Status message

Dropsolid is fully aware of the huge demand of Drupal these days. We know that it is, undoubtedly, powerful and flexible software with many features that are just ideal for your business websites. We believe in helping you and your business using this great CMS software that carries lucrative potential and a promising future ahead for its users. We let you learn why a great number of large organizations look for Drupal professionals or Drupal solutions and how this demand confirms the extraordinary rise for Drupal jobs in marketplace at present.


Dropsolid NV has got the ambition to become a solid web solution provider with a clear focus on Drupal expertise. We believe strongly that with the background and experience of the founders we can constitute such a company and become a well-established player on the market. For ourselves we have defined the blueprint of how we believe the web solution company of the future should look like. Our company will be based on open source technologies, standardization, automation, integration, and off course an energetic and robust team. To achieve this, we have identified four business units in which we will take advantage of huge opportunities now present in the web industry.

Drupal contributions

We contributed some modules (apachesolr_location, corresponding node references, fancy multiselect, prelaunch) and patches.
Dropsolid also supports the Belgian Drupalcamp 2013 in Leuven (sponsor, and co-organisation) and the Drupal community in Leuven (

Projects supported

Date Icon, Find Content by User, Linkit Upload, Commerce KBC Paypage, Selective Tweets, Teamleader connection, References

Credited on 7 issues fixed in the past 3 months


Dropsolid offers Drupal training through its Academy. We have an extensive training catalogue, offering training for every possible person: Drupal Developers from Junior to Senior, Project managers, Front end developers, Webmasters and End Clients. Besides standardized training packages we also offer custom training to cover your specific needs.