupal themes can output semantic and clean code, since Garland failed at that.

Jacine’s picture

Maybe I'll be the only one that thinks this, but I think the color module is a bad idea for this theme. It will just complicate things unnecessarily IMO. Isn't the color module one of the top reasons why Garland is a bad theme to start with?

I would much rather see theme a simple theme setting that adds a class to html or body to control the color schemes. It could even randomly switch between a few different ones, if you wanted to get cute. If the colors are separated out like Laura suggested in #24, it wouldn't be hard to achieve/understand. This is how I do themes that need multiple color schemes. It works well and is easy to manage.

Dries’s picture

An extra thought; one drawback of the color scheme is that it lessens the difference between the front-end (i.e. Bartik) and the back-end (Seven) a little bit. Both the front-end and the back-end are black-ish themes. This might not be a big deal but it struck me as I was playing around with the theme.

marcvangend’s picture

85.68 KB

I was about to say the same as spencerwyatt in #31, so here's a +1 for a 4px radius on primary links.

Also, I'm wondering which browsers are targeted in core themes. I noticed that some details are not optimal in Opera (using version 10.10). Some of those details simply depend on CSS3 rules (like border-radius) that Opera doesn't support yet. Others can possibly be fixed. See the attached screenshot: radio buttons look awkward and the search field is 2px higher than the search button next to it.

mfer’s picture

Internet Explorer will suffer from the same square edges as Opera.

jensimmons’s picture

Issue tags: -D7 theme, -Bartik

All browsers are targeted. This theme will support IE6, even.
I'm sure there are bugs still, since this theme is not done. You pointed out a good one — thanks.
However, Bartik will not look the same in every browser.

Square edges on items that have rounded corners in Safari/Chrome/Firefox is not a bug.

See: Chapter 4
and many, many, many articles written by some of the best web designers in the world.

I really don't want to debate this, so I'm going to come down hard on even the slightest tiny hint of a disagreement with this choice. (Plus, Seven is using progressive enhancement with CSS3 as well — so if it's a "bug" here, then it's a "bug" there. File a new issue and discuss your concerns in that issue.)

I'm open to debating a lot of things. But not this. There will be square corners in IE 6, 7, 8, and possibly 9, and Opera until they get it together over there... while meanwhile, the rest of the world's web browsers have round corners. There are gradients in some browsers (webkit/safari) and not others (firefox). Text-shadows in some browsers and not others.

Get over it.

Do Websites Need To Look Exactly The Same in Every Browser?

webchick’s picture

I concur with #49. We do not want to waste precious time/energy/resources/code/etc. making tiny aesthetic details like this look the same in all browsers, as long as it is functionally equivalent and has no obvious visual discrepancies (like, say, the left sidebar floating in the middle horizontally in Opera 11).

mfer’s picture

For the record, I'm a fan of doing rounded corners in some browsers and square in others using CSS3. The one thing I would as is that "-khtml-border-radius" is used alongside the others so we can have rounded corners in more browsers.

rickvug’s picture

I'm REALLY digging this design! Like everyone else chiming in, this is exactly what the doctor ordered to cap off the UX improvements in D7. I especially like that the navigation is more conventional and clear than Garland, making the design useful for many types of sites. With color module integration all can be made happy regarding the "flat" look.

The attached annotated screenshots are meant to nit-pick the details to bring further polish. Please take this constructively. Design is largely subjective so @jensimmons should have full veto on anything listed. No single point should be a seen a commit blocker (Seven had many detailed missed when committed).

marcvangend’s picture

I am completely in favor of using CSS3 for rounded corners. If you got the impression that I consider the lack of rounded corners in Opera (and IE for that matter) a bug: I apologize.

Still, I'd like to read your opinion on #31, because a 4px radius on the primary links is more consistent and (IMHO) looks much better.

dixon_’s picture

Really nice work with this! Let's get this done! :)

Color module support

I've just added very basic color module support for Bartik. Just to get it up and running. Some tweaks needs to be done to the color palette of the theme, to make it work smoothly. There is also still work to be done one the preview file and functionality.

I'll come back later with a proper patch and a full implementation, if someone won't beat me to it ;)

/dixon_, NodeOne

Edit: I've attached the whole theme here. But basically, what I've done is to add the color/ directory and the template.php file. And then only some small tweaks to the color code formattings in style.css. As I said, I'll come up with a proper patch later.

adrinux’s picture

As an alternative to color.module support - which presupposes someone has the capability to create nice functional colour schemes and, as has been said, complicates things - what about providing one or two sub-themes that just have different colour palettes?

dixon_’s picture

I think that if this eventually will become a new standard theme, that replaces Garland, it needs to support the color module. Otherwise the color module wouldn't do anything out-of-the-box. An that would only be confusing for users, I think.

I also think that this specific theme is suitable for a good color module integration. It is clean, doesn't have many images which makes the implementation quite clean it self. But as I said in #54, the theme needs some palette tweaks to make it the perfect fit.

michaelverdi’s picture

I love this theme. I love the progressive enhancement. +1 for active menu styling in comment #52.

jensimmons’s picture

UPDATE: nevermind.

Active class has no styling because there's no css class in injected into the html by anything. This is not only true for this theme (which we can alter) but it's true for Drupal core. Drupal core has no active state for the menus.

Will someone open a separate issue for this? And then fix it? It would be best to fix it for all themes.

From @rickvug's comment at #52:

jensimmons’s picture

I want to say thank you to everyone! Thank you for your excitement and enthusiasm. And thank you for all the comments and ideas. So far, I've mostly replied to just the things that I totally disagree with or have a quick answer to. In general, I agree with most of these requests, and want to take a deeper look at others.

Please keep going. This feedback is super helpful.

I'll be setting aside a huge chunk of time as soon as I can to go through this list as well as my own and take this theme to the next level. Meanwhile, I have to get some other work done. Please don't take my lack of reaction to any post as a rejection to it. It's the opposite. I likely agree and just don't want to take the time, or the space in this long thread, to respond "yes, good idea" to each thing. I'll just do it. :)

mcrittenden’s picture

107.74 KB

#58: it does put active classes on the li's. See screenshot below. Am I missing something?

jensimmons’s picture

OMG you are right. It's right there. I looked for it like 4 times, but must have missed it in my 4am crush to get things done-enough. Thanks!

eigentor’s picture

Nice work here. Hopefully this is gonna shake some designers off the tree... C'm on I know you are out there.

One more theme with core ambitions is in the making, though only in layout state right now, will be there by next week.

Jarek Foksa’s picture

216.82 KB

I'm also working on a theme, but I would need at least several days to get the whole design done and several more to code it. How much time we have?

reglogge’s picture

@jensimmons: Do you need some help with this theme? I actually enjoy doing this kind of work and would be willing to roll up the sleeves.

jensimmons’s picture

Issue tags: -D7 theme

@jarkek in #63

I don't know what the timeline is for other themes. It would be best for you to open a separate issue for it, and for us to use this thread as a space to discuss just Bartik. You can create an issue here:

jensimmons’s picture


Yes! I want to get this to a place where other people can start contributing soon. I plan to work on this all day tomorrow and put out a new version. I'll post a list too of major chunks that people can help with. Once it's been committed, then of course, each separate bug fix becomes a separate issue....

Meanwhile, people have pinged me about interest in seeing a backport to D6. Are there people who would like to take on a larger chunk of that work? I'd like to collect names.

carlos8f’s picture

Nice work, @jensimmons! I love the attention to contrast and typography.

I'm sure plenty of us are tired of Drupal lagging behind other platforms (like WordPress) in the design department. So glad to see some cutting-edge designers are helping to change that. And showcasing CSS3 as well.

960gs is a solid CSS framework and my company built dozens of Drupal themes with it in 2009. It's very expandable and IMO is a perfect springboard for people to jump off into theming Drupal. If we have nitpicks with it, I'd think we could easily fork it since it's GPL+MIT. But it's advantageous if we use 960 as-is since it's well supported, documented and in use by other platforms.

color.module support would be a requirement to put this in core, that seems clear.

nbz’s picture

960gs is a solid CSS framework and my company built dozens of Drupal themes with it in 2009. It's very expandable and IMO is a perfect springboard for people to jump off into theming Drupal.

On the other hand, the "other" message could be being sent by using a separate framework for a core theme sent is that the core style and theming from the modules is not good enough...

Kiphaas7’s picture

Issue tags: -D7 theme

Looks AWESOME!!!!

Small Things that I noticed:

  • The primary tabs do not have an active state. I'd love to see this go all out with the menu having a "hover", "pressed" and "active" state. (Best known example doing this is the apple menu on
  • Errors aren't styled. (Tried voting in the poll and got an error, that's when I noticed.
  • Site looks weird when the site height is much, much smaller than the browser window height. (Again, got that when I tried voting in the front poll, got an error and a very short page.)
carlos8f’s picture

@nbz, on the contrary, 960gs is only a structural framework, i.e. laying out columns and other large areas. Core and module styles can live happily within that structure.

My point is that, Garland for example has very convoluted CSS to define its page and column structure. Newbie themers have a difficult time since Garland is usually what they start with. If core came with Bartik as the default theme which used ninesixty as its base theme, newbies would easily be able to tweak Bartik to their needs since all the weird floats, negative margins, etc. are taken care of by the base theme.

dixon_’s picture

If we should have a chance at getting this into core, we must adjust the theme to the color module. If I understand things right, you can only have 5 adjustable color codes in the theme. It's important that the implementation is really smooth.

Jeff Burnz’s picture

Issue tags: +D7 theme

Adding a new tag, looking great BTW, cant wait to try it out.

eigentor’s picture

Issue tags: +D7 theme

found jareks issue

jensimmons’s picture

Issue tags: +D7 theme, +Bartik

I've built a new demo site at
(The old one exploded when I cvs updated. EX-SPLO-DEAD.)

There's some new dummy content on the demo site, including a demo of something I've been planning this whole time... an easy way to do this:

I also went through this awesome list of bugs / requests and made a list at
On the top of that page is a list of the things I'd love help with. Ping me for more info and how to coordinate. Yes, it's messy since this isn't in version control yet. Yes, I know I'm crazy for wanting to have multiple people work on this without CVS or something. But... it's just for now. And it can work.

There's a lot more for me to do. And once I get closer, I'll roll a patch and see about getting this into core. Meanwhile, consider everything discussed above digested and summarized onto the punch list.

jensimmons’s picture

86.03 KB

Oh, and of course. I meant to upload a new zip with the most recent round of changes.

joachim’s picture

On setting Bartik to default:

    *  Notice: Undefined index: 0 in system_theme_default() (line 436 of /Users/joachim/Sites/7-drupal/modules/system/
    * Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in system_theme_default() (line 436 of /Users/joachim/Sites/7-drupal/modules/system/

edit: nm, in core.

marcvangend’s picture

Two thoughts:

If you make the background black (as proposed in the issue list on the demo page) that would cause problems the default behavior of many wysiwyg editors. Often, they re-use the main stylesheet which would cause black-on-black.

Mobile devices are used more and more, so wouldn't it be good if this theme would have a mobile stylesheet as well?

eigentor’s picture

Impressive punch-list, Jen :)
We should design the functionality in a way every new core theme (in a very optimistic outview) reuses the same code.
Jarek is working on some of the same stuff, so no need for duplication.

I'll try to keep track of the proceedings in both themes so maybe we can prevent duplication and make the coding as awesome as the looks.

wretched sinner - saved by grace’s picture

@marcvangend - I think it would be a good idea, as it would make many module maintainers think about what happens on a reversed colour theme. I have run in to a number of modules that have been near-unusable on themes which don't have a white background, as the module maintainers test it with core themes and assume that every theme will be dark text on light background.

dixon_’s picture

Things has to move forward quite fast here, if we shall have a chance at getting this into core. We need to attach a full real patch here, or at least upload the code as a contrib theme here on d.o so we as a community can work on this together. Core maintainers and core developers needs to have an easy way to look at the code so they can review it easily.

@jensimmons I guess you are sitting on the latest theme code? Can you create a usable patch from it? After that I can add my color module support from comment #54 and other people could also start hammering down your list at .

We need it as a patch, or at least as a contrib theme to be able to work on it fast.

marcvangend’s picture

@wretched sinner: that's also a way to look at it, but in the case of wysiwyg, I don't agree. Usually, modules should not break because of the chosen theme, that's true. However for a text editor this is deliberate behavior: in absence of more specific information, it re-uses the theme css to approach the site's design. That's not bad programming, that's an educated guess.

joachim’s picture

Aren't admin tables set to be 100% width in core CSS? At least they were in D6. Too many themes override this; they shouldn't.

@dixon_: github?

yoroy’s picture

+1 etc.

Bartik looking great and solid feedback in the comments. Excellent work all around.
It would be great to see this land for core. From chatting with jensimmons in IRC I know a git repo is in the making *right now*. So that should surface soon enough.

I also soon hope to see a reworked version of posted as a "meta-issue" outlining the plan for landing this as the new default core theme.

Steven Merrill’s picture

BrightBold’s picture

Wow this is fantastic! This is really what D7 needs to completely shine. Typography! White space! Progressive enhancement! I swoon. Awesome work.

janusman’s picture

Awesome work!! I like it! And thinking this is *so* necessary for D7 release (would be kind of sad to ship with Garland IMO)...

Jen, I bet more than a few are willing to help out to get this 100%... do you think you have specific stuff you want us to help with?

I wonder if @webchick and @dries have said/would say how good a chance this has to get into core...?

jensimmons’s picture

There's a list at:
The code is at
Ping me if you want to help.

