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The interwiki module is the way to create links to the many wiki webs on the world wide web. Users avoid pasting in entire URLs, as they would for regular web pages, and instead use a shorthand similar to links within the same wiki. The types of interwiki links allowed in a wiki are defined by an InterMap.

The interwiki module allows you to use interwiki links that point to wikis such as, and It can also be used to link easily to Google and eBay searches and other online reference sources such as the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It uses a table interwiki which is the same table used by MediaWiki. MediaWiki users should be able to use an interwiki table interchangeably. The URL filter module must be enabled to use interwiki.

You can:

  1. read the Wikipedia interwiki definition.
  2. enable the urlfilter module in administer >> module.
  3. enable the interwiki filter in your administer >> filters, input formats.
  4. administer interwiki administer >> interwiki .
  5. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the Interwiki project page.

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