Last updated 4 November 2015. Created on 13 April 2006.
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The comment mover module allows you to move comments in a thread, move a comment to another thread and move comments to a new thread and vice versa. It can be used should a user post a comment in a wrong topic or posts a comment that should be a new topic.

Comment mover is designed to be integrated into the OG2List mailing list manager, but also works on its own for any Drupal site which has forums and comments. Redirectors to the new positions of the comment or node will be added as appropriate.

You can:

  • move a comment to another thread below the same post by clicking on the cut link below the comment to add it at Comment mover clipboard;
  • move one or more comment to another post;
  • Make a forum topic from a comment with converting form;
  • Merge a post into a thread below another post by going to the paste tab of the post.

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