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mamanerd’s picture

Love this module! Simple but effective. :)

asb’s picture

In 7.x-2.x, I'm not getting a configuration page at ./admin/config/content/hide-submit after enabling the module. At ./admin/modules, the "Configure" link simply points to ./admin/config/content.

gos.sebastian’s picture

When I visit /admin/config/content/hide-submit I don't see:
-Load options
-Image or animation options

The only thing I'm able to change is Blocking method, Reset buttons after some time (ms) and messages. Where I can find other options?

Francewhoa’s picture

Same here. That's confusing. I just updated this page. With links to two new sub-pages. One page per version. 7.x-2.x and 6.x-1.x.

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