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Quick links

  1. Regions
  2. Layouts
  3. Theme settings
  4. Dropdown menus
  5. Icons
  6. IE6 PNG fix
  7. local.css
  8. Secondary links
  9. How to remove the credit links
  10. Port to D5

Acquia Marina was created by Top Notch Themes in partnership with Acquia. The Acquia Marina theme can be found packaged with Acquia Drupal or by downloading Acquia Marina at

The Acquia Marina project page is the place to go to get help, submit feature requests, and report bugs. Before you post to the issue queue be sure to check that the issue or bug you want to report hasn't already been reported and/or fixed. Please, provide a detailed explanation of the issue you would like help with or the bug that you have found. The more details you provide (link, screenshots, etc), the more likely your request for help or bug report will get attention.

Screencast: How to install and enable

Here's a great video walkthrough of how to download the theme, upload to your site, install, enable, and do basic configuration.

Screencast: How to customize Acquia Marina

This screencast will take you through customizing colours, graphics, and CSS to create an entirely new purple-flavoured version!


There are 15 regions available in Acquia Marina for placing blocks of content. The regions are as follows:

  1. Header middle
  2. Header last
  3. Preface first
  4. Preface middle
  5. Preface last
  6. Sidebar first - left sidebar
  7. Sidebar last - right sidebar
  8. Content top
  9. Content bottom
  10. Postscript first
  11. Postscript middle
  12. Postscript last
  13. Footer top
  14. Footer
  15. Node bottom - this region is only available on full node pages

Fig. 1 - Acquia Marina region map



Because the regions in Acquia Marina are collapsible (a region disappears if blocks are not assigned)  there can be different layouts:

  1. Layout first-main - blocks are present in sidebar-first region and no blocks present in sidebar-last region
  2. Layout first-main-last - blocks are present in both sidebar regions (sidebar-first and sidebar-last)
  3. Layout main-last - blocks are present in sidebar-last region and no blocks are present in sidebar-first region - the  main content area and sidebar-last area are split equally equally; no rounded blocks
  4. Layout main - there are no blocks present in either sidebar regions; main content expands to where sidebar regions would normally be located

Fig. 2 - Acquia Marina's different layouts

- - - - - -
Note: it is important to keep in mind that depending on block placement the theme's layout can vary greatly. A perfect example of a varying layout is the layout main-last which splits the main content area and sidebar-last areas equally - 50/50. When there are only blocks in the sidebar-last region you will get a different style for blocks - non-rounded corners.
- - - - - -

Theme settings

Acquia Marina makes extensive use out of theme settings available in Drupal 6. The theme settings help you make adjustments to what types of information is shown with your content, and how it is displayed.

- - - - - -
Note: The theme settings can be found at: 

or by clicking:

Admin » Themes » Configure (Acquia Marina)
- - - - - -

The following is a list of theme settings which can be adjusted and customized:

General settings

  1. Mission statement - Where should your mission statement be displayed?
  2. Breadcrumb - Should breadcrumbs be displayed?
  3. Username - Display "not verified" for unregistered usernames
  4. Search results - What additional information should be displayed on your search results page?

Fig. 3 - Acquia Marina's general theme settings

Node settings

You can modify node settings so they apply to all content types. Check the "Use content-type specific settings" box to customize node settings for each individual content types. You may want to change the way taxonomy terms are displayed or customize node links:

  1. Author & date - author's username and/or display date posted. Alternatively, you can use custom settings for each content type instead
  2. Taxonomy terms - When should taxonomy terms be displayed. Options are a) never display taxonomy terms; b) always display taxonomy terms; or c) only display taxonomy terms on full node pages (not in teasers)
  3. Links - this option allows you to customize the text of node links for both the "Read more" and "Add new comment" links

 Fig. 4 - Acquia Marina's node theme settings

- - - - - -
Note on displaying vocabularies: Vocabularies are not displayed by default. Individual vocabularies have to be selected, within the "Taxonomy terms" settings section, in order to display vocabularies.
- - - - - -

Search engine optimization (SEO) settings

  1. Page titles - the title that displays in the title bar of your web browser. Options are a) Front page title; and b) Other page titles
  2. Meta tags - this is what will be shown as the description of your link in search engine results.

Fig. 5 - Acquia Marina's SEO theme settings

Dropdown menus

Acquia Marina's Primary links can be enabled to have sub menu items displayed as dropdowns. The dropdown menus are based on the Suckerfish dropdown menu and do not require Javascript to be enabled in the browser.

To enable the drop down menus you will need to first create sub menu items for a Primary links menu item, or  you can create a custom menu. To enable the drop down you must check the "Expanded" option for the parent menu item. As shown in figure 6, the menu configuration section of Drupal is located at:


or by clicking:

Admin » Menus » Primary links

Fig. 6 - Primary links configuration

- - - - - -
Note: If you do not already have items in your Primary links you will need to add a menu item first. If you create a custom menu you must assign that menu as the "Source for the primary links" in the menu settings section of Drupal.
- - - - - -


Acquia Marina provides a number of icons for some of the Drupal default blocks.
All icons styles are locate in the icons.css file. Within this file are instructions on how to change and/or add icons to blocks.  It is strongly recommended that you place all custom block style modification within the theme's local.css file (see local.css section below). The follwong is a brief step-by-step overview on how to add an icon to a block:

  1. Place a 48x48 icon, that you want to add to a block, within the icons folder that came with the theme. The icons folder is where all icons are located.
  2. Copy and paste the example in icons.css, located at the bottom of the file, into the theme's local.css file.
  3. For the block that you wish to add an icon, identify the block's id and delta (e.g., block-block-1). You can use Firebug or the Devel module's Theme developer to help you identify your block's id and delta.
  4. Replace the block id and delta, in the example from icons.css, with the id and delta of the block you want to add an icon to.
  5. In the example that you copy from icons.css and pasted to local.css, add the name of your icon file to the block's background url (e.g., url('icons/name-of-icon.png')).

