The widget on a node form.
The settings of this widget.

Client-side hierarchical select

A simple client-side hierarchical select widget for taxonomy terms.


The widget provides three settings:

  1. Force selection of deepest level (If checked the user will be forced to select terms from the deepest level.)
  2. Parent (Allows to select a parent term to use only a subtree of a vocabulary for this field.)
  3. Labels per hierarchy-level


Supports multi-lingual terms localized with i18n_taxonomy module (Which is part of the i18n package).

Views integrations

It is possible to use the CSHS widget as an exposed filter for taxonomy term reference fields. Please note that this feature might break if SHS module is enabled on your site.

Similar projects

Looks similar to SHS and Hierarchical select, but in contrast to those modules the whole taxonomy tree is already present at page-load and the whole processing is done "client-side".

The implementation is simpler as most of the work is done by a custom jQuery Plugin which transforms the select-input with the option tree into multiple selects (one for each level in the hierarchy).

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