Last updated 13 March 2015.

Official Initiatives

Some initiatives have been identified as official initiatives.

How do I start helping?

The Drupal 8.0.0 Get Involved page has more information about helping get a release out.

Drop by #drupal-contribute in IRC and someone would be happy to help you!

There are also core mentoring hours twice a week for real-time guidance on not only on how to get started but what to work on! (See link for times.) For coders and non-coders alike.

Where do I jump in?

Choose an area of interest below to see the important issues identified from those leading that initiative. Review and create patches to help see them through!

How can I add my own?

Drupal 8 is not adding any new features at this point. But some changes are still unfrozen or prioritized. Check the list of previous initiatives to see if there are people to connect with. You can add a child page below.