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Business is a great looking Drupal theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel. Business's clean layout and light weight code make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.


  • Simple and clean design
  • Fixed width (980px) in Drupal 7
  • Responsive for Drupal 8
  • Drupal standards compliant
  • Custom front-page with 4 block regions
  • Implementation of a JS Slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menus
  • Use of Google Web Fonts
  • Custom front-page with 4 block regions
  • Footer with 4 regions
  • A total of 12 regions
  • Compatible and tested on IE7, IE8, IE9+, Opera, Firefox, Chrome browsers

Extra Features in Drupal 8

  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • Improved UI for slideshow
  • Improved multilevel menus

Sites using Business theme

Live Demo

Drupal 8 Demo

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


shamio’s picture

I just installed the theme and i socked when i didn't see anything in the home page of my site. And then i understood it. I think its better to mention that after installing the theme and enabling it, its necessary to go to the Settings and in Simple Corporate Theme Settings , check Show content and sidebar on front page to prevent users to think this theme is not compatible with their platform and disable it, because i think all users like to have their content in their home page and its a good opinion to check this by default in next versions.

Drupalearner’s picture

Thank you so much for an awesome theme! It is one of the nicest looking, simplest to install and set up and easiest to manage themes that I have used so far. I am currently using it on my new site which does not yet have all content completed, but I am very impressed with the Business theme.
I see there is also now a new version 1.15 available, but I did not see any notes for what the modifications are, and I really dont want to change something that isnt broken, without good reason.
Personally, I would like to see a choice of fixed widths, or even better a fluid width version, if that was possible, but I am delighted for now and will be making support donations.
Thank you again for this contribution to the community.

philipino’s picture

Firt of all, great theme!
my question;
I want to implement the site in 3 languages with internationalization modules
I translated everything and have 3language page/menus
Now I have only on the frontage the JS slideshow
How can i make multiple front pages or display the slideshow on multiple pages?
Thanks for the help’s picture

I solved the problem, applying no elegant code:

In page--front.tpl.php I declare an array like that:

global $language;
$slides = array(
	'slide1' => array('en' => array('description' => 'Desc 1', 'url' => 'Link 1'), 'es' => array('description' => 'Desc 1', 'url' => 'Link 1')),
	'slide2' => array('en' => array('description' => 'Desc 2', 'url' => 'Link 2'), 'es' => array('description' => 'Desc 2', 'url' => 'Link 2')),
	'slide3' => array('en' => array('description' => 'Desc 3', 'url' => 'Link 3'), 'es' => array('description' => 'Desc 3', 'url' => 'Link 3')),


<div class="image_reel">
	<a href="<?php print $slides['slide1'][$language->language]['url']; ?>"><img src="<?php print base_path() . drupal_get_path('theme', 'business') . '/images/1.png'; ?>"></a>
	<a href="<?php print $slides['slide2'][$language->language]['url']; ?>"><img src="<?php print base_path() . drupal_get_path('theme', 'business') . '/images/2.png'; ?>"></a>
	<a href="<?php print $slides['slide3'][$language->language]['url']; ?>"><img src="<?php print base_path() . drupal_get_path('theme', 'business') . '/images/3.png'; ?>"></a>


<div class="descriptions">
	<div class="desc" style="display: none;"><?php print $slides['slide1'][$language->language]['description']; ?></div>
	<div class="desc" style="display: none;"><?php print $slides['slide2'][$language->language]['description']; ?></div>
	<div class="desc" style="display: none;"><?php print $slides['slide3'][$language->language]['description']; ?></div>

This is not elegant, but it has worked to my

usaginyunyu’s picture

Hi I´ve been installing different themes to try on for a possible web.

I come up with Business theme which I found beautiful and simple, just what I was searching for, but the Blog didn´t shown. I tried with different views and blocks, but then none of the content of the other pages shown....

So I´ve uninstalled it, and left all the pages and blog as it was at first with Garland theme. I´ve also deleted and enabled everything that wasn´t like, just out of the box, and reinstalled the theme (after cleaning the caché)...

