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Adaptivetheme is a powerful theme framework with smoking hot support for mobile first responsive web design.

Adaptivetheme is the perfect start for themers, site builders and anyone wanting to support the mobile web without additional development overhead and cost.

Adaptivtheme works with Drupal, leveraging Drupal's theme API and standard templates and theme functions. This provides a seamless on-ramp for seasoned theme developers and best practice environment for budding themers and Drupal designers.

Use Adaptivetheme either as a base for your own design or to power one of our many free and commercial sub-themes.

Adaptivetheme differentiates from many other starter themes by being lightweight in the code and does not bloat the output with redundant wrappers and classes. Its also very fast and has fantastic support for accessibility - including ARIA roles.

Why Lightweight Code and Web Standards are Important

  • Less code means less bandwidth, both for your server and your end users.
  • Speed - pages load faster - Google now factors page-speed in its ranking!
  • Less code to maintain - sustainable low maintenance code is always preferable.
  • Less HTML is easier to theme - easier to locate CSS bugs, easier to locate style and HTML hooks.
  • Drupals template system makes it easy to add markup if you need it.
  • Pages render faster - low power/low bandwidth devices such as mobile phones load pages faster.
  • Yahoos! YSlow analyzer for Firebug says one of the key ways to speed page loads is to reduce the number of DOM elements - in short, use less HTML!

Included Packages

Download and Extend

These are subthemes that work with Adaptivetheme:

These 7.x subthemes are developed by other maintainers:

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.