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The Rijkshuisstijl theme is used by the central government of the Netherlands for Drupal sites as the standard Visual Identity.


  • Integration with the starterskit (
  • Configurable for every government agency logo
  • Configurable for the preset colour schemes
  • Configurable for internet, intranet of webapplication
  • Configurable for the preset homepage layouts
Comparison branch 7.1 branch 7.3
Rijkshuisstijl version 2012 version 2013
responsive no yes

Rijkshuisstijl compliant

Version 7.1 is compatible with Rijkshuisstijl version march 2012 (PDF 12 Mb)
Rijkshuisstijl addendum version march 2013 (richtlijnen Online 2013) is not implemented yet (PDF 4 Mb)
Overview of richtlijnen can be found here.

Webrichtlijnen (webguidelines) compliant

There are some minor notes about the Webrichtlijnen at the Starterskit, these can be found in the readme.txt at the Starterskit package.

OWASP10 compliant

Sites using the Rijkshuisstijl theme


Install theme

Download the theme and place it in the right themes directory.

Install libraries module

You must install the Drupal Libraries (v2.0) module to integrate the StartersKit in Drupal
make sure a directory exists:

Starterskit download

Version 7.1 uses the starterskit as a resource for specific Rijkshuisstijl-css. Download the "Starterskit" with the following drush command:

drush libraries-download starterskit

Or download it by yourself from the following url:

Extract its contents to:

When you use drush, you can run "drush libraries-list", and you should see the following:
Name | Status | Version | Variants | Dependencies
starterskit | OK | 1.2.3 | - | -

Configure the theme

Go to the theming admin pages and enable the theme. You will find some additional settings:
Titelbalkinstellingen (Gebruik de standaardtitel en -slogan van de website voor de titelbalk.)
Kleurinstellingen (16 color combinations of rijkshuisstijl)
Systeeminstellingen (type of the website: intranet/internet)
Internetinstellingen (behaviour for the sizing of columns)



There are two variants of the homepage. Some clients want a foldline
under the "tong". We created an extra template file to switch to
the foldline version. Right now you have to set it manually by renaming the other file front-page.tpl.php.
In the future this might be a theme settings for this feature so you can easily switch between the two variants.


A lot of government website provides a sitemap.
The styling for a sitemap is implemented in the theme. To configure a sitemap you can create a page and a menu block with all links of the website (Required: Module Context and Module Menu block).

Create a new context with the path of the node as condition. You need to create two reactions to let it work. First add a block and place the sitemap menu block in the content region. The second reaction is a theme HTML to set a section class to sitemap to get the
correct styling.

External links

All links that are rendered by the l function are getting an extra class "External" and title "Extarnal site: @title". To get this work for content you need to create a very basis module that provides a content filter that adds the title and class.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.