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Below represents the documentation for the Engaging Networks e-activist Integration Drupal Module. Please see the Engaging Networks site for more information on their advocacy and non profit software products.

Step 1: Installing the Engaging Networks e-activist Integration module on your Drupal site

  1. Download the module and install per the usual process.
  2. Go to Administer > Site Configuration > e-activist Settings.
  3. Ensure the site is set to submit in demo mode and that the API URL is set to:


Step 2: Create Advocacy Campaigns in Engaging Networks

  1. Login to engaging networks and create live action campaigns. The creation of campaigns includes establishing form fields, form content, message content, targets and confirmation content.

Step 3: Configuring the Automated Campaign Importer

  1. Go to Create Content > e-activist Campaign Feed (node/add/activist-campaign-feed)
  2. Give your campaign importer a title
  3. Scroll to the URL field and enter the following URL: token]
  4. Verify the Xpath Syntax


  5. Click Save to create the campaign importer. This will automatically import the individual action campaigns from Engaging Networks and create e-activist Action nodes in Drupal. Future imports will happen nightly or can be kicked off manually at http://[site url]/import
  6. When the e-activist Action nodes are created, the system will automatically generate the appropriate webform fields based on the configuration of the action in Engaging Networks.

Optional: Manually creating an E-activist Action

  1. Go to Create Content > e-activist Action (node/add/activist-action)
  2. Give your action a title
  3. Enter your Engaging Networks Client ID in the client ID field
  4. Enter your action campaign’s Engaging Networks Campaign ID in the Campaign ID field
  5. Click save and the action will be automatically created.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.