Steven Merrill’s picture

I've started to integrate color.module here: based on dixon_ 's patch.

chandrabhan’s picture

Category: feature » support
Issue tags: +D7 theme, +Bartik
19.86 KB

Wasn't there supposed to be bullets with the unordered list (from the demo site)? IE7 (on XPSP2)

mcrittenden’s picture

Category: support » feature
Dries’s picture

Given that so many people love this theme (including myself), I think we should try to get it included in Drupal 7, possibly as a replacement to Garland. I'll brainstorm with webchick on a deadline. Before we do, it would be good to have jen propose a deadline.

citronica’s picture

16.99 KB

Great theme!

One small request: could you pad or indent the unordered list so the bullet isn't to the left of all the other text on the page? Many themes have the same problem, and it always looks like a bug to me.

joachim’s picture

Hanging indents....

Personally I think they may look good in print, but are fraught with problems on the web, and in particular in a CMS. They run the risk of bumping into and overflowing from containers. Also, there is the unresolved (to my knowledge) question of what should happen on nested lists.

I think it's up to site designers if they want to try them, but not for Drupal core.

jensimmons’s picture

@heartsutra and @joachim
I know it's overwhelming to read a whole issue cue, especially one this long, but this is definitely something already looked at and it's on the list of things to tackle. It's not something that I didn't notice or that I planned to leave that way. There are many, many things like that one to adjust.

The theme has a lot of things that need work. I hope to get a lot crossed off this weekend.

ChrisBryant’s picture

+1 for getting this in core (and possibly default) as well... Here is a quick initial review:

1. Please add Skinr support!
Skinr is taking off with many of the top themes/theme frameworks supporting it these days (Zen, Fusion and Fusion based themes like Acquia Marina & Prosper, Studio)

2. -1 for Color module. I would recommend going with a simpler method such as Jacine suggests.

3, Foot menu styling: This current appears to be a vertical list menu and I think it would be better as a horizontal list.

4. +1 for mobile styles as well.

Nice work Jen and everyone!

mcrittenden’s picture

For those of you saying that this theme shouldn't support the color module, don't forget that the hope is that this theme will hopefully replace Garland as the default theme, and if the default theme doesn't support the core color module, then there's very little reason to keep including Color module in core. If we need to get rid of the Color module, then that's a different issue, but as long as it's there, the default theme should support it, IMO.

Jacine’s picture

@mcrittenden I haven't forgotten anything. There are reasons I feel other methods should be explored. The "because this theme is going in core it needs to support the color module" argument doesn't fly with me. Since when is color module support a requirement for core themes? If I missed the memo, and that is the case, this is a sad day.

I've seen quite a few people end up in #drupal-themes looking for help after trying to use Garland as a starting point for their own theme. They are usually trying to change something simple, only to realize that the way they know how to fix it (with CSS) doesn't apply because the color module has taken over. Worse, there aren't many people that actually understand it well enough to help (myself included). These people are usually told starting with Garland was a bad idea and they should have used a different theme, like Zen. This is true, but frustrating nonetheless. The fact that help is needed from developers for implementation should be a red flag.

Aside from that, who actually uses the color module to implement color scheme options in themes outside of a small amount of contrib themes? A class on body or html does the trick nicely, and IMO gives the designer better control over the color schemes.

That said, I am not totally against having color module support in Bartik. In an IRC discussion between myself, Jen Simmons and Steven Merrill, an option was discussed to have color module support in a subtheme of Bartik. That would be a better move IMO. At the end of the day, this is just my opinion, but I stand by it regardless of what happens with Garland or color module.

As for Skinr, since it's not in core, and Bartik is going to be a core theme, I think any support for it will need to live in contrib.

mfer’s picture

The question of supporting color.module brings up an interesting question. Should the default Drupal theme be designed to be hacked on? If so, this may dictate more than just the usage of color.module. For example, comments would on where to change things and the layout of CSS files would make a difference.

To say don't include color module because of people hacking on the theme doesn't sit well with me. To say a goal of the theme is to be hacked on and provide a base for people to learn and that color module doesn't support that well makes more sense. But, having that goal also dictates other things in the theme as well.

So, is that a goal of the theme? If so, what else in the theme is working towards that goal?

Jacine’s picture

To say don't include color module because of people hacking on the theme doesn't sit well with me. To say a goal of the theme is to be hacked on and provide a base for people to learn and that color module doesn't support that well makes more sense. But, having that goal also dictates other things in the theme as well.

I didn't say not to include support for it for that reason, and that is not the only reason. It's one of them. I also think people are going to hack at it regardless of whether it is the intended goal of the theme or not, just like Garland.

Anyway, what I'm getting from this thread is that core themes need to support the color module, which is good to know (even if I think it sucks). So, I'll shut up now. :)

mcrittenden’s picture

Thanks Jacine for the well-thought out responses. A few replies:

The "because this theme is going in core it needs to support the color module" argument doesn't fly with me. Since when is color module support a requirement for core themes?

It's not, but IMO it should be a requirement for the core DEFAULT theme, because otherwise that will officially make the color module the only module that does nothing out of the box (I think?).

They are usually trying to change something simple, only to realize that the way they know how to fix it (with CSS) doesn't apply because the color module has taken over.

Again, this sounds like an argument against the color module itself which is a separate issue. We can't decide to have the default core theme not support color.module because of a fault of the module, because that's in effect saying "even though this module is in core, it really sucks and we, Drupal core developers, don't even want to use it."

an option was discussed to have color module support in a subtheme of Bartik.

The same problem of color.module doing nothing out of the box would still apply. Plus, adding a whole new theme (even if it's a subtheme) just for color.module seems like it would just add a layer of confusion and cruft. Unless you meant that the subtheme would have a different look as well?

Anyway, what I'm getting from this thread is that core themes need to support the color module, which is good to know (even if I think it sucks).

I pretty much agree that it sucks. Color module is a pain to work with, and I wouldn't be sad to see it go. But it's not going anywhere anytime soon :(.

mfer’s picture

I was actually thinking, this theme should be designed (as a goal) to be hacked on by others. A lot of people start with the default theme and hack away at it. That's where they start learning. So, why don't we take that opportunity to do something with the default core theme to help them go down that road in a good and peaceful way.

I like the idea of color module. If we want that for this theme I like the idea of adding it as a subtheme. That can extend the default theme and show off how you would do that. Provide a before (default theme) and after (sub theme). This would help people learn to use color module as well.


eaton’s picture

I'm hesitant to start questions about The Big Purpose Of This Theme; it feels like there are a lot of subtle issues that jensimmons wants to finish up in the short term to get it "ready for commit," and for the time being it satisfies one of the biggest needs: a default core theme that is fresher and more flexible than Garland.

I'd love to see it support color module (if only because it's a very simple and easy way for non-designers to make it look a bit different). In a perfect world, I'd love to see it provide a theme settings page as well: the Fusion theme by TopNotchThemes uses that page to give users a choice of several font-families for the body text and headlines. The Singular theme, by DevSeed, gives users a file upload field where they can upload a custom background image for the site.

If we're going to spend energy making this theme customizable, I'd actually prefer that we invest in a few of those features rather than trying to tug it towards the role of a 'base theme for the masses'. A clean, simple base theme would be a big boon but I would hate to bikeshed Bartik because we want it to do double-duty...

Just my $.02 as a non-designer who must occasionally design. ;-)

webchick’s picture

I agree with eaton. We did a lot of work this release to make Drupal core itself a good base theme. See Stark.

catch’s picture

If we can do color module support as a sub-theme, that also makes a great followup patch. I don't think it should be a requirement for an initial commit. Also I don't think we should cram in features which use core stuff just because it's there - if it makes sense on its own merits, that's fine, but Garland would still be in core and still recolorable.

eaton’s picture

If we can do color module support as a sub-theme, that also makes a great followup patch. I don't think it should be a requirement for an initial commit. Also I don't think we should cram in features which use core stuff just because it's there - if it makes sense on its own merits, that's fine, but Garland would still be in core and still recolorable.

I agree that the extras I was discussing shouldn't be commit-blockers. I just meant that I would prefer to see our default theme feature more easy configuration options, as opposed to turning into another Zen/Mothership/etc base theme. Perhaps I misunderstood what others were talking about -- if so, my apologies. :-)

joachim’s picture

I agree with comments above that color module provides a quick and simple way to make a site look distinctive.

The problem with Garland + color is that even once colorized, Garland still looks... like Garland.

I think Bartik has a more generic look, and so different shades of it will look more distinct.

I've not looked at the way it's built, but I imagine it will also more easily stand having dimensions pulled around a bit (eg making the header area bigger/smaller, sidebar widths), which Garland didn't tolerate.

So with color providing a co-ordinated way to change the color scheme, and a few dimension changes, you've very quickly got something that doesn't look totally like out-of-the-box Drupal.

catch’s picture

@eaton, sorry I wasn't directly replying to you. I fully agree not trying to make it into a proper basetheme is a good plan. People don't use Garland as a base theme, they just hack on it - making sure Bartik is a good hackable theme with less of the pitfalls of starting with Garland is very different from trying to do a core base theme.

mfer’s picture

After sleeping on it I woke up finding myself agreeing with eaton. This theme will be a face of Drupal. Most people will just use it (not hack on it). Making it a great theme for users would be better.

Then again, this is the @jensimmons show. This is just my $0.02.

jensimmons’s picture

Catch said it well — there's a difference between making a base theme and a well-written theme that's hackable by people new to Drupal or new to writing CSS / theming. I do plan for Bartik to be hackable. I don't consider it a base theme — other people have written far better base themes. We don't need a base theme in core, because a) Stark is already there and is a great solution for people who have their own design and know CSS and don't need or know how to rewrite tpl files. And b) people who do know how to theme also know how to download themes from

I am a firm believer, however that Bartik should be well-written and easy-to-figure-out for people who don't know how to or have time to write a whole theme. Bartik should help people adjustments to various things — background colors, column widths, text colors, links colors, etc. I also am a firm believer that this code should be well written because it's in core. People will look at this to better understand how to write a Drupal theme. Others will look at it (and the code it outputs) while evaluating whether/not Drupal is a CMS they want to use. Garland has failed to be a good example, and failed to impress with it's code. I want Bartik will be better than Garland in all these ways, not just visually.

I find it interesting that many Drupal developers believe strongly in following strict coding practices, but only for PHP. It makes me sad when I see this strong belief in good code is not honored for HTML and CSS.

Of course a lot of people in the Drupal community, especially the core maintainers and leaders in the front-end development community, are pushing for this to change. The D7 core tpls files are a great example of what's happening when HTML practices are taken more seriously.... but still, this thread reminds me that many Drupal developers don't care at all about respecting HTML and CSS standards.

I've had long in-person arguments with module developers who don't want to bother learning (or asking for help with) CSS. They use table markup to output the content of their module (content that is not tabular data) and could care less about why designers think that's bad. Many in the Drupal community don't value CSS that is well structured and easy to manipulate. I'm not one of those people. I believe strongly that CSS should be well written, well organized, well commented, easy to understand, and easy to manipulate /hack /rewrite in order to customize the theme.

If color module shreds the CSS, or vomits all over it (as some people have lead me to believe — and I'll soon be taking a deeper look at it myself to see what's happening), or if it requires the theme design to be structured in a crazy complicated way, then I don't want to use it. The cost is too high.

I agree it would be great to have some GUI tools for making customizations to the theme. And there are many different things we can do; color module is not the only option. But I also have seen over and over how the Drupal community does not do things that that screw up the code, no matter how cool or handy to some. There's an especially strong bias towards good code over GUI tools for "newbies." Bad code is constantly rejected from core. Crazy code that is in later gets weeded out (as much as possible). I want us to have the same standards for CSS.

It's not just base themes that need well-written code. It's all themes /all core themes. And Garland failed miserably on that front. Bartik is not going to be the mess of code like Garland was. And if not including color module is what is necessary to keep Bartik's code from becoming like Garland's, than I don't want color module in Bartik.

Like I said above, I'll be taking a deeper look at color module soon. Perhaps isn't not so bad code-wise. But if it is that bad, than color module is out.

joachim’s picture

I agree with all of #109, and I speak as a developer who cares about good CSS and HTML, and has sometimes filed issues on other modules regarding use of tables for layout! ;)

Steven Merrill’s picture

See #693504: Color.module does not support more than 5 colors and has hard-coded labels for a question about the viability of adding a minor (backwards-compatible) API change to color.module, since we may want a few more than 5 changeable colors.

webchick’s picture

Somewhat OT, but let's avoid hyperbole like "don't care at all" and "failed miserably." Remember that Drupal is the lump sum of contributions by people who give freely of themselves, with what knowledge they possess and what time they have to dedicate. For some people that knowledge is deep underlying guts of the system, for others it is a deep understanding of web standards, and for still others it's how to put documentation together in a clear and concise manner.

Real, actual, human beings worked very hard on Garland, and Color module, as well as modules out there that output non-standard markup. Ignorance about best practices needs to be combatted with education (and patches), not hurt feelings.

webchick’s picture

Back on-topic, Jen, have you given any thought to a deadline you'd like to achieve? I'm getting a bit nervous about how scope-creepy this is getting, and want to make sure that we have ample time to fix inevitable clean-up bugs after.

jensimmons’s picture

Yeah, my giant apologies if I insulted people's work. That was not my intention. I'm sorry.

Also, Steve Merrill is sitting next to me pounding on Bartik and color module, getting far in figuring out how to best integrate them.

As for deadline, how about January 31 for a deadline for getting the first version of Bartik into core.

BettyJJ’s picture

68.9 KB

I definitely support the idea of letting users define their own color schemes, but this doesn't have be done via the color module. The CTI Flex theme ( lets users define custom colors by directly entering the hex color code or through a color wheel if the color picker module ( is installed. I think this way looks very clean and easy to use. Perhaps someone can have a look at the CTI Flex theme and see if that approach can be adopted here?