Still nothing come up :(

I don´t know what I´ve done wrong :(

blackdynamite33’s picture

The main menu only shows all of my links when i view the website in Google Chrome. When i view it in safari, firefox, or IE i only see two links on the menu.

any ideas on how to fix this?

fixed it.

infuu’s picture

How can I change the title of the displayed overlay at the slides?

martinbeckmann’s picture

First of all: thank you for this beautiful theme. I have managed to build a small site with a front page and 5 articles for our new business with this theme and love it! After lots of trial and error I managed to backup the database and migrate it to the GoDaddy server.
My problem is that the pictures I uploaded with the 5 articles as well as our company logo (all saved under sites/all/themes/business/images) do not show on the live server website (I get a red x) , while they show perfectly on my local machine.
One thing I should also mention is that I removed the links from the images in the slideshow following your excellent documentation. Thank you again for this great elegant theme!

martinbeckmann’s picture

Turns out I had made several mistakes:
1. My picture files did not get copied to the right location on the remote server when I moved the site to GoDaddy's server. After uploading them manually to html/drupal/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/field/image one of them showed up perfectly on the live site. That's how I figured out the second problem...
2. My picture files had MS Windows names like 'First picture.jpg' instead of 'First_picture.jpg'
3. My logo was in the wrong location as well. After renaming it and moving it to html/drupal/sites/default/files the website now works like a beauty

barzalou’s picture


I really enjoy this Business theme. My question is about your slideshow, how do you customize it when it comes to different languages? Going from one to the other, how does your theme's slideshow know which language it should display?

Thanks for your help

drahman’s picture

Configurable layout : Sidebar can be Right or Left

is listed in the theme's features but dropped from the features list on this page. I was wondering if it is still a feature and how to implement it. I want to move the sidebar to the left side of the content.

drahman’s picture

I ended up doing it manually in page.tpl. I would still like to know if there is a configuration setting as implied.

texrag’s picture

Can you please post what you did to move the sidebar from left to right? Thanks

tknospdr’s picture

I think this is a great theme!
I have what I hope is a simple request though.
On the site I've created I'm using a view with a pager.
The site owner wants to know if we can make the entire block surrounding the page # clickable.
I guess he thinks clicking the # itself is too small of a target for some of his customers.
It's pretty funny when you realize that the site is for a gun shop and I hope his customers can all hit their targets. :)

Any help greatly appreciated.


Denial’s picture

First of all, thank you a lot for your nice theme. I have a probably very nooby question. I'm developing a website for a restaurant (, and I'm trying to get the language switch on the i18n module to show up above #main menu. I've tried defining a new region Topbanner in the .info file (regions[topbanner] = Top banner) and printing it as follows in the page.tpl.php:

if ($page['topbanner']):

print render($page['topbanner']);


So now it shows over the logo on the left, but I cannot find out how to style it via css (it needs to show display: inline and a couple of a-modifications). Nothing happens when I call #topbanner, #topbanner .region or #topbanner .block. What am I doing wrong?

mvietri’s picture

Is there a way to automatically publish content to the homepage highlight boxes? Or is the only way to create 3 separate custom blocks and then publish.

Please help.

kwkag’s picture

I am a student learning Drupal. I am using the Business theme on a website that I am building. I want to change the slideshow pictures but the instructions don't seem to work. On the appearance settings page it says "To change the Slide Images, Replace the slide-image-1.jpg, slide-image-2.jpg and slide-image-3.jpg in the images folder of the Business theme folder." I've tried this but the pictures do not change.
Is there an additional step to make the pictures change?


Tachion’s picture

Someone asked this same question on stackoverflow:

adamjsmith’s picture

Business theme has clean and simple design. For small and medium-sized businesses with limited budget that do not want to engage developers and/or designers to create a customized website, this theme is a lifesaver.

nii antiaye’s picture

Just don't know why , but drop down menu doesn't work . Tried everything , it wouldn't work. Help will be appreciated. Thanks

Larkach’s picture

For some reason, site name & slogan appears in the centre of header and overlaps with menu tabs. How can I fix this?

accardo’s picture

Using creative theme by Devsaran- and wanted to link to an external page on another website from the rotating banner images slide-image-1.jpg, etc-- is that possible and if so, how? I don't see in the customize/settings.. thanks.

TimSukya’s picture

The Business theme by Devsaran is great. But how do you get it to highlight the Menu links so as to indicate the page your are on?
It only highlights "Home" when you're on the home page, but when you navigate to another page it doesn't highlight. I need the site to show which page a user is on by highlighting the current menu link. Thanks in advance.