General information

The central government of the Netherlands has a standard Visual Identity that is used on every website. The so-called Rijkshuisstijl (central government visual branding) has been translated into this Rijkshuisstijl theme.

Features 7.1 branch

  1. Integration with the starterskit (
  2. Configurable for every government agency logo
  3. Configurable for the preset colour schemes
  4. Configurable for internet, intranet of webapplication
  5. Configurable for the preset homepage layouts
  6. Webrichtlijnen version 1 (webguidelines) compliant **
  7. OWASP10 compliant
  8. Rijkshuisstijl compliant

** Some minor notes about the Webrichtlijnen at the Starterskit, these can be found in the readme.txt at the Starterskit package.

Features 7.3 branch

  1. Configurable for every government agency wordmark
  2. Configurable for neutral style and branded style
  3. Configurable for the preset colour schemes
  4. Responsive design, mobile first
  5. Elements as block configuration
  6. Webrichtlijnen version 2 compliant
  7. OWASP10 compliant
  8. SASS
  9. HTML5
  10. Rijkshuisstijl with addendum 1.3 compliant


The Drupal 7.1 version requires the Libraries API 7.x-2.1 (or higher).


Big code changes were made by releasing beta-3.
Please read the readme.txt carefully, to see what is changed!

Sites using the Rijkshuisstijl theme:


This theme does not contain copyrighted content.
Branch 7.1 uses the visual components provided by the Starterskit which has to be downloaded and is only available with a login on
Please note that the visual government branding itself has copyright and is only allowed on official websites of the government of the Netherlands.


The 7.1 project is sponsored by Sogeti Netherlands. with special thanks to LimoenGroen for helping this to a first release.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsor & Resourcing
Sponsor & Resourcing
Code sprint 7.3

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