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Ajax Trigger module allows you to do specified actions on the server on JavaScript events on specified fields.

Example #1 - Calculating price in real-time using hook_ajax_trigger

1. Active Javascript Events for specified Field on Field Settings Page (admin/content/node-type/party/fields/field_name)
2. Example code:

 * Implementation of hook_ajax_trigger().
function foo_ajax_trigger($form, $field, $op) {
  $form_id = $form['form_id'];
  if ($form_id == 'my_form_name') {
    // Load required values from form
    $price = (int)$form['field_foo'][0]['value'];
    $div = 'Calculated price: &pound;'.number_format($price,2);
    $code = '
      if ($("#price").size() == 1) {
      } else {
        $("#edit-submit").before(\'<br><div id="price">' . $div . '</div>\');
    return $code;

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Marujah’s picture

Hey, can you tell me where to save this Code! in a new Module? HELP PLEASE

nvl.sateesh’s picture

You need to add this code as a hook implementation in your module. The 'foo' in the function name refers to your module name.

NVL Sateesh
Drupal Geek at New Target, Inc.

joelbox-Mondial-IT’s picture

How would the jquery code look in this example?

niharjyoti’s picture

where i will have to put this code..& how it will be bind with cck-field..can you tell me step by step process

wallbay1’s picture

hi do you think I can use this on the uc auction module so that I can have live auctions?
if yes please tell me where i can put the code