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Cache Debug is a lightweight wrapper for Drupal's caching system in order to provide debug level output.

This module provides a cache class that can be used exclusively without enabling the module or you can enabled the module to configure it through a UI.

Warning: This module can cause high verbosity logging. Please configure carefully and manage the output log file accordingly.

Cache debug allows you to output logs to three different log types:

  • Watchdog
  • error_log
  • Arbitrary file

error_log is the default choice as it logs to a file in a known location. Watchdog could also be used, BUT is strongly recommended against if you have dblog module enabled and the verbose logging will likely have significant performance impact to your site. However, watchdog method will work will with syslog module especially if you're aggregating syslogs across web clusters (for production use).

Arbitrary file allows you to log to a location outside of the Drupal known filesystem. Beaware that Cache Debug log files can get very big, especially when left on for long periods of time and when used in production. Ensure you have log rotation setup for the log file and either compress and/or remove the files after a given period to ensure your servers do not run out of space.

See the README.txt file for more installation instructions.

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