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This page is a list of commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers.

How do I add a new zone or region to my subtheme?

  1. Locate an existing zone/region in your subtheme's .info file (e.g) regions[header_first] = 'Header First' or zones[header] = 'Header'
  2. Copy & Paste it anywhere in your subtheme's .info file
  3. Rename the new line as appropriate for your scenario (e.g) regions[header_second] = 'Header Second' or zones[headerXYZ] = 'Header XYZ'
  4. Save your changes
  5. Clear cache
  6. Navigate to your subtheme's Zone & Region Configuration settings
  7. Locate your new zone or region in the "unassigned zones/regions" area at the bottom of the page
  8. Assign as desired

What does Weight & Position do?
* Weight = the position of the region in the markup
* Position = the visual positioning of a region

My content region isn't expanding, please help!

How to override default hover color style from tables?
Apply the below code to your global.css:
tr:hover td, tr.even:hover, tr.odd:hover { background: #FFFEEE; }

How do I add a custom .js file to my Omega subtheme?

  1. Place your .js file in /js/
  2. Modify your .info file as per
  3. Navigate to admin/appearance/settings/mysubtheme
  4. Select "Toggle Libraries"
  5. Enable your library

Why isn't the custom css I placed in global.css being applied to the site title?
The site name is an active link. Target the active link in the header section:
.section-header .active {color:red;}

When I add a Typekit script manually it causes FOUT. What am I doing wrong?
If you use TypeKit, put the scripts directly in html.tpl.php. Don't use a (pre)process function in template.php. Don't use drupal_add_js.

  1. Copy html.tpl.php from the omega base theme to your sub-theme
  2. Add the <script> from typekit in the <head> section

My new zone and region refuses to be assigned. How do I fix this?
Move your zone to the section you want it in and save, then move your region to the zone you wish it to be in and save again.

How do I add a class to my page body?
In your subtheme's template.php file, just update your MYTHEME_preprocess_html(&$vars) function to include the line:
$vars['attributes_array']['class'][] = "additional-body-class"

How do I remove the left or right margins from a grid element? What's the best approach for creating nested grid elements?
The CSS classes "alpha" and "omega" are designed exactly for this purpose. Use "alpha" to remove the left margin, and "omega" to remove the right margin.

How do I stack 2 regions on top of each other while keeping them next to another region in content?
Please see this image: for a better description of what I'm talking about here. Let's say you want a horizontal menu above your content but you have a sidebar that you want to span the height of both the menu and the content.

  1. Disable "Customize the region positioning" in the Zone Configuration
  2. Set your regions up to have their weights increase as the regions get farther to the right (farthest left is weight 1, farthest right is weight 3).
  3. Set the sidebar to have a width of 3 columns (or whatever you want, this is just the smaller size)
  4. Set the stacked regions (in my example this would be menu and content) to have a width of 9 columns (again, whatever you want, my example is for a 12 column setup).

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Answer portion is missing a double-quote and maybe a comma or two, and it is not clear if the two steps mentioned are only for people "using drupal_get_js/css" (whatever that means) or should be followed in all cases.

I'd correct it myself if I understood what it is trying to say.

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Would love to see that image for the stacked regions example.