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MD5: 9a96f67474e209dd48750ba6fccc77db
SHA-1: 690d0cbc18cefbb33bd2678015a45343f809992e
SHA-256: df3379d90e4efaf8efd9b921335322e73bf5e89b5e0184f73a8f94c8bdac14c1
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MD5: 553a1941f3fe8d910eb866b477d210b5
SHA-1: 8e4d13134f9dc9e8caa6a1eda6ce4e8e63c5529b
SHA-256: 56639094142caa13f5e7e29ac1f310f7459c5c142974e7f7496428430663fcf5

Release info

Created by: David_Rothstein
Created on: 3 Feb 2016 at 16:31 UTC
Last updated: 24 Feb 2016 at 19:56 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Maintenance release of the Drupal 7 series. Includes bug fixes and small API/feature improvements only (no major, non-backwards-compatible new functionality).

No security fixes are included in this release.

No changes have been made to the robots.txt or default settings.php files in this release, so upgrading custom versions of those files is not necessary.

There is one change to the .htaccess and web.config files in this release:

  • A change to block Composer-related files (in particular, composer.json and composer.lock) from being viewed by website visitors (see #2392153).

Upgrading custom versions of .htaccess and web.config to incorporate this change is recommended (especially if your site's codebase is built using Composer), but not required.

Known issues:

Major changes since 7.41:

  • #1191290: Stopped invoking hook_flush_caches() on every cron run, since some modules use that hook for expensive operations that are only needed on cache clears.
  • #2392153: Changed the default .htaccess and web.config to block Composer-related files.
  • #1443308: Added static caching to module_load_include() to improve performance.
  • #1919338: Fixed double-encoding bugs in select field widgets provided by the Options module. The fix deprecates the 'strip_tags' property on option widgets and replaces it with a new 'strip_tags_and_unescape' property (minor data structure change).
  • #2545480: Improved MySQL 5.7 support by changing the MySQL database driver to stop using the ANSI SQL mode alias, which has different meanings for different MySQL versions.
  • #2599326: Fixed a regression introduced in Drupal 7.39 which prevented autocomplete functionality from working on servers that are not configured to automatically recognize index.php.
  • #1414508: Updated the Archive_Tar PEAR package to the latest 1.4.0 release, to fix bugs with tar file handling on various operating systems.
  • #1289336: Fixed fatal errors on node preview when a field is displayed in the node teaser but hidden in the full node view. The fix removes a field_attach_prepare_view() call from the node_preview() function since it is redundant with one in the node preview theme layer.
  • #1862250: Improved the description of the "Trimmed" format option on text fields (translatable string change, and minor UI and data structure change).

All changes since 7.41:

  • #2645544 by Liam Morland: Improve documentation for module_disable() and related functions
  • #2622012 by walangitan, snehi, Shreya Shetty, rashid_786, joachim, jhodgdon: Fix documentation errors in language_default()
  • #1191290 by klausi, David_Rothstein, Fabianx: system_cron() should not invoke hook_flush_caches() on every cron run
  • #1559506 by finnydobson, JuliaKM, snehi, anil280988,, laranajim, jhodgdon, alexpott: Query alter docs need some clarification
  • #2392153 by mparker17, hussainweb, chris.smith, alexpott, dawehner: Disallow composer.json and composer.lock from being indexed
  • #1946090 by pjonckiere, alex-mo, rpayanm: _drupal_wrap_mail_line() does not force-wrap too long words after 996 characters
  • #1443308 by cilefen, joseph.olstad, mikeytown2, joelpittet, btopro, alexpott, jonhattan, marcingy, stewsnooze, Fabianx, pounard, tstoeckler, penyaskito: Add static cache to module_load_include()
  • #1919338 by catch, bradjones1, mpdonadio, David_Rothstein, Cottser, Jalandhar, shnark, das-peter, swentel, bblake, JvE, dewalt, Damien Tournoud, jwilson3: Select widget (from the options module) prone to double encoding
  • #1891228 by eiriksm, logaritmisk, joelpittet, stefan.r, StefanPr, mariancalinro: image_style_deliver can create invalid headers
  • #2545480 by gryp, morgantocker, Crell, kevinquillen: Don't use the ANSI SQL mode since it has different meanings for different MySQL versions (and breaks MySQL 5.7 support in Drupal 7)
  • #2251019 by PietM, jhodgdon, mgifford: User wildcard search doesn't work
  • #1328014 by eiriksm, superspring, jhedstrom, alexpott, franz, chx, phillamb168: Fix PDOException in the dblog module when saving a link URL with non-standard characters
  • #2619816 by AshwiniPatil: Fix code style problem with array spacing in taxonomy_help()
  • #2627524 by lokapujya: Change absense to absence in test assertion message
  • #2596899 by bburg: Remove unnecessary DISTINCT from node access rebuild query to work around a MySQL bug
  • #2599326 by Blanca.Esqueda, David_Rothstein: Fix autocomplete functionality on servers that are not configured to automatically recognize index.php
  • #1414508 by droplet, KimNyholm, mglaman, kid_icarus, David_Rothstein, mgifford, Cottser: update to latest Archive_Tar (Pear)
  • #2611274 by felribeiro, joachim, joshi.rohit100, anchal29: missing docs for DrupalWebTestCase::xpath() $arguments param
  • #2632284 by eiriksm, brianV: Fix code style issues in block.module
  • #2156405 by Everett Zufelt, maximpodorov, rudiedirkx, jygastaud: Remove unnecessary static variable which can cause a Javascript error on user edit pages on multi-step forms.
  • #2547691 by snehi, er.pushpinderrana, visabhishek, ipun.amin, edxxu, jhodgdon, cilefen, ttkaminski: Fix documentation typo regarding #theme_wrappers
  • #1289336 by jthorson, JimmyAx, marcingy, David_Rothstein, no_commit_credit, drumm, matglas86, rooby, xjm, cristiroma, brockfanning, Damien Tournoud: Calling node_view for the same node with multiple view modes on the same page during node preview does not correctly attach fields
  • #2594585 by Xano, dcam: Use entity_uri() when linking to nodes on the admin/content page
  • #2530652 by da_cloud, jhodgdon, cilefen, marbard: Cannot use the search block again if an error occured in the previous search
  • #2601116 by heykarthikwithu: Remove various unused variables from the Poll module
  • #2598062 by eiriksm: theme_links contains > 80 character inline comment lines
  • #2411917 by chaunceyt: Fix _block_rehash() performance issue
  • #1862250 by amanire, Ivan Zugec, Novitsh, joates, sdstyles, yoroy, joshi.rohit100, acabouet, rpayanm, klonos, dahousecat, Daniel_Rose, HeimdallJHM, cluther, vineet.osscube, joachim, Stalski, Bojhan, chris_h: The "Trim length" format description is confusing/not clear to Drupal newcomers