Last updated 5 January 2008. Created on 5 December 2006.
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The Blog Information module gives each user, with access permission, the ability to have their own blog title and description. This is similar to sites like blogs.

Once enabled, and the appropriate groups have permission, the user on their edit account page as a new section called Blog Information asking for a users blog title and description. This information is displayed via a block on[user] pages and on blog nodes.

Drupal 5 Version 2.x

In the 2.x version of the Blog Information module there are 2 new features.

  1. Input Formats - The blog description now utilizes input formats.
  2. Customizing the Content - The content section of the block displaying the blog information description can now be themed. This content section of the block is now themed by the theme_bloginfo_block function.

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