Also, I really like the suggestions rickvug gave in comment #52. These are the nuances that make a theme stand out. :)

tstoeckler’s picture

Re: #115: As has been said before:
Color.module is not the best solution out there for making themes color-adjustable. The situation simply is, though, that we have color.module in core. Therefore I don't think it's really an option for a core theme to establish a pattern of "evading" a core module. We're simply stuck with color.module for Drupal 7.

ipwa’s picture

I have integrated the color module to a theme before and found that not being able to change the labels or add more than five colors (thanks for the patch stBorchert!), was a huge limitation. However saying that this module vomits over your css is not accurate.

The color module won't change anything below this statement:

* Color Module: Don't touch                                       *

So if all the colors you want to change are kept above that, and colors that are supposed to be constant (no matter the color scheme) are kept below that, then there's no vomiting going on ;)

I would like to know more about Steven Merrill's progress in color module integration, because maybe I could help out. Cheers!

jensimmons’s picture

Yeah, I think the rumors about Color module were giving me the wrong impression. There doesn't seem to be any shredding or vomiting on CSS. So.... uh..... I take all that part back.

@ipwa (or anyone else) You can try out Steven Merrill's Bartik color module version at GitHub.

See all the different branches? You can make one too:
Click on the last version from anyone, and you can download that as a zip or tar. Of course you can also do a checkout using Git.

Steven got a lot done yesterday! It's looking pretty hot.

It would be great for there to be more than 5 colors, and even better for us to be able to rename what those 5 are called... if you are interested in helping with that, see this issue:

dodorama’s picture

229.35 KB

I think that all this hate towards Garland is a big mistake and due to this misunderstanding the development of this theme, that I really like, is taking the wrong path. Let me expand on this and please forgive my english.

1. Garland is a beautiful theme.
Everything (from typography, colors and design) is in the right place. In my opinion Bartik, at this stage, is still beyond Garland. It may look better because we are all bored to death of Garland after staring at it every time we install Drupal; but please don't let this feeling pollutes your judgements.

2. The scope of the default theme should be to work out of the box, not being the base theme for small tweaks.
Garland and the color module are there to give people a great theme that you can tweak using a UI, not having to deal with code. Consider that one of the main point of this release is to make the life easier to newbies. (even if you don't like the idea)

3. I love web standards and ultra clean html as everybody, but we should all understand that writing the HTML for Drupal is not like writing HTML for a static page. There are a lot of use cases to take into account and this inevitably leads to a more convoluted code. If you want a super-clean HTML in Drupal the only solution is to write your own theme for your specific project. (and yes, for sure, Garland has some - too many - extra divs that are there just for cosmetic reasons, but maybe we can just correct that)

4. The use of a css framework like 960 (that I love and use sometimes) clutters the css even more. It's not a solution in this case but a problem. You force people to learn another framework on top of css. If someone really wants to change the width of some regions is much easier to write well commented css and make it easy to change a couple of numbers than having to understand yet another framework (and here we can make better than Garland avoiding to use negative margins that makes tweaking more complex).

5. Looking at the files (not the code), it seems to me that Bartik overrides some templates. In my opinion the default theme shouldn't. Doing that is like saying that Drupal default templates are wrong. If they don't work for the default theme why we wrote theme as such? The same for default regions. On the other hand I support the use of theme specific settings to replace the header image, change fonts and such. Unlike regions and template overrides, those don't rewrite Drupal standard code but provide extra functionality and are specific to the theme.

7. Still, I really like the theme. It lacks a little bit of personality and the depth of Garland (you can see this when the site is still empty, and since this is the case with every fresh installation it's something we should consider ). Garland with all those subtle 3d effects, gradients and transparencies is a little bit overwhelming but even really effective. Bartik is for sure more versatile but even of less impact (at the moment).

What I see at this stage is a really good theme for core but not as default. I think this would work well as the theme of choice for newbies to do small tweaks and code customization to fit their needs, as an option. In the end this doesn't mean I don't appreciate the job that has been done. Being in the middle of trying to build a theme for contrib. my self I understand the difficulties of writing the one that must suit every need and please many people.

P.S. Talking about sites that don't have to look the same in every browsers, I agree only if we believe that those little details we'll miss (rounded corners, in this case) aren't important for the overall design. (Screenshot in IE7 attached) (moreover as a standardista I'd like to listen people opinion on using vendor specific properties, - like those of webkit, in example - unless they're there to prevent specific bugs)

Cliff’s picture

For over a month, I've been meaning to get back to completing a full explanation of how to evaluate color contrast. But that might not happen until you want this theme done. So in the interest of saying something useful, I'll point out that many Drupal themes have too little contrast between text and background. We seem to be trapped in pastels. There is a great tool called Color-A that can guide designers toward the selection of palettes in which each color used is paired with colors that have sufficient contrast for people with impaired vision to see the text. (You do have to know the hexadecimal code for at least one of the colors you want to use. If you have the color but don't know its hex value, you can use the Colour Contrast Analyser to find it.)

And let me point out that this is a case where more is not necessarily better. A relatively rare visual impairment makes it difficult to see text when the contrast is too high. So achieve enough contrast to comply with the guidelines in WCAG 2.0, but do not try to achieve the highest contrast possible. (These tools do tell you whether the selected colors have sufficient contrast according to WCAG 2.0. The advantages of Contrast-A are that you can use the tool to build a complete palette and, if any color pair lacks sufficient contrast, the tool shows you how to change either color to obtain a pair with sufficient contrast.)

I wish I had time to explain more completely, but I hope this steers you in the right direction. And I am really glad to see this theme. Great job, jensimmons!

eaton’s picture

5. Looking at the files (not the code), it seems to me that Bartik overrides some templates. In my opinion the default theme shouldn't. Doing that is like saying that Drupal default templates are wrong. If they don't work for the default theme why we wrote theme as such? The same for default regions.

I'm not sure I agree with that reasoning.

The ability to create a custom template file for an individual theme is one of the fundamental strengths of the Drupal theming system, and one of the first things that needs to be done when building a new theme. Forcing us to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to regions, template files, and so on seems counterproductive. Shipping a theme that leverages that without cluttering every other theme with a list of unneeded regions or needlessly specialized markup seems like a great idea.

There's nothing to stop another designer from putting together a pure CSS skin for core's default templates: even Garland doesn't go that far, providing a template.php file and a page.tpl.php file. If anyone is willing to do that, it would be pretty cool. Bartik doesn't have to be that particular theme, though: I'm pleased that we would have one in core that actually DOES show off what can be done with overrides...

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> 1. Garland is a beautiful theme.

Yes, it is. And yes, we're all a bit tired of it because we see so much of it, and we may in 3 years be tired of Bartik ;)

But I also also think that some of Garland's elements (the pointy white triangles on primary links and the cut-away section for the breadcrumbs) are a bit too distinctive, and so whatever you do to it, you still have something that fundamentally looks like Garland. Beautiful, but not well suited to purpose.

I get the impression that with Bartik, someone who quickly wants to make a site can just drop in an image into the header, play about with colours, and have something that looks reasonably personalized.

dodorama’s picture

@Eaton I'm not saying that drupal default template files and regions should fits every theme in core but just the default one. Otherwise there's no reason to have those defaults. If we feel the default theme should ship with different templates and regions, I believe we should change Drupal default files and regions not override them.

catch’s picture

We already have a theme in core which exposes the default templates, it's called stark.

The default templates are designed to be easy for CSS-only themers to extend. The default theme is supposed to look nice when you install Drupal and show off some features. These are two different tasks. It's not impossible that someone will submit a CSS-only theme for D7, and when that happens, there can be a discussion about whether that should be committed, and whether it should be the default or not, but currently that's not on the table at all.

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Jen, if you're planning on a 1/31 date, which sounds good to me, we need a patch uploaded here asap so that people can get started reviewing the code, etc.

webchick’s picture

Jacine indicated on IRC that I perhaps haven't been as urgent about this as I need to be. Here goes.

I am extremely concerned that we are heading into February, and I am not seeing fervent back and forth patch reviews on this issue. This is the surest sign to me as a core maintainer that rapid progress is happening and there is a team of people to drive this home. Right now I see no team. I see something that looks nice on the surface and a lot of comments that amount to basically "+1!".

If there is such activity happening in an off-site repo (such as github) to better facilitate collaboration, then great, but there absolutely has to be periodic patches/summaries posted here so that the rest of us can keep up with (and contribute to) the progress. Our core patch reviewers are here, not in github, and it's imperative that these reviews be tracked transparently for all to contribute to.

I am also very nervous that we will end up with 3-4 nice looking, but non-core-worthy themes because of resource allocation issues, and this whole initiative will end up getting bumped to Drupal 8. We have a very limited number of front-end developers contributing to core at all, and those people are currently stretched around at least three core themes plus whatever else they were already working on. If we don't see a huge influx of new front-end people giving reviews, I think we might need to cut our losses and try to get just one of these in rather than three. :\ I really don't want to do that, because this would be totally amazing if we could pull it off, but we need critical mass in order to do so and I am not seeing it.

So what I need to see, absolutely as soon as possible, are actual code reviews, and lots of them on this issue. That only happens when we start posting interim patches. So please let's get some code in this issue!

katiebot’s picture

I'd like to help but I'm not sure what the priorities are. Help? I could just download the code from Github and pick something from the list ( but it would make sense to spend time on the most urgent issues.

joachim’s picture

A few things from Jen's list:

# Add a tool for uploading a header image. With help text about image sizes.

Surely something for core rather than a single theme -- and too late for core this time around.

# Create theme setting to hide the site title and slogan (by pushing it off the page with text-indent:-9999px; not getting rid of it altogether)

Ditto; though perhaps doable?

flickerfly’s picture

I'll start reviewing & testing as soon as a patch shows up.

JohnAlbin’s picture

5.19 KB
57.1 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,392 pass(es). View

@webchick Ok! Ok! :-D

I've been talking to Jen since July about this theme in one form or another. And I've already committed to helping polish it up and make it core-worthy.

There's still a bunch of work to do, but to soothe your nerves, here's a patch off the most recent work over at It doesn't yet include the color-module branch that Steve and Jen were working on last weekend, just the stuff in the master branch.

And the images tgz file should be put in the themes/bartik directory before expanding it.

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JohnAlbin’s picture

Status: Active » Needs review

Might as well let the testbot have a go.

Steven Merrill’s picture

I will chime in and say that we got it to work with core's existing color module and labels, so while an API change to make color.module would be nice, it would not necessarily be required.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
23.69 KB

This theme odes not have background-color... so look ugly if browser's background is different from white

ipwa’s picture

I'll patch my d7 head install and give a full code review, but I just wanted to say that API change to make color.module would be so awesome! Please please please webchick make an exception for #693504, and please anyone who has ever intended to integrate a Drupal theme with the color module chime in on that issue. Our themes deserve a more flexible color module, and the changes are not drastic.

joachim’s picture

Bartik from github is great.

Patch in #130 has no screenshot, and gives me a heap of error messages when enabled. Though those could be because I also tried the color module branch and I now have my variables polluted with that...

The more I see this theme the more I like it :D

joachim’s picture

The Sidebar Second region doesn't work, whatever I put into it.

jensimmons’s picture

Awesome! So color module support is now in Bartik. Get the new code at GitHub.

jensimmons’s picture

Awesome! So color module support is now in Bartik. Get the new code at GitHub.

Thanks Steve Merrill (smerrill) for doing most of the work on this! And JohnAlbin for chiming in.

jensimmons’s picture

jensimmons’s picture

And for all you oldskool Drupalers, joachim just made a color scheme for the color module that is very blue. Find it in the pulldown menu of pre-defined color schemes, named Blue Lagoon.

As always, you can download the new code is on github.

reglogge’s picture

18.85 KB

New (and real) screenshot attached

dixon_’s picture

24.35 KB
57.41 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,391 pass(es). View

Here is a patch with all the latest changes from jensimmon's, smerills (color module), and joachim's (clearfix) git hubs. At least I think I got them all.

From now on I would strongly recommend to continue the work here on d.o with real patches! That way core maintainers, reviewers etc. more easily can see whats going on and review the code. I don't think they have time to check out stuff from git hub.

I also made a huge walk through of all the files and fixed a lot of code style issues to make it even more core worthy :)

  • Added color module from smerrills repository (think it was based on my initial patch?)
  • Removed code that was commented out
  • A lot of code style changes (whitespace, linebreaks, blank line at end of file etc.)
  • A lot of comment style cleanup
  • Removed credits (that doesn't belong in core, unfortunately)

I also attached a new image pack that shall be placed in the bartik folder. It includes the screenshot from #144.

dixon_’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
56.19 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,376 pass(es). View

Ops! I somehow lost the preprocess functions in template.php that makes the color module work. A new patch is attached below.

You'll also need the image pack from #144.

dixon_’s picture

58.21 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,372 pass(es), 2 fail(s), and 0 exception(es). View

Okey, it's too late here... This one will work correctly ;)

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, bartik-683026-146.patch, failed testing.

dixon_’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
58.21 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,382 pass(es). View

Strange... Let's try that again.

dodorama’s picture

36.82 KB
38.16 KB
97.08 KB

color.module support is awesome!
Here's a screenshot of the blue lagoon preset.
Two issues I found: The logo isn't colorized. changing body text and base colors doesn't seem to work (everything else does).

Talking about typography, it seems to me that the site name font is too small. Moreover I'd like to see Arial in place of Helvetica Neue in the meta, tags and links tags. Even if I love Helvetica, at this small size Arial is slightly more readable (more space between characters) and very similar. Attached are screenshot from Safari on a Mac (in the second one the site name is set at 240%, too).
Proposed version with Arial and bigger site name
Current version with Helvetica
Blue Lagoon color scheme

P.S. Is there a way to add inline images to issues referencing attachments? I tried but the html has been stripped away

stephthegeek’s picture

Re: typography -- after spending way too much time researching the Arial/Helvetica debate recently, it looks like it's still the safest to put Arial first for any small (body) text. Helvetica at small sizes becomes nearly unreadable for the ~7% of people who actually have Helvetica installed on XP, unless you have gone in and explicitly configured the font smoothing. Given the intended widespread audience of this theme, I think it should go the safe route.

joachim’s picture

> From now on I would strongly recommend to continue the work here on d.o with real patches! That way core maintainers, reviewers etc. more easily can see whats going on and review the code. I don't think they have time to check out stuff from git hub.

