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MAYO 7.x-2.x is simple but highly customizable without the need to create code. It's a HTML5, responsive, and mobile-first design with settings for everything from color to layout.

MAYO usage has risen to over 10,000 since it's start in the Spring of 2011. That was before the rise of all the varied devices available now. With the release of MAYO 7.x-2.0 it will be fully responsive and ready for viewing on all device sizes from iPhone to PC.

MAYO 7.x-2.x attempts to add layout control for the different device sizes and at the same time keep all the basic simplicity of the earlier version. It also lays the groundwork for the 8.x-1.x version that is down the road with Drupal 8.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


nikolas_reissis’s picture

Great theme! Thanks a lot.

Denkasch’s picture

In new drupal 8 mayo, there is no possibility to set header height(( I'm noob in coding. Please tell what to do?

Ariadar’s picture

I can not insert a picture in the header background image. Why?
Use Xampp, mayo-8x-1.2 and drupal8. Everything else works great.
I tried it with .png, .jpg and .gif. The biggest was 702KB.
in (/sites/default/files/myimage.jpg)
Nothing happened, except that the logo disappears.
In forums I get no response.

bweather04’s picture

How do I even post a question/issue? is hard to understand, alone. Haha. But I love to build my website from it.

THIS IS A GREAT THEME. MY ONLY ISSUE IS.... Can someone help me with this:: -- I can't actually change my side-border widths? -- Some how they're stuck on maybe 35px? -- The configurator - won't change them. And apparently, the theme isn't listening to my .CSS inside the theme itself. (Yes, there is a place also inside WYSIWYG to change if your theme reads your CSS or your configurator...)

This all of a sudden changed for me the other day? Without changing any of the settings, so I'm not at all sure why it got all jacked? And why it's not responding?

Thanks in advance.

anurag.drupal’s picture

hi, I am inserting an image on my blog post but hspace="" vspace="" values are not applying. Image is touching text lines (looks bad). What to do in CSS or else??