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Getting Started with VoIP Webform

Please be aware that VoIP Webform is under active development and the module as well as the documentation may change any time.

This document will walk you through the process of installing VoIP Webform and its required components and setting up a basic webform capable of making and receiving phone calls.

Before you get started, you will need to register for an account at one of the supported VoIP service providers. These include Tropo, Twilio and Plivo. Tropo offers unlimited free developer access, so if you are just testing it may be a good solution.

  1. Follow the module's installation instructions to download and enable all of the required modules.
  2. Navigate to /admin/voip/call/settings. Set the Caller ID number to the phone number you're using. Set the Inbound call script name to 'voipwebform_router' and the Outbound call script name to 'voipwebform'.
  3. Configure your VoIP service provider settings following the directions in the README.txt for the corresponding module. This is slightly different for each service provider: Tropo README.txt, Twilio README.txt, and Plivo README.txt.
  4. Navigate to /node/add/webform and create a webform node. The body of the webform node will be read to the caller before the survey is initiated.
  5. Add components to the webform. Each component can be required or not. If not required, the caller is advised that s/he can skip the question using the star key. Presently, the following webform components are supported:
    • Textfields can be used to capture numeric input with a maximum length. For instance, zip codes, age, credit card number. They are relatively easy to configure. Create a new textfield component with the name being the question you would like to ask (i.e. "What is your zip code?"). Optionally, you can mark the field mandatory and give it a maximum length.
    • Select options can be used to ask a caller to choose from a number of provided options. Create a new select options component with the name being the question you would like to ask (i.e. "What is your favorite color?"). For the component's options, key the number pressed with the value of the option (i.e. "1|Red"). Optionally, you can mark the field mandatory.
    • File upload can be used to ask a caller to record a message, which is then attached to the webform response as an MP3. Create a new file upload component with the name being the question you would like to ask (i.e. "Please let us know if you have any additional comments."). Check 'mp3' in the list of Allowed file extensions and ensure it is the only box checked. Optionally you can mark the field mandatory. (There is a known bug with the File upload field using Twilio. Tropo is working. Status of Plivo is unknown).
  6. Once you have configured your webform, give it a test drive. Click the 'Call phones' tab on the webform node, enter your phone number and click 'Call me'. A moment later, your phone should ring and you will be prompted to take the webform survey by telephone. (This feature is meant to demonstrate the functionality of the module, but may be removed so the module will behave as an API that other modules use.)
  7. For support, please use the VoIP Webform issue queue.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.