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Rootcandy is a Drupal 6 and 7 theme which was created solely for an administration part of drupal. However, I have seen people using it for front-end too. This page will describe what are the options and settings of RootCandy theme.

Main features

  • Supports node/add /edit pages
  • Re-colorable
  • Icons
  • Top navigation by role
  • Simple dashboard
  • 3 column fluid or fixed layouts
  • Rootcandy dark sub-theme

Installing the theme

You can either enable this module on admin/build/themes page or visit admin/settings/admin and choose RootCandy or RootCandy Fixed.

The difference between RootCandy and RootCandy fixed is, that RootCandy is fluid (100% width) and RootCandy fixed is 1000px wide.

Configuring RootCandy

Top (icons) navigation


RootCandy comes with default top navigation and 24px icons enabled. The default navigation is Dashboard, Content, Create content, Building, Configuration, Users, Reports and Help.

This default navigation is for administrators, for anonymous users it will display only Login menu item.

Navigation basic settings

Expand "Navigation" fieldset.
With first two options, you can enable/disable icons and/or set icons size.

Overwriting existing icons or adding own icons

In "Custom icons" fieldset you can overwrite or add more icons. This settings does not add a new menu item into the top navigation!
So let's say you want to change the icon of Building navigation item. You know that drupal path of this item is 'admin/build', so the first part will be admin/build|. Now you have to upload your icon into any directory you want. So let's assume you will create a new directory icons in sites/default and upload an icon new_icon.png. So the path to this icon will be sites/defaul/icons/new_icon.png. The result will be admin/build|sites/default/icons/new_icon.png Please note, that the icon path is relative to your drupal installation.
This one line will overwrite existing rootcandy icon and use your own. If you have created your own menu item which doesn't have an icon, you can specify it here.
Why? If you are asking why is this there, it's because that you don't have to upload your new icons into rootcandy directory, so it makes upgrade easier.

Menu source by role

RootCandy allows you, to select which menu will be used for different roles.
For example, you want to have a specific menu for editor role. Create a new menu under admin/build/menu. Add items to it and then go back to theme settings. Now if you have editor role, then it will be visible in the theme settings, where you can select newly created menu. If there are no icons for it by default, you can add them, see topic above.


This is a very simple dashboard, which consist of left, right and content regions. Once enabled, you are able to access this dashboard on /admin page. In the settings you can choose where to display help and messages as they are not blocks so you can't control this elsewhere. You can also hide content from the dashboard page, which will actually hide default content of the page /admin.
If you want to add new blocks to dashboard, you can do so in admin/build/block. You will notice that there are 2 regions in dropdown called Dashboard left and Dashboard right.


Lot of folks are using Admin Menu module. This option will hide the header, so it looks better once the admin menu module is enabled.

How to remove the credit link

The credit link at the bottom of the page, "Theme created by Marek Sotak", can be removed by deleting the following line from template.php - which can be found on or around line #159

$vars['closure'] .= '<div id="legal-notice">Theme created by <a href="" rel="external">Marek Sotak</a></div>';
Add items to the cool sliding panel

To add items to the sliding panel go to Site building > blocks > list > RootCandy. The list of custom blocks including sliding regions are available.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.