You mean patches that don't include the images, and are a PITA to make with CVS fakeadd?
As opposed to github, where it took me seconds to branch and submit my proposed change, and you can download the whole theme folder in a snap?

dixon_’s picture

@joachim You don't need to do all the work here on d.o. But we need to regularly submit patches here, and consider this queue as the "head" or main bransch. Otherwise reviewers have no chance to keep up to what we are doing, and where we are doing it.

I will gladly help with the merging of fixes from your github account, and create CVS patches for those. It's actually not that hard when you have the tools setup for it. So keep up the good work and we all will get this done together! :)

catch’s picture

Not to jump the gun, but it might be worth asking Dries or webchick to create the bartik folder and add the images in CVS as soon as this starts to look commit-worthy (haven't reviewed code yet so no opinion either way on whether it is or not). Then it's just adding files, which is a lot easier than messing with directory creation and image gzips, plus reviewers only have to apply the patch to get everything working. That would still allow the code to be properly reviewed before it gets committed, but without some of the overhead for testers and patch re-rollers.

flickerfly’s picture

Should I be opening new issues against this theme now or wait until it hopefully gets into core?

In order to get the color module to change colors, I had to disable and re-enable the theme. After doing that, this part seemed to work fine. I really like the dropdown thing instead of the tabs for edit and stuff. The forums still need some attention. I also can't get any blocks to show up in the second column region.

If the block in the first footer column doesn't have a height (doesn't have content) the entire footer collapses, hiding content in the other three footer columns. The same thing happens if no blocks are in the first column. I observed the same thing in the triptych area.

Ubuntu Linux, Chrome Browser

flickerfly’s picture

The previous color problem that was resolved by re-enabling the theme came up again, so that isn't just a quirk in the patch process or something.

In other news: My ability to make websites ugly has been enhanced by Bartik's color module support. :-)

carlos8f’s picture

@dodazzi, the sans font in #149 looks the same, I think they are both Helvetica.

Helvetica is one of my favorite typefaces for print, but while it looks great on Mac (Apple's version is optimized for small sizes) Windows renders it very poorly compared to Arial, due to the mysterious nature of ClearType. Until that is fixed, I think Helvetica should be listed after Arial in font-family definitions. Windows still has 90% of the OS market :-/

The Blue lagoon preset looks awesome!

dodorama’s picture

That's exactly what I meant: replace Helvetica with Arial, because Arial renders better at small size.
The screenshot are correct. Look at the "read more" link. You'd notice that it's a little bit more spacious in the Arial version.

carlos8f’s picture

@dodazzi, I'm not sure about the "read more" text, but tail on the "a" in "Drupal" seems suspiciously like Helvetica in arial.jpg :)

Dries’s picture

Glad to see some actual action on this issue. The proposed deadline looks good to me. I'm not sure we should remove Garland -- I still think it is a very solid theme that is on the same level as Bartik (except that us regulars are bored with it).

joachim’s picture

I'm not sure anyone's said we should kill Garland -- still ship with it, just make Bartik the default in its place.

dodorama’s picture

Just to clarify.
You're right, the site name is still Helvetica, in my screenshots. As I said I replaced Helvetica with Arial only where the font size are small: in the meta info, taxonomy and links.

webchick’s picture

Ok, so there is obviously some contention about the fonts used.

Now, can we please review the code? This includes things like:

- Is the code formatted consistently, according to the Drupal Coding Standards?
- Are the CSS rules written optimally?
- Is the output W3C compliant?
- Is there PHP code in tpl.php files that needs to be moved to template.php?
- Is the code in template.php well-documented and easy to understand?

cweagans’s picture

I'm going through the code and doing a review right now. Will report back in a few with results.

dixon_’s picture

@webchick, and all others

As I mentioned in #144 I walked through and reviewed/patched a lot of all those things already.

As discussed with jensimmons over IRC recently, we'll have another shot at this tomorrow.

mcrittenden’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

This is more of a coding style review than anything else since that's all I could find...the big stuff seems to be pretty well thought out. I'm going to ignore all related stuff since I've already stated my preference to have that removed.

+description = A flexible theme with multiple regions, written with well-formed code. Suitable to be used for building your own theme. 

We might want to think of a new description here. Pretty much all themes have multiple regions, and hopefully all core themes should have well formed code (if they don't, then that needs fixing). Also, "Suitable to be used for" doesn't really make sense. How about just "Suitable for"

+regions[triptych_first] = Triptych first
+regions[triptych_middle] = Triptych middle
+regions[triptych_last] = Triptych last

Can we think up a different name for these? I had to look up the word, and I'd assume others would have to too. How about Triplet first/middle/last or something?

+// $Id$
+// Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.18 2010/01/07 05:23:51 webchick

What's the deal with that?

+ *   desired parameters on the $comment->changed variable.
+ * - $new: New comment marker.
+  * - $permalink: Comment permalink.
+ * - $picture: Authors picture.
+ * - $signature: Authors signature.

Space before the permalink.

+    <?php print $picture ?>

Missing a semicolon (might be missing in the default in comment.tpl.php but either way needs to be fixed in this theme).

+      <div>
+        <?php print render($content['comment_form']); ?>
+      </div>

Can we get rid of those divs?

+  <?php if (!$label_hidden) : ?>

If I'm not mistaken, the colon needs to not have a space before it, even though that's the way it is in the default field.tpl.php, though I could be wrong.

+?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML+RDFa 1.0//EN"
+  "">
+<html xmlns="" xml:lang="<?php print $language->language; ?>" version="XHTML+RDFa 1.0" dir="<?php print $language->dir; ?>"
+  <?php print $rdf_namespaces; ?>>
+  <head profile="<?php print $grddl_profile; ?>">
+    <?php print $head; ?>
+    <title><?php print $head_title; ?></title>
+    <?php print $styles; ?>
+    <?php print $scripts; ?>
+  </head>
+  <body class="<?php print $classes; ?>" <?php print $attributes;?>>
+    <div id="skip-link">
+      <a href="#main-content"><?php print t('Skip to main content'); ?></a>
+    </div>
+    <?php print $page_top; ?>
+    <?php print $page; ?>
+    <?php print $page_bottom; ?>
+  </body>

Did you need to override html.tpl.php? I couldn't find any changes from the default. Also, if you're going to override it, seems like you'll want to remove the space before "<?php print $attributes;?>" in the body tag to keep consistent with the rest of the theme's templates.

<a href="<?php print $base_path ?>" title="<?php print t('Home'); ?>" rel="home"><span><?php print $site_name; ?></span></a>

Semicolon after $base_path (in maintenance_page.tpl.php)

+            <?php if (!empty($title)): ?><h1 class="title" id="page-title"><?php print $title; ?></h1><?php endif; ?>

Let's put breaks in for the if statement here to keep it under 80 chars.

+            <?php if (!empty($messages)): print $messages; endif; ?>

I'd like line breaks and new <?php ?> tags here as well just to stay consistent.

+        <div id="main" class="column"><div id="main-squeeze">

Line break and indention here as well please. Not sure if this is a standard or just a preference of mine, though.

+          <?php
+            print t('published by !username on !datetime', array('!username' => $name, '!datetime' => $date));
+          ?>

Line breaks are awkward here.

+    <?php
+      // We hide the comments and links now so that we can render them later.
+      hide($content['comments']);
+      hide($content['links']);
+      print render($content);
+    ?>

And here as well, though not quite as bad.

+<div id="page-wrapper"><div id="page">
+  <div id="header"><div class="section container-12 clearfix">

I'd prefer line breaks here as well, although again it might just be personal preference.

+    <div id="messages"><div class="section container-12 clearfix">
+    <div id="featured" class="region"><div class="section clearfix">

Page.tpl.php gets a little div-tastic. That's just an example. Are the .section divs necessary here? Can they be bundled in with their previous divs instead?

+        <?php if ($title): ?><h1 class="title" id="page-title"><?php print $title; ?></h1><?php endif; ?>
+        <?php print render($title_suffix); ?>
+        <?php if ($tabs): ?><div class="tabs"><?php print render($tabs); ?></div><?php endif; ?>
+        <?php print render($page['help']); ?>
+        <?php if ($action_links): ?><ul class="action-links"><?php print render($action_links); ?></ul><?php endif; ?>

Again, I'd prefer some line breaks here, especially for the if statements.

+        </div></div> <!-u- /.section, /#triptych-last -->

"u" in comments

+      <?php print theme('links__system_secondary_menu', array('links' => $secondary_menu, 'attributes' => array('id' => 'secondary-menu', 'class' => array('links', 'clearfix')), 'heading' => t('Secondary menu'))); ?>

I could use some line breaks in these, for example after the commas in the array declaration.

+  if (!empty($variables['page']['triptych_first'])
+      || !empty($variables['page']['triptych_middle'])
+      || !empty($variables['page']['triptych_last'])) {
+    $variables['classes_array'][] = 'triptych';
+  }

Could probably drop down to two space indentions instead of four.

+  // Hook into color.module

Needs a period.

+function bartik_process_html(&$vars) {
+  // Hook into color.module
+  if (module_exists('color')) {
+    _color_html_alter($vars);
+  }
+ * Override or insert variables into the page template.
+ */
+function bartik_process_page(&$vars) {
+  // Hook into color.module
+  if (module_exists('color')) {
+    _color_page_alter($vars);
+  }

Do we need to do this in both preprocess_page and preprocess_html now? That's a bit of a bummer if so, but obviously outside the scope of this issue.

+#header #block-search-form { /* Search block when in the header region. */
+#header #block-user-login { /* Login block when in the header region. */

Not sure those comments are needed since it's pretty obvious what the declarations are targeting.

+#navigation {
+  padding: 5x 15px;


+  font-family: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, san-serif;

This is used throughout...needs to be sans-serif right?

+#comment-wrapper h2.comments {
+  margin-bottom: 1em;
+#comments .comment {
+  margin-bottom: 20px;

Should probably use ems or px, not both.

+  background: #fafafa url('images/triptych-background.jpg') repeat-x top center;

No quotes needed, also doesn't it need to be ../images? Same error is repeated a few times.

+  font-family: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, san-serif;

Helvetica Neue needs quotes around it (this is repeated a few times but is right a few times as well)

+.sidebar .block {
+  background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 95%, from(rgba(247, 247, 247, 1)), to(rgba(240, 240, 240, 1)));

How about -moz?

yched’s picture

Why does the theme come with its own field.tpl.php ? I see no difference with the original.

joachim’s picture

Most of the code style points in the code review above make sense to me.

I'll leave the CSS people to justify the DIVs in places like the tabs as I'm sure there is a reason for them.

I just want to say that 'triptych' is a perfectly good word and it describes the effect nicely.

cweagans’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review

Looks like mcrittenden beat me to the punch, but here's some more stuff to ponder.

The first thing that I noticed was that the directory name for the theme is "Bartik". To be consistent with all of the other files and directories in Drupal, this should be changed to "bartik", I think.

  • There should be a newline at the end of this file
  • I think there are some region naming issues. I had to Google "Triptych" to see what it actually was. I think we could probably use a more common word here. It's probably not that big of deal, but was slightly confusing at first.


  • I know it's just a development note, but line 4 (And one of the neighboring empty lines) should be removed so that a patch can be rolled without a lot of hassle.
  • Code is clean and conforms to coding standards.
  • I might be missing something, but is there a reason that you are defining a block.tpl.php? Looking at themes/Bartik/block.tpl.php and modules/block/block.tpl.php, the only difference seems to be that the Bartik copy has that development note. I think this template file can be removed.


  • Need a new line before 5.
  • Lines 7 and 8 look horrible. I know that those lines are correct syntactically, but could we maybe put spaces between the commas and the next color value or would that completely destroy color module support?
  • White space at the end of 8
  • White space on 15
  • For lines 29 and 30, could we simply say
      'slices' => array(),

    rather than splitting it out onto separate lines? You do that with line 25, so it would be good to stay consistent here.

  • There should be a newline at the end of this file


  • This file is presently empty. Do we need a /* $Id$ */ inside of this or is it ok simply being empty?


  • On a subject completely unrelated to this theme, we really really really shouldn't have module-specific code in the core template files. Line 34 seems like it should read something like this:
      <?php if ($comment_form_title_visible): ?>

    The variable name could probably use some work, but you see what I'm getting at? Then, forum module could just turn off visibility for the forum node type. I dunno. Just throwing stuff out there.

  • Line 33 should be split into two lines, I think:
    <div id="comments-wrapper">
      <div id="comments" class="<?php print $classes; ?>"<?php print $attributes; ?>>

    The rest of the lines would then need some more indentation. Line 46 would need split as well. I think it looks a lot more clean like that. We don't really have any coding conventions for the markup yet (, so this is debatable.


  • Development note needs removed to roll patch
  • Please remove line 64
  • Lines 87-89 should be indented two more spaces


  • Oh man, this file is a mess. I know it's not something that was written for this theme, but can we make this at least conform to coding standards please? There are tabs everywhere, and there should be /* $Id$ */ at the top


  • Spaces between attributes and values, please. Problem lines: 4,7,8,9,10,11,15,16,17,18,19,20,25
  • Please insert a newline before 22.
  • There is a large comment block from 29-87. Is there a reason that this is still included? Can we get rid of it?


  • Please insert a newline before 9, 23, 27, and 31.
  • I think 13 and 18 can probably be removed.


