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Flexifilter is an up and coming module that will be useful to many Drupal users. Filters process text and perform operations— Flexifilter makes it remarkably easy to create those filters.

What is Flexifilter?

Flexifilter allows for custom filter creation through a user interface, making it easy for non-coders to create filters, replacing relatively complicated PHP. Flexifilter is able to create almost any required filter, complex or simple; it is also extensible, so that other modules can utilize its functionality through several API hooks.

What is planned for the future?

The latest release candidate for Flexifilter 1.1 adds import/export functionality, to improve its ease of use; there are some patches in the works for 1.1 to vastly increase usability as well, which is a major problem at the moment.

In the long run, we also hope to put Flexifilter, or at least part of it, into core.

Who created Flexifilter?

Flexifilter was initially created by Corsix for a Drupal GHOP task. It is currently co-maintained by Corsix and cwgordon7.


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