IE6 pngfix

The icons in the block titles are alpha transparent png images which Internet Explorer 6 does not display correctly (renders as opaque grey background).

Because IE6 does not display alpha transparent png images correctly Acquia Marina is utilizing a ie6pngfix method which requires the path (location on the web server) of the theme to be as follows:  sites/all/themes/acquia_marina

- - - - - -
Note: The and ie6-fixes.css files that come with the theme must contain the path to the theme in order for the icons to display correctly in IE6. By default, the path to the Acquia Marina theme is /sites/all/themes/acquia_marina
- - - - - -


Acquia Marina comes with local.css support which allows you to customize the look and layout of the theme without changing the theme's style.css file.  The file name is local_sample.css; put your custom css and css overrides in this file and rename it to local.css.  By restricting your css changes to local.css your changes will not be overwritten when upgrading to a new version of the theme.

Secondary links

Acquia Marina does not have secondary links.

How to remove the credit links

The credit links at the bottom of the page, "Theme provided by Acquia, Inc. under GPL license from TopNotchThemes Drupal themes", can be removed by using the local.css file, and add:

#legal-notice {
  display: none;

Adding the above to your local.css ensures that any upgrades of the theme will not reverse your changes.

Port to D5

Acquia Marina was created for Drupal 6 and is currently only actively maintained and supported for Drupal 6. However, there is a Drupal 5 version available but the advanced theme settings as mentioned above are not available in Drupal 5 and this version is not actively maintained (download as is - no support is provided).

The Drupal 5 version is available at:

Keeping up with the latest changes

Acquia Marina is actively maintained on a weekly basis. New features and bug fixes are available in the development snapshot before ported over to an official release. You can always download the latest changes to Acquia Marina at

If you find an issue with the development snapshot or wish to see an particular feature added to the theme please file a detailed bug report or feature request via the Acquia Marina project issue queue.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


modctek’s picture

Has the "icons.css" file been removed in the latest version of this theme?

pmbd’s picture

After much searching and no help from the documentation, I've found that the instructions for adding or changing icons is for 2.x only and doesn't apply to 3.x. You don't need the icons.css file. The procedure to use for 3.x is included in this thread: #912320: Custom icon not displaying

GoddamnNoise’s picture

I've just installed the Acquia Marina theme on my Drupal installation, but when i try to configure this theme, i can't see the "Node Settings" options. I can't see "SEO settings". Is the information in this page outdated? do I need to install any module to see those configuration sections to appear?.

ipank’s picture

can't see the seo setting nor node setting...also it dosn't display the lay out correctly on internet explorer...any help?

bueno’s picture

Hey guys,

i cannot find the regions "header middle", "header last"... the same for "preface first, preface second, .." i only have "preface top".

can anybody tell me how to configure to get these regions separated?

Thanks, regards

filipe_a’s picture

I'm also having the same problem as the previous poster I only have header, header top and preface top. Plus the site logo isn't on the same level as the search box, it's somehow inbetween the search box and the preface.

I appreciate any help on how to fix this.


filipe_a’s picture

The problem seems to be with version 3.1, reverting to version 2.0 will display the header and preface blocks.

no longer here 1151244’s picture

I also have header,headertop only. may be it is new version. I added more than 1 block in header,header top, prefacetop etc, and then adjust the width % you can check my site

mehmet_albayrak’s picture

Hi guys,

I am a newbie of Drupal and all this stuff. I've problems with drop-down menu. I use Acquia Marina for Drupal 7 (dev version) and I couldn't set main menu as a drop-down although I checked "expand" checkbox of the parent menu. Please help.

kalani96746’s picture

Any word when the drop down menu will be available in drupal 7?

MediaFormat’s picture

is there a way to disable the suckerfish dropdown menus, other than by unchecking the expanded checkbox?

sheena_d’s picture

This documentation page applies to the 6.x-2.x branch of Acquia Marina and not to the Fusion-based version (6.x-3.x). Please see the Fusion Handbook ( for instructions on using Acquia Marina 6.x-3.x

no longer here 1151244’s picture

download and install superfish menu module, enable.. Assign superfish1 blcok (structure-block) to main menu. configure as reqd, style, color etc.

Marcelino’s picture

Thanks a lot for the tip @pvm610 i m currently downloading superfish menu module.

no longer here 1151244’s picture

You are welcome. Whateve u view on my site is my creation and everything I learned from googling,maximum from
I want the header top menu child items to be aligned like a row and column, I saw that in many sites, but dont know how to do that. Anyone have idea?

no longer here 1151244’s picture

I recvd update warning of fusion base theme in drupal and after updating, following error showed and site didnt open. only the flwg line was visible on the page, nothing else, could not even see configure/admin mode.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _fusion_accelerator_get_responsive_options() in /home/visionli/public_html/sites/all/themes/fusion/fusion_core/template.php on line 79

I took risk and deleted fusion base theme through filezilla, downloaded fusion base from drupal and copied to /site/themes. Again this error showed, so I downloaded fusion accelerator and deleted the old folder and copied new to sites/all/modules. run update.php, cleared cache and this solved the problem. First update had done through browser page. I dont know what I did is correct or not, but now site working ok.

sheena_d’s picture

This is not an appropriate place to report bugs or get support for Acquia Marina. You should open an issue in the theme's issue queue.

no longer here 1151244’s picture

I just replaced acquia marina with corolla. why to waste time????