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You are currently viewing the Official Omega theme documentation handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to explain what Omega is, how it works and to outline established best practices for getting started with your own Omega Subtheme. Please start at the beginning as Omega's approach to theming is different than other themes. If you assume too much you may find complications in understanding how to use Omega.

*** The process by which this handbook is made ***

This handbook is a direct result of the Omega Documentation Team's consensus process for building better documentation. The process involves getting connected to the team via IRC and attending scheduled sprints in order to work collectively with the documentation team.

A sprint is an event where the documentation team meets to work simultaneously on a shared document in order to draft, edit and refine portions of text based on a previously agreed upon sprint topic. Each sprint results in a final draft that gets group consensus and is then transferred to the handbook by a designated person.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Omega Framework documentation is asked to connect to the team by joining #drupal-omega on IRC. There you will find a helpful group of regular support and documentation folks who will get you up to speed on the project's history, goals and working methods.

This is not to say that edits can't or shouldn't be made by anyone. Anyone is welcome to edit the docs. But before you do we ask that you be aware of and considerate of the time and effort that has gone into building this handbook by a handful of dedicated volunteers.

The documentation team's intent is to focus all documentation efforts toward creating the most logically laid out, coherent and thorough documentation possible. It is our belief that this is best accomplished by group consensus. We hope you will agree and will want to join in to contribute. If you are interested in getting involved with the Omega Framework project documentation please start by joining #drupal-omega on IRC and introducing yourself.

This handbook is for reference only - not support

Requests for support in handbook comments WILL NOT be answered. This handbook is not the proper location to ask for support. If you need additional help using Omega after reading through this documentation you should do the following:

1. Join #drupal-omega channel on IRC - (Active, ongoing, real-time omega support discussion by helpful, knowledgeable folks)

2. Check the issue queue. It is likely that your issue has already been encountered by others and possibly even fixed in the issue queue.

3. Join the Omega Framework Group and search for relevant discussion -

And so, without further ado...

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.