  • I know that we all appreciate the hard work you've put into this theme jensimmons, but I don't think 3-9 can go into core. I think a MAINTAINERS.txt entry would be in order, though.
  • Please insert a newline before each new css rule (examples: Line 16, 19, 39, 45)
  • It seems like color module stuff should be at the end of this file.
  • 27-29 are particularly confusing. Why is this there?
  • Line 37 will be ignored by browsers that do not support CSS3, right?
  • Please remove lines 12, 32, 82, 243, 304, 318, 343, 422, 480, 508, 537, 615, 638, 661, 668, and 719. Additionally, the comments immediately preceding each of those lines should be changed into a block quote similar to themes/garland/style.css, lines 3-5.
  • Please remove code that's been commented out. Lines 62, 344-346
  • Please be consistent on your font-family declarations (use quotes on Helvetica Neue throughout). 376, 379, 415, 450, 543, needs quotes around Helvetica Neue, and an 's' in san-sarif
  • Comments at the end of rules should be moved to the line right before the rule. Example: comment at the end of 174 should be moved to the line above
  • Line 237-239: Why? Can the comment be updated to explain?


  • Development note needs removed
  • I think this template can be removed too. The only difference is the development note.


  • Development note needs removed
  • I think this template can be removed too. The only difference is the development note. However, is this now required for a page.tpl.php or something?


  • Development note needs removed
  • I think this template can be removed too. The only difference is the development note. If the maintenance theme is set to Bartik, it should use the default maintenance-page.tpl.php from the system module


  • Line 93: "published" should probably be capitalized.
  • Line 123: We don't want to use the id attribute here because /node displays multiple nodes on one page, which causes validation errors. Class would probably be a better choice here.


  • Line 64 has some whitespace at the end.
  • Line 168: The comment is a little messed up. An extra "u" got in there. XHTML + RDFa validation error.
  • After the other issues are fixed, we need to make sure that this validates as XHTML + RDFa. Having a theme in core that is not standards-compliant would be bad.


  • This file can probably be removed. There's no content, and anything that would go here would probably be better off in the d.o documentation section.


  • Code is clean and conforms to coding standards.
cweagans’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work


jensimmons’s picture

+// $Id$
+// Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.18 2010/01/07 05:23:51 webchick,

What's the deal with that?

All these tpl files are from the system, node, comment modules (and others) in core. I've been periodically going back to those originals and looking to see if they've been changed, and manually updating Bartik with the changes if they have. In order to make that human-version-control process easier, I've keep a running comment of which version of the core files the Bartik file is copying.

Perhaps changes to the core files are done. But until I can be sure everyone knows to duplicate any changes to those files to their partners in Bartik, I'd like to keep that comment. I don't want to miss a bug fix or variable syntax change because it was only fixed in the core file and not in Bartik, too.

Jarek Foksa’s picture

body {
  font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
  line-height: 1.4em;
  word-wrap: break-word;

I'm not sure about body font size. I would either respect user preferences and do not specify it at all (it's just like setting body font-size to 100% or 1em) or ignore user preferences altogether and specify my own fixed value.

Let me give you an example. There are generally three kinds of users:
1. Geeky users - they know how to configure default font size in their browsers. They also know how to use zoom functionality but they are always annoyed when they have to do it.
2. Normal users - they have never touched browser preferences. So their body font size is left to default value which is 16px. They are relying heavily on zoom functionality provided by browser.
3. IE6 users - just like normal users, but their legacy browser does not allow them to zoom on some pages. Besides they are evil.

If you don't set body font size (which is equal to setting it to 100% or 1em):
1. Geeky users will be happy because fonts will match their preferences
2. Most normal users will be sad because of the big fonts (16px)
2. Most IE6 users will be sad because of the big fonts (16px)

If you set body font size to 13px:
1. Geeky users will have mixed feelings - this is the font size most of them would expect, though you ignore their preferences
2. Normal users will be happy - this is the font size they would expect and they can use zoom functionality
3. IE6 users will have mixed feelings - this is the font size that they would expect but they can't zoom it

If you set body font size to 0.8em:
1. Geeky users will be very sad (font size will always be smaller than their preferred size)
2. Normal users will be happy - this is the font size that they would expect (0.8em * 16px = 13px) and they can use zoom functionality
3. IE6 users will be happy - this is the font size that they would expect and they can use zoom functionality

Conclusion: there is no difference between 13px and 0.8em for normal users, but fixed units are more friendly to advanced users while fluid units are more friendly to IE6 users. There is no perfect solution, but considering the fact that IE6 usage is already far below 10% (if you exclude asian countries from statistics :P), should we still discriminate advanced users for the sake of IE6 users?

Jarek Foksa’s picture

regions[triptych_first] = Triptych first
regions[triptych_middle] = Triptych middle
regions[triptych_last] = Triptych last
regions[footer_firstcolumn] = Footer first column
regions[footer_secondcolumn] = Footer second column
regions[footer_thirdcolumn] = Footer third column
regions[footer_fourthcolumn] = Footer fourth column

Those could be replaced with just two dynamic regions. Take a look at ADT basetheme. I'll try to implement it when I'm done with my theme.

Jacine’s picture

Can we please start moving these conversations about specific topics (like typography, bug reports, etc) into individual issues? There is too much going on in this issue, and we need action items that can be assigned to people.

I started making some issues for Bartik today, from Jen's list. They are located here:

To create a new issue, do the following:

  1. Look here and make sure it doesn't already exist
  2. Create a new issue here:
  3. Make sure the version is set to 7.x-dev
  4. Component should be "Other" for now
  5. please tag it "Bartik" so we can find it
dixon_’s picture

All the action is happening on Github at the moment. Here is a quick recap:

  • jensimmons has been working on CSS and typography stuff. She also removed the 960 grid system from the theme and replaced with custom CSS.
  • dimitrig01 has implemented some theme settings and other PHP logics. Also some security fixes.
  • I have been focusing on code style and comment improvements and fixing (almost) all the issues reviewed and reported by mcrittenden (#165) and cweagans (#168).

Jen's branch is unfortunately missing some important changes (non CSS/HTML stuff) due to some problems with Github itself. But I've merged everuthing into my branch here: . I've tested my branch and everything that is implemented seems to work properly.

I know Jen is planning to roll a CVS patch later today. But I don't know from which branch she wants to do that. So I am leaving that for her to decide.

dixon_’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
45.07 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,543 pass(es). View

Here is a new roll at this. This patch mirrors my branch at github ( which includes:

  • All the latest CSS and HTML stuff from jensimmons
  • Dmitris theme settings stuff and security fixes
  • Fixes and cleanups from mcrittenden and cweagans reviews
  • Cweagans fix to #link-wrapper
  • And some other code style and comment cleanup by my self

The patch does not include:

  • Necessary images (grab them from #144).
  • preview.css needed for the color module.
  • Unnecessary template files that was included before. Although jensimmons still wan't them there for new themers. So we should open up another issue about this!
  • HTML coding style issues mcrittenden had in his last review. This belongs in another issue as that issue also applies to all other template files in core.

So, still some work left to do. Although, it's ready enough for another round of reviews!

joachim’s picture

+++ themes/bartik/	31 Jan 2010 23:30:23 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+description = A flexible theme with many regions. Suitable for hacking to make your own theme.

For a lot of people 'hacking' means breaking into people's bank accounts... and I'm sure that includes people who get as far as installing Drupal and changing their theme. Let's use non-jargon here, eg 'modifying'.

+++ themes/bartik/	31 Jan 2010 23:30:23 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+regions[sidebar_first] = Sidebar

Only one sidebar now? How easy is it to modify the theme to put it on the left instead of the right? If we're aiming to be easily modifiable, changing sidebars from side to side is something people will want to do.

+++ themes/bartik/comment-wrapper.tpl.php	31 Jan 2010 23:30:23 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+    <?php if ($node->type != 'forum'): ?>
+      <h2 class="comments"><?php print t('Comments'); ?></h2>
+    <?php endif; ?>
+    <?php if ($content['comment_form']): ?>

Testing for node types that might or might not exist feels a little hackish... I guess there's no way round this though :/

+++ themes/bartik/comment.tpl.php	31 Jan 2010 23:30:24 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,103 @@
+        <?php print t('!datetime.', array('!datetime' => $created)); ?>

Full stop here? Not sure about this; I'll have to check it on actual output, just looking at code right now.
Does a node's $submitted get a full stop? For that matter, how come node.tpl gets a ready-made $submitted and comment.tpl has to build it itself?

+++ themes/bartik/node.tpl.php	31 Jan 2010 23:30:24 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,131 @@
+      // We hide the comments and links now so that we can render them later.
+      hide($content['comments']);
+      hide($content['links']);

I've not played around with D7 theming yet to know whether this could be moved to template.php...

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catch’s picture

@joachim - I'm pretty sure we have comment-TYPE.tpl.php suggestions, not sure about comment-wrapper-TYPE.tpl.php, but if there's not, then it's better to support core modules visually than not.

Agreed that 'modifying' is better than 'hacking', could we get away with "copying and modifying'?

jensimmons’s picture

I'm not very happy about the patch in #175. A lot of changes the changes that were made are changes I disagree with. I never expected Bartik to be forked, changed against my repeated wishes, and presented as if I am cool with it. Please do not commit the forked theme, I'd really prefer that the work that goes into Drupal is from the version that reflects my vision — at least for the first patch.

I'm also kind of stunned about what happened in the last two days (mostly in IRC). It is truly exhausting for a designer to try to do good work in this environment. I had plans to accomplish a lot of new work this weekend, but instead spent most of my effort trying to defend the work I'd already done. Now, I'm at a bit of a loss.

jensimmons’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work
chx’s picture

orry if you felt you need to defend the work you did on IRC. Indeed IRC can be a bit of intimidating -- maybe you should work off IRC a bit? If you need help with PHP/CVS/whatnot I will be happy to lend a hand nonetheless.

cweagans’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review

Well, the deadline for this patch was set Today. So, since you were unavailable (at least when I was around), dixon_ and I did some work on the theme today. This is something that a lot of people really want to see get into core, and the changes were not stylistic changes. The theme should still look/perform exactly as you intended. I don't know about all the changes that dixon_ rolled into the patch, but I know that the work that I did was simply code cleanup, that would get rid of reasons to not put this in core (and would have been necessary anyways).

The trick here is trying to balance your vision with the Drupal core development workflow and the Drupal coding standards. For example, having a copy of the core template files for no reason is not something that really happens. If there's no change to the template, there's no reason to include it in your theme. It's just extra code that will need to be maintained.

So, more to the point: what do you want to have happen with this theme? You've got at least 10 people that have previously done work on the theme (according to the Github network panel thing), and I know that I'm ready to put in a few hours to get this thing ready to go. You make a list, and I'll start working through it because I want to see this in core. It would be a shame to ship with only Garland, Seven, and Stark.

cweagans’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

er, whoops.

jensimmons’s picture

OK. I just merged all the changes everyone made over the last few days into the github master. I didn't pull from the github forks because 1) github is acting very weird and broken, and 2) I wanted to be able to commit most of the changes without having to do all of them, on a line-by-line basis. Using Delta Walker locally allowed me to quickly see what people were doing, merge in all the awesomeness, and leave out the few things I didn't like or that were mistakes.


First I want to thank dixon_ for spending so much time cleaning up spacing. I was glad to finally figure out a way to merge all that work you did into the main branch.

I am leaving html.tpl.php, maintenance-page.tpl.php and the readme. I have strong reasons why I think they should go in. I know some people disagree. What I'd like to do is include these files for now, and then open separate issues about each one where we can debate whether or not to ship Drupal with them. If it's decided any one of them should go, then a new patch can erase it.

I also left the comments in the stylesheet formatted as they have been all along. The Drupal community doesn't have agreement about how CSS comments should be formatted, and I'm following a practice that is very common among CSS coders. It's also much easier to see visually than the proposed format.

There were also a few details along the way that I made an executive decision about. But for the most part, I included 95% of all the requested changes. I hope that puts us in a great place from the code review perspective.

cweagans’s picture

I really really _really_ don't think this can go in with those extra templates in there. There's no reason to have them. It's just extra files to maintain for the next couple of years. The README should be in's doc section.

We don't have any written, defined code standards for CSS comments, but I think Garland, as a theme that's been in core since 4.x, serves as a good example of what to do/what not to do.

Will review when there's another patch.

nbz’s picture

I think having a readme is a very good idea (a hacker will first have a look at the files present before considering googling for "the right way").

However, instead of proposing to people in there to duplicate the theme I think creating a subtheme should be instructed.

Also this may not be in the scope of adding this theme but what about adding to the info file the details of a non existing style sheet? a local.css file where if a user wants to change something in the theme, the user is instructed to create a local.css which will come last in the list of css files.

webchick’s picture

Can we get a summary of exactly what was incorporated into the latest patch, as well as a new patch to review? And is the demo site updated accordingly?

jensimmons’s picture

134.02 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Invalid patch format in 683026_add_bartik_1.patch. View

Look it's a patch!

It's 2:35pm EST (in New York), and the Bartik demo website, the github repo, and this patch now all match with the exact same code. I've folded in all the changes people posted to Git. And I'd love for people to review this as a patch to go into core.

Here's what's in it:

1) Everything.

a) Color module integration (thanks smerrill) and some color schemes (thanks joachim and theresaanna)

b) A theme setting so people can easily change the "published" by text. (thanks dmitrig)

c) Complete change of how the turned-off "Site Name" theme setting works — so that instead of not printing the site name at all, the theme does print the name into the html (for accessibility and findability reasons) and then hides it using CSS. (thanks dmitrig)

d) Removal of 960 grid code leftover from prototyping.

e) A bazillion spacing changes and other code cleanup to clean things up (thanks dixon and cweagans)

f) A lot of recent changes to CSS, including better buttons, better footer menus, fixing a background image.

