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This module provides both the API and UI to enable in-place editing of node fields. Currently, UI only supports CCK and the node body, but the API may be used in combination with the theming system to enable editing of virtually any node field.

The module works by only fetching the relevant parts of the Node Form for each edited field (or field group), via AHAH (hence the name), and takes care of reloading only the changed data once the form has been submitted (also via AHAH).


  1. Enable the API and the UI modules
  2. Apply this patch: This is because when loading the node form via AHAH, the module loads and applies any javascript included in the form fragment, which causes havoc due to a bug in Drupal.extend() this patch resolves.

Basic Usage

In order to enable edit in-place on the node's body, go to admin/content/types/{your-type} and check the 'node body' in the Edit In Place fieldset. In order to enable edit-in-place on a CCK field, go to admin/content/types/{your-type}/{field-name} and check the 'edit in place' checkbox. You may also enter a title for the field's edit panel and an optional text which will appear when the field is empty to allow editing.

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Hi, i am perhaps missing the point, this is something different from the wysiwig or ck editor in place editing? Perhaps add a bit of explanation on where to use it for?

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Edit in place allows a user logged in to Drupal with the right permissions to edit content on the live web page instead of in an admin page (where ckeditor and such would be). The user just clicks on the part of the page they want to edit to make the edit.