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The following is a list of themes that use Omega 3.x as their base theme.

Only local images are allowed.Respond
Respond works in three size modes: mobile, fluid and 1200px maximum. Images scale using the fluid images method. This theme is meant to be a proof of concept on some CSS3 features in Drupal as an Omega subtheme. I expect there will be lots of bugs to report, as little to no IE testing was done, and at a certain point, the gradients went a bit wonky and took on a life of their own.
In beta stage for Omega 7.x 3.x
Release: 7.x-2.0-alpha2
Omega Kickstart
Central base theme for theme development on the Commerce Kickstart distribution, powered by Omega. This theme is meant to be subthemed and become a starting point for your own theme development that is a little more friendly out of the box than Omega by itself.

The following is a list of themes that use Omega 2.x as their base theme.

In beta stage for Omega 7.x 2.x
In beta stage for Omega 7.x 2.x
ST Alphorn
Release is 7.x 2.1
ST Conch
Release is 7.x 2.0
Community Media
Release is alpha 7.x 1.0

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zilla’s picture

this page is really, really out of date and is likely slowing adoption for potential users of omega. there are now many sub themes available, does somebody want to round 'em up for this page? i know of st alpha and st conch amongst others...

hanpersand’s picture

Googling these doesn't get me to very many stable existing sub-theme examples. This is a contrast to AdaptiveTheme, which has several excellent, viable sub-themes listed right on its project page:

This is very helpful for those of us working with clients who don't have big design budgets and may want to consider a customized existing sub-theme that's built on an excellent base like Omega or AdaptiveTheme.

aaronaverill’s picture

Why? Because the team that creates the adaptive theme also creates a few standard subthemes. So you know they are well designed and tested. But more importantly, because the adaptive team also has a commercial premium product which motivates them to fix bugs, add features, and support.

The downside to adaptive is that frankly, they are some fugly looking themes. I had to do serious mods of corolla to bring up the design to 2012. I'm now looking at Omega subthemes as well.

Vacilando’s picture

It's not the page that is to blame... there really aren't many public themes using version 3 of Omega for Drupal 7. And indeed, I can confirm that there are surprisingly many great AT themes (free and commercial) in comparison to what there is for Omega.

For me, for the time being, the best modern subtheme of Omega is (see about sub-theming it).

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It is fairly simple to get a list., just search the themes downloads page:

There are a few nice themes in there, although not all are responsive.

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Important cross-link...

Sub-themes based on Omega 4.x