Seutje and chx also contributed code. And a lot of other people have been helping out in different ways.

There's a lot left to do, but rather than managing one giant patch and all the many things going on with it from Git and the manual version control backflips I've been preforming, I'd rather get this into core asap, and start using normal Drupal Ways to manage the rest of the changes.

jensimmons’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review


jensimmons’s picture

134.02 KB
FAILED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] Invalid patch format in 683026_add_bartik_2.patch. View

Ooop, the git files were in there. Here's a corrected patch.

cweagans’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work
--- /dev/null	1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
+++ themes/bartik/README.txt	31 Jan 2010 13:47:49 -0000

I've said it previously, but I still really disagree with a README being included with a core theme. Why should we include user manual information along with the code, when there is already a centralized manual on d.o?

+++ themes/bartik/comment.tpl.php	1 Feb 2010 15:17:43 -0000
--- /dev/null	1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
+++ themes/bartik/html.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000

As I previously said, this should not be included. It's duplicating (verbatim) code that's already found in core.

+++ themes/bartik/html.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+// Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.3 2009/11/16 05:34:24 webchick

If this file is going to be included, this line needs to be removed, along with the one directly above it (empty line).

+++ themes/bartik/html.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000
--- /dev/null	1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
+++ themes/bartik/maintenance-page.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000

+++ themes/bartik/maintenance-page.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000
+++ themes/bartik/maintenance-page.tpl.php	30 Jan 2010 23:27:10 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,97 @@

@@ -0,0 +1,97 @@
+// $Id$
+// Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.8 2009/08/03 03:04:33 webchick


+++ themes/bartik/node.tpl.php	1 Feb 2010 15:23:35 -0000
--- /dev/null	1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 -0000
+++ themes/bartik/page.tpl.php	1 Feb 2010 15:27:01 -0000

Not sure how I feel about two div tags being on the same line throughout this file. It just seems a little messy/hard to match with the closing tag. Not a huge issue, though.

+++ themes/bartik/css/style.css	1 Feb 2010 18:55:13 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,705 @@
+/* ---------- Overall Specifications ---------- */

In the other CSS files, your comments are one way, and in this one, they are another. Please pick one :)

Additionally, a bunch of git files got into this patch (the entire .git directory for the theme). Those will need to be removed.

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cweagans’s picture

Oh, looks like you got the git files taken care of. Disregard :)

webchick’s picture

"b) A theme setting so people can easily change the "published" by text. (thanks dmitrig)"

This is puzzling. Why? I would remove this, since no other theme offers this and it feels like fluff.

Oh. Everything else sounds good though. Let's get some more reviews. :)

Everett Zufelt’s picture

Good afternoon,

Took a very quick look through the comments. Is anyone currently performing an accessibility review of this theme? I would offer to do some accessibility reviewing on this theme if it is reasonably foreseeable that it is going to be committed to d7 core.

webchick’s picture

Of all the themes being considered for core, this one definitely has the best shot. It's been developed the longest, and has the most people involved in getting it ready.

I would love to see you do an accessibility review on it, Everett!

jensimmons’s picture

@everett: Yes, please.

Everett Zufelt’s picture

@webchick, @jensimmons

Can someone point me to a demonstration site with a reasonably recent version of the theme? I can install head / the theme myself if necessary, but ideally I'd rather not :)

jide’s picture

Great work everyone, there is good progress here !

I have one little issue though.

+        </div> <!-- /name-and-slogan -->
+      </div> <!-- /logo-title -->

I do not find it useful to add a comment to enclosing tags everywhere. I do not think it really adds any useful information for developers / designers (not enough IMHO) and in the end this is in the output, which means bigger files too. I know it is done in Garland but I disagree...

Edit : Moreover, in Garland, this is done for hard to read nested markup in the main div and the header in the page template, not anywhere else.

Steven Merrill’s picture

Everett, is where Jen's been updating the theme. It's at worst 5 or 6 hours behind at this point.

marcvangend’s picture

Steven, that's a Garland site right now... can someone with admin rights switch the theme please? :-)

Jacine’s picture

Changed it back to Bartik:

Everett Zufelt’s picture

A very preliminary accessibility eval of the Home page from perspective of a blind user with FF3/JAWS10 (screen-reader).

I'd say that this is all pretty good. The general comment that I would make is ordering of information in the DOM. The User Login and Search blocks, along with the footer are all in unpredictable positions. From the point of view of a non-mouse user who needs to tab through the screen it might be nice to place the login and search nearer to the top of the DOM. "Skip to Login Form" and "Skip to Site Search Form" links might also be beneficial. I would also recommend checking to make sure that flow of focused elements follows logical visual page flow.

1. Logo: the title of the anchor and the alt of the image are both set to "Home". This may be the node-title, but is not an accurate description of the graphic.

2. No heading before the main menu, other than the site title. This is not necessary, but would be consistent with accessibility improvements that were made to Seven. May be more necessary as modules are enabled and if a sub-theme is derived that makes structural changes.

3. The list of tags for each node listed on the home page are not structured as a list.

4. The "Read More" and "N Comments" links are structured as lists, even though there is only 1 item in each list. This may be appropriate if modules are likely to add to these lists.

5. "Some More Text" is confusing, but I imagine is just for testing.

6. "Who's New". My first question was new at what?

7. The footer is not structurally where I would expect a footer, which is at the end of the document.

8. Recent Content is structured in a table with two empty columns. Is there a reason to use a table for this data structure?

9. Ideally the search form would have a label. The title attribute on the input field is helpful to screen-reader users, however a label provides a larger clickable target for mouse users who have difficulty with fine mouse movements. This obviously depends on the size of the input field, which I cannot assess.

joachim’s picture

I'll field a few of these....

> 3. The list of tags for each node listed on the home page are not structured as a list.

They ought to be. They are in Garland.

> 4. The "Read More" and "N Comments" links are structured as lists, even though there is only 1 item in each list. This may be appropriate if modules are likely to add to these lists.

Yup, node links get added to by lots of modules. So this bit's fine.

> 6. "Who's New". My first question was new at what?

That's straight from core. It's who's new on the site.

Everett Zufelt’s picture

What I didn't mention in my accessibility review is that some of the problems may be caused by core itself. No reason not to fix theme in the theme if it is reasonable to do so.

marcvangend’s picture

@Everett: the order of blocks like search and login can be managed by the site admin, so I think the theme does not have to worry about that.

I have been trying to tab through the site myself, but I noticed that there is no tab focus border around links in both IE8 and FF3.6. This is caused in reset.css:

:focus {
  outline-color: -moz-use-text-color;
  outline-style: none;
  outline-width: 0;

(This is exactly the reason I'm not a fan of reset.css, it resets too much IMHO.) I have always been told that the focus border should not be removed without providing alternative :focus styling. Accessibility experts, is this indeed a problem?

Everett Zufelt’s picture


Thanks for pointing this out. If a non-mouse user cannot tell which element currently has focus then it is a huge problem for accessibility. Imagine not having use of the mouse, if you don't know by tabbing which link has focus then the site is virtually useless.

jensimmons’s picture

So can someone who understands :focus well chime in here (and by that I mean a *CSS* expert).

I still have a lot to learn to make this work right for both visual and non-visual interfaces. I just hate the way outlines look in FF -- dotted lines around all the links during the active state. But I've recently realized that outline:0 messes up keyboard access.

So what's the best practice to 1) support keyboards and then 2) make it look pretty?

Everett Zufelt’s picture

I've been giving some thought to how to make the order of content in the DOM a little less confusing to a screen-reader user. Screen-reader users navigate through the DOM not the visual appearance of the page.

I think I would say that there could potentially be two heading level 1 elements on the page.

1. On the homepage the first h1 will be the site title and the second h1 will be (perhaps using .element-invisible from system.css) a heading that indicates that this is the side bar, or whatever language seems appropriate to describe the block content that comes after it. Keeping in mind to use plain language for the text in the heading and not Drupalese.

2. On any page where a single node is displayed as the primary content the node title should be the h1, not the site title, or perhaps both. I think we ended up with agreement on this with garland, not sure if it ever got implemented. The reason that we need a second h1 for this theme is because it is content-first. Content coming before other supplementary content can make it more difficult to find / reach the supplementary content for a screen-reader user.

As I suggested above for login and search, a "skip to ..." link might also be useful "..." being replaced with the wording from the second h1 heading.

And again, ideally the footer would be actually at the foot of both the visual page and the DOM.

I think this would provide some accessibility improvement and would not be visually intrusive.

One question on the skip links: are they styled to appear on focus/active/hover? This is useful for non-mouse, non-screen-reader users; and I believe this is the default in other core themes.

jix_’s picture

@ #206:

Another thing I experienced with the default (dotted) outlines in Firefox is that it can slow down any running JavaScripts terribly.

Perhaps a light gray background is an acceptable custom style for a:focus (and a:active)? And the default link color as border color for input:focus, select:focus, textarea:focus

It can be any style, really. As long as it's recognizable as the currently focussed link/field/whatever. It should not be confused for, for example.

Everett Zufelt’s picture


That is interesting Firefox behaviour that you have described. I'd love to know if you've noticed this mentioned by others on the web.

As far as colours go, I'd recommend using a tool like to make sure that all colours used in the theme (including any suggestions for focus etc. are WCAG compliant at the AA level. This basically means ensuring that the contrast between foreground and background colours is sufficient to make the text clear to low vision users. This may already be part of the Color module.

jix_’s picture


I've only seen it on OS X so far, not sure about Windows/Linux versions. I haven't found anything about it elsewhere yet. It's probably not something we should care about with this theme, I believe it occured only when scripts were used for animations, e.g. a slideshow.

mcrittenden’s picture

+<div id="comments-wrapper">
+  <div id="comments" class="<?php print $classes; ?>"<?php print $attributes; ?>>

Can these two be combined?


+#comment-wrapper {
+  border-top: 1px solid #d3d7d9;
+  padding-top: 15px;
+#comment-wrapper h2.comments {
+  margin-bottom: 1em;
+.node-teaser #comment-wrapper {
+  display: none;
+#comment-wrapper  div.user-picture img {
+  margin-left: 0;

I don't think these are working since it's supposed to be #comments-wrapper (note the 's').

stephthegeek’s picture

@jensimmons I generally style :hover and :focus together, so the tabbed navigation highlight gets the same style as the :hover.

jensimmons’s picture


JohnAlbin created a dummy content tool that temporarily fills the new regions with help text content, so people see the regions, even though they don't get any Drupal default block content upon install. (I'm probably not explaining it well — try it out to see who it works.)

He also did a bunch of work, cleaning up code, improving CSS, creating proper conditional statements, and rewriting the maintenance tpl.

All of his changes are committed to GitHub. I'll work on a new patch (and also take out the tool to change "published by text") just as soon as I can. The demo site will get updated when the patch is made (it's not updated yet).

webchick’s picture

The reason, btw, that I want these little one-off doo-dad gadgets to be removed, like the "Published on" string being configurable in the UI, is because it makes it incredibly confusing for end users who get used to the way one of the core themes works, then go to do that same thing on another one, and then can't find that neat little thing they played with before. It also causes maintenance overhead because changes to themes can't be made consistently throughout.

If such features are found to be useful, they should be added to core itself (like Color module) so that any and all themes can hook into them. And since Drupal 7 is closed for new features, this would have to happen in Drupal 8.

So please keep these themes to just that: themes.

jensimmons’s picture

Yeah, I think being able to edit the 'published on' string from the theme settings (or someplace else in the site config GUI) is an *awesome* idea! It's one of the most common and first questions I get from people who are attempting to customize their own site.

But also, yeah, it does not belong in only one core theme, post new feature freeze. It sounds like it should begin it's life as a new contrib module. Or a cool practice in more contrib themes. And later become something to consider for core D8.

Sorry I didn't think of this 'no no' before and hold off / ask around. I tossed out the idea, Dmitrig ran with it (also *awesome*) and boom, I shoved it in. It WILL be OUT as soon as I have the brainspace to properly take it out. If someone else wants to do so a GitHub fork, I welcome that. Meanwhile we should toss the code to #700188: Create a global theme setting to change the "published by" wording. so Dmitrig's work isn't lost.

jide’s picture

Moreover, text strings can be overridden using locale, so that is easy to change.

stephthegeek’s picture

The module for that: :)

It's definitely one of the top 3 modules I've linked to people in #drupal-support

jensimmons’s picture

64.79 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,530 pass(es). View

Here's a new patch. What's changed:

> removed tool to edit 'published by' text in the theme settings

> fixed #comment-wrapper to be #comments-wrapper in several lines of CSS

>a bunch of changes from John Albin:

Added missing :focus selectors.

Using "display: none" on h2 titles is inaccessible. Converted code to use
core's element-invisible class.

Wrapped footer, triptych regions in proper conditional statements,

Made maintenance-page.tpl match markup in page.tpl.

Spacing cleanups and other coding standarization things, both in php and css.

Other small stuff — see the full list at

[ Meanwhile, the demo site is broken again. I need to cvs update, wipe the database, and hand-build all the dummy content again. I'll do that in the next couple days, but not right away. ]

jensimmons’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
jensimmons’s picture

64.05 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,539 pass(es). View

Rut-row. I accidentally deleted color module support when attempting to delete published-by edit support. That's the wrong thing. Thanks JohnAlbin for fixing this.

New Patch:

joachim’s picture

102.83 KB

I'm not sure about the lack of fieldset on the theme settings -- but Garland is guilty of this too, so I would say leave that till this theme is in, and then discuss and fix across all themes in a new issue.

