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The Multiforms module is designed for the collection of data from users. It can be used to easily author multi-page forms which are published as nodes. The data collected by the forms can then be exported in tab-delimited format.

Its features include:

  • Multi-page form support
  • Ability to save/load form "snippets" (groups of fields)
  • Duplicate submission prevention (based on specification of which fields should collectively be unique)
  • Ability to purge submitted data
  • Closing date and message
  • Integrated email referrals
  • Completion threshold
  • Creation of draw entries upon successful completion
  • Creation of extra draw entries for each email referral


  1. Visit and download and decompress the appropriate archive.
  2. Place the resulting "multiforms" folder in your Drupal installation's "modules" directory.
  3. Enable the three component modules via the admin/build/modules administration page.


Defaults can be set at the multiforms settings page (admin/settings/multiforms).

Administration and content access can be set on the access control administration page (admin/user/access).

Creating a Multiform

These are the steps for creating a multiform:

  1. Visit the create content page (node/add) and click "Multiform".
  2. After adding the multiform, click the Setup tab and fill in the appropriate fields, as explained below:
    • The Title and Description fields are normal node title and body fields.
    • Footer Text is content that will be shown below the form.
    • Completion Text is shown after the user completes the entire form.
    • The Closing Date section allows an optional closing date to be specified.
    • The Completion Criteria section allows completion to be restricted.
    • The Draw Entries section determines whether or not draw entries will be created (for use in contests).

    Once these fields are complete, click the Update button.

Defining Submission Form Fields

The submission form is the first form shown to the user. This form is meant for submission "meta data", contact information for example, and questions answered on this form don't count towards meeting completion criteria, if specified.

To edit the submission form click the Forms tab then click the Edit Submission Form link.

Clicking Add New Field will allow you to add a field.

Each field has a name and type and, optionally, a description and validation type.

The Forms Tab

Sections are form forms shown after the submission form. They are used to create groups of related questions. Sections are created and listed on the Forms page which can be accessed by clicking the Forms tab.

Once on the forms page, click Add New Section to begin creation of a new section. You'll then be shown a form that will allow you to describe the section. After filling in these fields, click Add to complete creation. You will then see that your section has been added and you may click Edit to edit it in the same way that you edited the submission form.

Managing Submissions

Multiform submissions can be managed via the Submissions tab. A list of submissions in reverse chronological order will be shown. Submissions can be viewed, purged, exported, and randomly drawn.

Submission Emailing

Multiform submissions can be emailed if the Actions module is installed.

The 5.x-1.x version of the Actions module is required. The 5.x-2.x does not currently work.

If the Actions module is installed, at the bottom of the setup tab there will be a section of the form labeled "Actions". In this section select the email action under "Multiforms". This action will email each submission to the email address of the creator of the multiform.


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