Last updated 17 May 2009. Created on 14 March 2007.
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This is a module that assists the user in the act of placing inline images in their posts. It adds an insert picture button to the interface for each text field for convenience. When a user clicks on this button, they are presented with the option to use a previously uploaded image imported by Image Assist or to upload a new one. When they choose a previously imported image, the module presents several fields giving one size options of a thumbnail or a preview, alignment options of left, right, center, or none, whether the image should be a link and what it should link to, an insert mode, and the optional Title and Description fields. Here the user can choose to insert the image, cancel the action or just start over as if they had just pushed the button again. If the user elects to upload a new image, the usual image add interface is presented.

Note that this is not the only means of inserting messages into your posts. It is just a means of making it easier by inserting the code for you after a simple interface gathers the necessary information.

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