There's however a layout bug with content creation -- this is the create article form:

bartik - Create Article.png

joachim’s picture

And some overflowing in the vertical tabs...

bartik vertical tabs overflows.png

joachim’s picture

68.05 KB

And another one: menu admin. Presumably other admin pages that list a name + a description too?

bartik menu admin.png

joachim’s picture

I really don't like $secondary_menu being in the footer. Given the feature where you use it to show the 2nd level of the Primary menu, it's just weird.

willmoy’s picture

Been playing around with Bartik as downloaded from Github today using FF3 and IE6. It's great, very impressive and a nice demo of what Drupal 7 can do that Drupal couldn't before. Comment display is particularly nice.

I'm not qualified to review theme code, but from clicking around (including playing with views) I didn't notice any bug not already filed.

I added one new issue:
#713444: Add a second sidebar
which I think is important, because if Bartik is going to claim the core default spot, I think a single sidebar always on the right is too prescriptive.

It would be great to see a status update on this thread.

eigentor’s picture

133.28 KB
121.71 KB

Downloaded Bartik and played with it a bit.
Nice work indeed :)

What can use a lot of work is color module support. At the moment only the header and some textst are recolored, but a lot of areas remain untouched. A good point for recoloring are IMHO Headings, which are hardly touched. (see attached image. Also the Footer area and the gray area below he header and above the footer remain grey.

Am no color module specialist, but I guess the current restrictions of color module do not help with flexible recoloring. Can one define certain Elements like .node h2 or whatever to be recolored?

eigentor’s picture

111.93 KB

one more image

joachim’s picture

@eigentor: there is only so much that can be done with color module right now. We are dependent on #693504: Color.module does not support more than 5 colors and has hard-coded labels getting in before we can move forward on that particular feature.

joachim’s picture

I am working on getting two sidebars in, but the current widths of the content + sidebar do not properly add up.

content			680
	Margin-left	15	
	width	640	
	Padding-right	20	
	Margin-right	5	
Sidebar-first			265

There is a spare 15px somewhere!

joachim’s picture

I've added support for two sidebars:

Note that the missing 15px are still in there! I am not sure what the underlying column grid is meant to be, so my attempt at fixing this would be hamfisted.

BTW, a mention of the underlying grid and its dimensions would be a nice addition to the README file.

joachim’s picture

The other big thing to look at is the placement of the secondary menu, but that really need design input from jensimmons.

I think all core themes should support the core feature of coupling the primary and secondary menu output to the same actual menu, which to my mind means showing them reasonably close to each other in the theme, so the connection is apparent to the user.

jensimmons’s picture

joachim - I hear your comments about the placement of the secondary menu. Currently the menus are in the place that core puts them — look at Stark. On many many things, I stayed with the choices made by the core files.... and I'm hesitant to change this.

Any comments from the people who decided where secondary menu would live in core html output?

joachim’s picture

Didn't know Stark did that. Confirming it does. Stark is wrong -- or at least doing it in a way that is so basic it should be ignored.

Everett Zufelt’s picture


I agree that coupling the primary and secondary menus is desirable, and in markup along with visual placement.

1. If there is a logical relationship between the two menus then it makes sense for them to be placed in visual proximity.

2. As part of a semantically structured document, it makes sense to group related content in structural proximity.

3. Semantically structured documents are a good place to start in ensuring documents are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Cliff’s picture

I second what Everett has said. If it is possible to solve this placement issue in a way that links the menus semantically, that's the way to go. That approach follows universal design principles and will lead us to better results in the long run.

Everett, I like what First Baptist Church of Wichita has done on their site, except that it isn't accessible (more on that below). Their primary navigation has seven terms:

  • Home
  • About
  • Grow
  • Community
  • Ministries
  • Resources and
  • Contact

Each of these, except for Home and Contact, reveals a dynamic secondary menu on hover, but not on focus. In text-only view, when the secondary links do appear, they are always in the same location — as a new list after the list of primary navigation links. So I'm guessing that people navigating without a mouse would never know that the secondary menus are there.

If there were a way to place each set of secondary items as a subordinate list following its respective primary item and to activate revelation of the secondary menu on focus, I think this would be accessible. Jen and Joachim, FBC-Wichita has a pretty talented team working on their site. Let me know if this interests you and I will ping them to try and get their interest in adding that feature to this theme.


Everett Zufelt’s picture


There are benefits and drawbacks to any approach. The drawback of the approach that you have mentioned above can be illustrated with an example.

A site has 7 items in it's primary menu.
5 of these items have 5 sub-menu items.
There are 32 menu items.

A keyboard user wants to get to the 28th menu item and must tab through 27 items to get there.

I haven't really done much research on fly-out / pop-up menus and can't really suggest the common accessible option at this time. Perhaps what you have suggested is actually the best of all approaches.

joachim’s picture

> If there were a way to place each set of secondary items as a subordinate list following its respective primary item and to activate revelation of the secondary menu on focus, I think this would be accessible.

No, that's going way too far, and it's also not at all what this is about.

If you want a submenu as a child list of the menu, then use a Menu Block. Those do all that already, and there are lots of modules out there for turning them into fancy JS popups. This is about the two lists of links you get built into the theme layer.

joachim’s picture

So, to explain more.

The Drupal theme layer, as far back as D5 and possibly before, supports the output of two lists of links in your theme. In the theme settings admin they are called 'Primary links' and 'Secondary links'; but they are commonly just called menus, because the links come from the menu system. They are not menus because they only show ONE level of links.

Very confusingly, the menus are ALSO called 'Primary links' and 'Secondary links', but the two are not *necessarily* connected. You get to pick WHICH menu supplies its top-level links to the two theme link lists.

So you could have:
- Primary links: top-level links from Primary menu
- Secondary links: top-level links from some admin-created menu

Where this gets cunning however, is what happens if you choose the SAME menu as the source for both links. In this case, they magically couple together, and the Secondary links shows you the 2nd level from the menu for the page you are on.

In this illustration I am on page Beta, and the Secondary links shows the items One to Four because those are the child links of where I am.

Drupal primary and secondary menus.png

So -- to recap, this is a cool feature, and the two menus should be in reasonable proximity to one another so that they make sense when it is in use.

(As far as I know, there is VERY LITTLE in our Getting Started docs about this, so if anyone feels like taking the picture and my writeup and integrating it in, that would be great!)

dodorama’s picture

I opened an issue about the problem with the primary and secondary links implementation
#698014: Theme settings for main/secondary variables mismatch with menu settings
and I posted a patch to convert them to standard blocks and support two level navigation
#503810: Convert primary and secondary menus to blocks

If you want to have a look, maybe with can solve this in Drupal core.

webchick’s picture

I think it's time for another round of interim patches, to see if we can get this wrapped up by March 1.

joachim’s picture

I don't think we should count on #503810: Convert primary and secondary menus to blocks happening -- it's too big a change and there are too many unresolved complications around it.

dcrocks’s picture

I had added comments relative to bartik in and thought I should repeat them here.
I had downloaded the bartik theme on 2/17 from Joachim's git hub and installed on ver 7 alpha 1 on a Mac. I had also applied the 693504-color_module-custom_fields-35.patch. I would get a blank dialog when I tried to look at the setting for bartik. Taking a clue from the error messages I looked at the files for bartik and garland. It looks like the array structure for 'schemes' and 'gradient' had changed. I made corresponding changes in bartik's to match the style of garland and it appears to work.
Again I am new to drupal and am not sure if I messed something else up. I keep getting a missing button.png message in the webservers logs as well as something called 'system' in drupal's root. Should I have gotten my copy of bartik from a different github? By nature, I prefer to work with the latest.

dcrocks’s picture

In file style.css line 493 looks like '../' was dropped from url, should be
background: #161617 url(../images/footer-background.jpg) repeat-x top center;

catch’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

I think it's time for another round of interim patches, to see if we can get this wrapped up by March 1.

willmoy’s picture

44.2 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,911 pass(es). View

As far as I can see from the Bartik issue queue:
and github:
and this thread
nothing's happened here for at least a week.

That's a real shame. I don't think we should lose sight of the initial reactions of Dries ("Nice!") and webchick ("Wow!!") in among all the details. Personally, I think this would be a fantastic, and important, addition to D7.

With a week to go before Mar 1, what can we do to make that happen? For all the daunting thread length, I'm not aware of anything like a critical bug in this code, so I suggest it ought to be committed and worked on normally. I think it's fantastic what jensimmons has done, and I am not sure it's reasonable to expect one person to have to field all the rest of it.

So here's a patch.

I hate CVS and am only learning git, so the patch may not be what's required, and only relates to joachim's latest commit at: It excludes a few more recent minor changes from jacine as I don't have the time to figure out how to merge the two, but I'm sure that can be sorted out.

tstoeckler’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review

Let's see what the bot says.

RobLoach’s picture

148.91 KB

I seriously think we should create a project page for Bartik and move those issues over there instead. Who knows, we might want a Drupal 6 branch open for it eventually! I'm not saying this is not core material, I'm just saying it might be easier to handle and know what's going on.

Here are my notes after applying the patch and trying it out. Forgive me if I'm bringing up things from past comments as I haven't read through 250 comments :-) .....

  1. Looks really nice!
  2. Looking at README.txt, it says "Duplicate the Bartik directory (the folder)". Instead of encouraging people to fork Bartik, shouldn't we encourage people to run Bartik as a sub-theme? The README.txt formatting should match Stark's?
  3. I probably have an old CSS file, because I'm getting the attached screenshot after applying the patch and adding the images/css...
  4. Might just be me, but I'm not seeing the Color module settings in the Bartik settings page.
  5. I like the idea of the sample blocks. Should these instead be pushed into Drupal core?
  6. We probably don't need "Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.3 2009/11/16 05:34:24 webchick" in there ;-) .

It's looking amazing! Could we open up a project page for this so that it's easier to see what's going on with it, as well as help clean up the Drupal issue queue? THANKS!

jensimmons’s picture

Ok. I just created a d.o project space for Bartik.

webchick’s picture


Thank you, Jen. It's going to be so much easier for people to help on this when there is one canonical place to go to find the latest copy of the code.

Also big thanks to willmoy for pushing this along. :)

willmoy’s picture

One canonical place for issues that would prevent bartik being released in core:
I've removed the bartik tag from its issues now, per 'Do NOT use tags for duplicating the "Assigned" or "Component" fields.'

There are only six critical issues: two have code already thanks to jacine and joachim; two seem very simple; core by March is not impossible. There are only six normal issues too.

It's going to be so much easier for people to help on this when there is one canonical place to go to find the latest copy of the code. —webchick

If anybody who understands the code could pull together the strands at to give a single code base to test and patch against so that jensimmons can commit it to CVS under the bartik project that would be just lovely.

joachim’s picture

> If anybody who understands the code could pull together the strands at to give a single code base

Surely only jensimmons can merge into her branch? Anyone else can make a branch and pull everything in but how would we know which one?

webchick’s picture

So. Here's where I'm at.

I would really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like to see this in core.

But this issue is incredibly heart-breaking because there are literally dozens of people who are ready, willing, and able to help with this, and they are currently totally blocked from doing so. And they have been blocked since February 5th, when the last "official" patch was posted. There are at least 7 versions of this theme floating around, but no one knows where the most up to date version is, and no one in their right mind is going to sit down and dedicate 2+ hours to review the theme and fix bugs (which is something we desperately need a lot of people doing, if this is to become "core-worthy") if they aren't absolutely 100% sure that the copy of the theme they're doing it against is the "real" one. This ambiguity created by GitHub forks and the like is literally killing this initiative, which of all the contenders definitely is the furthest along, has the most community interest and involvement (including an accessibility review!), and thus has the best chance to get into core.

Jen, I know a big part of this is that you've been going through some pretty heavy stuff lately, and I most certainly do not want to add to your stress level. Tell me how I can help. Do you simply need more time to get some stuff cleared off your plate? Is there someone you trust to delegate the leading of this theme to in your place, who has more time available? Would you be willing to bless a team of folks to go off and do stuff in CVS, with you coming in periodically for reviews to make sure we're not going against your wishes design-wise? I'm definitely open to ideas. What can we do to keep this moving?

jensimmons’s picture

Thanks. I hear you.

I would really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really like to see this in core too.

I will do my best to get through the Github fork queue asap and commit the handful of patches that are waiting there. Then we will have a definitive One Version. All of the patches on Verdi's cue have already been committed, and so have most of the ones on Jacines' cue (at least the first group). I don't know why they are showing up as not committed, or why there are Jacine patches in Verdi's cue. (the GitHub website has some bugs, or something is happening that I don't understand, or that we don't understand.) I'm looking at this, btw:

I plan to do this tomorrow. And I will think about what else is a best next step so this isn't blocked by the things happening in my life. I'm glad people do want this to happen.

jensimmons’s picture

Here are notes from the work Verdi did that I already committed:

Body: I changed the styling of user pictures in the submitted by span
Before teaser:
After teaser:
Before node:
After node:
View repository:

The theme at the bartik demo site is out of date. I will update that tomorrow too.

jensimmons’s picture

Ok I just merged all the patches into the master on GitHub, except for one:

I think we need to think more about making 2 sidebars, especially since Drupal default install will make both sidebars show, while the default node image width of 640 px wide will not fit in the center column space with 2 sidebars. I don't want to ship a theme that will look broken from the get-go. I'm open to having 2 sidebars since some people love them, but we need to figure out a better solution.

Meanwhile there is One Version on GitHub again:

jensimmons’s picture

The demo site is updated with the Feb 24th version of Bartik:

jensimmons’s picture

66.02 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 17,901 pass(es). View

Hey look, another patch. This is number 5.

I'd love to get this into CVS at, but I don't really know how. Anyone want to help with that?

catch’s picture

On two sidebars, if we make Bartik the default (or even if in core and not default), then it makes sense to fiddle with the default blocks a bit so the left sidebar doesn't show by default. That's easy to do in a followup patch once this is in.

joachim’s picture

I agree with catch -- have Bartik show just the right sidebar out of the box.

nbz’s picture

A technique I have used that may be able to achieve the above one sidebar by default is to have the left sidebar called something non-standard, and then in the info file where all the regions are listed, make the right sidebar be the top listed item.

I am not sure if this will continue to work in D7, but in D6 this meant that when you enabled a new theme, anything in the left sidebar would be reassigned to the first listed region in the info file if its previously region no longer existed.

ipwa’s picture

Hi Jen,

If you give me access to commit to the bartik project (add me as a co-maintainer) I can make the initial commit of all the files you have on github right now. I can help you then check out those files on your environment so you can make commits yourself to CVS.

Everett Zufelt’s picture

My 5 minutes of thoughts on Bartik accessibility. Mostly recycled from other comments.

1. Does flow of focus match visual page flow? Can focus be visually identified for every element that can receive focus?

2. Logo: the title of the anchor and the alt of the image are both set to "Home". This may be the node-title, but is not an accurate description of the
graphic. Suggestion: for best accessibility across technologies the title of the anchor and image can both describe briefly the image and the destination of the anchor.

3. The list of tags for each node listed on the home page are not structured as a list.

4. The footer is structurally at the bottom of the document, but some of the footer content "Powered by Drupal" is above the heading for the footer menu. There should likely be a heading to mark the beginning of the footer region.

5. Ideally the search form would have a label. The title attribute on the input field is helpful to screen-reader users, however a label provides a larger
clickable target for mouse users who have difficulty with fine mouse movements. This obviously depends on the size of the input field, which I cannot assess.

6.What style is applied to the skip to content link?

7. As far as colours go, I'd recommend using a tool like
to make sure that all colours used in the theme (including any suggestions for focus etc. are WCAG compliant at the AA level. This basically means ensuring
that the contrast between foreground and background colours is sufficient to make the text clear to low vision users. This may already be part of the Color

8. A heading for the right sidebar (with a better name than "Right sidebar") needs to be added. A Skip to link should also to be added to facilitate easy navigation to this content. This will help those who use heading navigation, as an example of the problem consider the number of headings on that exist before the sidebar content.

willmoy’s picture

Hi jensimmons

First, thank you very much! (and i hope life's not too stressful)

Second, I think the answer to your CVS question is to:
- check out the (empty) HEAD of the bartik project (as you, not as anonymous)
- download the bartik tar/zip from github and decompress it into the checked out folder
- cvs add each of the files
- cvs commit

I don't think you can do any harm by trying that, anyway—or just grab a GUI and cheat!

Tomorrow is March 1st, so if anyone wants to offer better advice than that, speak now... do we really want D7 coming out without bartik?

jensimmons’s picture

joachim’s picture

I am away from my system today -- could someone roll a patch based on my two sidebar branch on git please?

q0rban’s picture


webchick’s picture

We're now post March 1.

I guess I'll need to bring up this situation with Dries at our meeting this week. But my feeling is that we're now > 30 days (close to 60, actually) since this new theme initiative began, and what we have to show for it are three unfinished themes. It probably makes sense to pick only one of them and focus all the community energy around it, to get it done in a timely manner. And so far, Bartik seems to have had the most mindshare/effort behind it...

catch’s picture

Status: Needs review » Needs work

Still needs updated patch.

mgifford’s picture

Quick review of the theme via this tool looks pretty good (the 3 errors are missing alt texts for the images) from this automated testing tool:

Another automated testing tool reported this problem:
- Use of absolute font sizes Ayuda (

Automated testing tools are pretty basic, but can catch some of the more obvious things. So far it's looking pretty clean.

Are you going to put up a copy of the code here:

Or is it best to pull it down via git? Is it:
git checkout

I'm still a bit new to git.

Jeff Burnz’s picture

Can we summarize what needs to be done to push this ahead, I am more than willing to give some time to this in whatever capacity, either theming, rolling patches or to manage the issue queue etc to push this forward.

Looks like there are several blockers at the moment:

#706862: Add RTL styling to Bartik
#700298: Make Bartik work as an admin theme, inside the overlay and out.
#721630: content widths do not add up
#713444: Add a second sidebar

Its seems part of the issue has been the split development between Github and D.O CVS, can we assume that from now on all development should take place in D.O CVS? My vote goes to centralizing development in CVS and leaving the Github repo behind (is it already like this, I cant tell).

Issues need to be posted in the issue queue and not here in this thread, looks like mostly accessibility stuff cropping up here of late which is good but should be in the issue queue. Ironically I'm posting this here to get eyes on it.

Who has commit access? Jen are you the only maintainer? Can we assign a co-maintainer to help speed up the commits/rolling in patches?

yoroy’s picture

Yes, development now happens on d.o. CVS:

Jensimmons: you could do much worse than making Jeff a co-maintainer for the Bartik project :)

joachim’s picture

catch’s picture

I'm not sure those are all blockers to a commit. Some might be followups for post-commit, albeit critical bugs or whatever. If we commit, then move those issues into the criticals queue, then the bottleneck on commits becomes webchick/Dries rather than Jen, and the number of people helping out with both testing and patches is likely to increase.

I can't speak for core committers but we're still at alpha, for me personally, I'd rather we got any last minute features in now, then fixed bugs, rather than adding them in 2-4 weeks just before first beta, then still having to fix bugs found when people start using them.

However to do anything like that would require a new patch to be posted to this issue :p

jensimmons’s picture

Jacine is a co-maintainer on Bartik.

Jacine’s picture

Status: Needs work » Needs review
70.58 KB
64.63 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 18,709 pass(es). View

Ok, here's a patch. It's based on the latest version of Bartik in CVS (code is up-to-date there). Images are in the zip.

eigentor’s picture

Catch raises an interesting topic: When is a theme ready for commit? Atm the themes are giant patches that normally would be split into a least ten issues. One thing that has not been discussed here at all: What design standards do we have to meet? If the current candidates all are acceptable in that regard, maybe this can be skipped happily, as it are only few.

So maybe the list #737136: Put together a list of must-have features for new core themes and set a final deadline for implementing them should be worked on more to set up a "must-do" list for a theme to get an initial commit to core, and a "can-do" that can be adressed in followups.

As catch I am pretty sure the lack of participation in the themes issues can be changed if they get in in some basic form so more people trip over them and say: hey, this must be better.

As it seems we are lacking any infrastructure and standards of how to commit themes to drupal core :) Any other ideas how this can be moved into a measurable process? If you go on, the list of features and code cleanness and accessibility a core theme should comply to is enormous and you could ask: do we have to theme polls? How much? So maybe if Bartik sets a standard here and gets in this might help things greatly because it would set some kind of bar to jump over.

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2.43 KB

I have attached a diff file with changes to so that bartik can at least run with the modified color module. I want to be able to have the modified Garland as well as corolla, bartik, and busy running under the same instance of Drupal, so they need to be at the same level of the color module. About all this does for bartik is change the header background and some text colors.
My text editor knows more about diff files than I do for the moment and I haven't figured out the color module yet, so if you see something wrong, please educate me.

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Category: feature » task

Hey jensimmons. I'm a front-end developer, lots of css/markup background and plenty of progressive enhancement css3 experience. I see you guys need some css help. What can I do?

I've never contributed to drupal, though I've been following it since v5, so I'm not sure of the process. Let me know what css work I could help with and I'll see what I can do. I'd love to be a part of getting Bartik into core.

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Category: task » feature

Please don't change the issue category unless it's actually needed.

An up-to-date issue list is here:

If you'd like to contribute to Bartik, your best bet would be to start with one of those issues. This one might be a good start:

Thanks for your interest!

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I tried to review, but I really couldn't find much.

+++ themes/bartik/	11 Mar 2010 05:36:02 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
+settings[bartik_sample_regions] = 1

This seems like something that should be implemented in core, not in a theme.

+++ themes/bartik/	11 Mar 2010 05:36:02 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
+; Information added by packaging script on 2010-03-01
+version = "7.x-1.x-dev"
+core = "7.x"
+project = "bartik"
+datestamp = "1267444909"

Let's get rid of this in the patch :-)

+++ themes/bartik/html.tpl.php	11 Mar 2010 05:36:03 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+// Last conformed to D7 Head - v 1.3 2009/11/16 05:34:24 webchick

If so, why do we need this file?

+++ themes/bartik/color/	11 Mar 2010 05:36:03 -0000
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
Index: themes/bartik/color/preview.css

Is this needed?

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dmitrig — thanks for your review

1) sample regions — yes, this needs to come out: #700148: Add/remove dummy content to show off the region set

2) of course — let's remember to pull out Bartik-in-contrib code. We might forget again, however, and will tackle getting a new patch for core without that once Bartik is fully ready.

3) Ah, I forgot to take that comment line out of html.tpl.php. I used to have those in every file as notes to myself as I chased core (when core was changing the tpl files all the time!). It doesn't mean the files are the same — it means that's the last version of tpl that I used to make that file. I wanted to be sure to get all cool, new, good changes to core tpls into Bartik. In any case, that line needed to be deleted — and it now is.

4) I would assume it is needed. Color module is weird. If something thinks the file shouldn't be there, please open a new issue at so people can discuss.

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dcrocks — I created a new issue at Bartik for your comment #278. #749276: Alter Bartik to run with the modified color module (from #693504)

Right now, it's much better with things like that to open a new issue about Bartik than to post patch revisions here. That way each item can be discussed, and then committed to Bartik when ready.

Check out what's happening with Bartik here:
Where you can also post new issues and help out with getting Bartik ready!

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I am starting to learn proper form, so thanx for the guidance. But it does look like the 'modified color module' is being put on the back burner. All the current core theme candidates support the current version. Is this likely to persist thru drupal 7?

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@281, @282 preview.css is loaded when you go to admin/appearance/settings/bartik, without this file color preview would be broken. It probably needs some more work (does it show gradient now?)

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What are the key issues now before we can move this to the D7 core CVS? (That would be cool.)

From looking at the queue, it looks like the grid layout, the comment form, user profile edit form, IE 6/7, core block styles, and testing in several core modules (Forum + Poll so far at least) are the main open issues.

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Ok, discussed this with Dries and the Bartik maintainers at Drupalcon.

We would like to see the first beta release of Drupal 7 on or around May 21, 2010. If we're going to add core themes, they need to be RTBC before the first beta release. That means working in all major browsers, no obvious visual bugs, and all the other stuff on this list needs to be done (or at the very least a very solid plan for completing them).

Therefore, this means the deadline for new core themes is May 17, 2010 to allow for a few days to squash any additional bugs before the beta.

Start yer engines!

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Anyone coming here and wondering where to go next:

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A very nice theme. Really like to see it in core!!

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Update, getting ready for the May 17 patch:

1) We've met all the requirements for a core theme: #777700: Check Bartik against the Candidate Theme Req Issue (meta issue)
and we've closed all critical issues, except for this one: #749290: Check for Color Contrast and Adjust to Improve Bartik's Accessibility

2) We need to finish up color module implementation: #762462: Make footer background and sidebar block borders colorable

3) I would like to get these two issues in, to clean up tables and fieldsets: #779352: add table caption styling to tables and #748308: Fieldset backgrounds extend above legends in IE

4) I also want to clean up the font-stacks: #783770: Clean up font stacks

We should be able to get all this done by tomorrow, or at least the first two. I'll roll a patch in the evening! :D

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Category: feature » task


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Category: task » feature
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 20,378 pass(es). View

Check it out — Bartik RC1.
You can grab it here:
here's the D7 patch, and a tarball which puts the images in the right sub-directories. The tarball should be extracted from within the themes/bartik/ directory.


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Inspired by Greg Knaddison's measure of Drupal core developer contribution (, I thought I'd count up commits to Bartik. This is likely wrong, especially since we moved from manual version control to GIT to CVS. And because much of the work happened before any version control existed. And especially since JohnAlbin and jacine under credited themselves...... but also, it is interesting. I love seeing the list of people who contributed all in once place — just under 40 people total.

Here we are!

jensimmons: 50+
JohnAlbin: 30+
jacine: 11+
Jeff Burnz: 20
bleen18: 20
smerrill: 12
aspilicious: 8
tlattimore: 7
dixon: 6
stephthegeek: 6
yoroy: 5
joachim: 3
michaelverdi: 3
emmajane: 3
Quartz: 3
EvanDonovan: 3
tsi: 2
joachim: 2
heather: 2
drhino: 2
dcrocks: 2
eojthebrave: 2
sarah_p: 2
kika: 2
dmitrig01: 1
chx: 1
theresaanna: 1
dodazzi: 1
iamjon: 1
delmarr: 1
johnvsc: 1
andypost: 1
rontec76: 1
inlikealion: 1
dreamleaf: 1
Melissa M: 1
dereine: 1
katherined: 1
rasskull: 1

It's been a real honor to be part of such a team over the last four months since I first posted Bartik on this issue. It was a bit rocky at first, getting used to working with a community instead of on my own, but in the end it was way more fun, and the theme is much better because of all the amazing input.

Yeah Team Bartik! :D

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, bartik-683026-294.patch, failed testing.

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Ah, a note about how to handle the next steps of this process.

Please file any issues about Bartik on the Bartik project issue cue:

Do NOT post notes about specific things here. Bug reports, feature/design requests, work you want to do to help out polishing whatever is left to get this into core.... do that here: Look of course to see if someone elase has already filed the issue you are about to file. Where, you ask? Oh, over here:

Do talk here about the patch as a whole, the process of getting Bartik into core, etc.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review

The patch applied cleanly for me against D7 HEAD, looks great! Are we supposed to +1, RTBC and all that because if so, right on! Sure theres work to do, but this is up at a very high level already and very much on the home strait!

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Hmmm, status changed, sorry bot.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review
Issue tags: -Needs design review, -needs accessibility review, -D7 theme, -Bartik

#294: bartik-683026-294.patch queued for re-testing.