Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: August 8, 2012 - 21:52
Last updated: August 8, 2012 - 22:59
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0:

  • Fix CSS sanitizer to more properly test for necessary semi-colons. See SA-CONTRIB-2012-125 - Chaos tool suite (ctools) - Access Bypass and Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • #1492274 by pfrenssen: Fixed notice: array to string conversion in page_manager_render_operations().
  • #1480252: convert theme() arguments to an array
  • #1702492 by Xen: Fixed Drupal 6 code in wizard.
  • #1710816 by populist | SocialNicheGuru: Fixed Undefined index: override_title() in ctools_entity_field_content_type_render().
  • #1690188: Fix initial pager size in pane config.
  • #1673896 by andypost: Fixed Small typo in access ruleset.
  • #1306500 by DamienMcKenna | jefkin: Export_UI documentation update.
  • #1680874 by Cristian Andrei: Added Replace 'no info' text in panel admin content page with name.
  • #1198808: Auto submit does not work with modal.
  • #1444732: Fix exposed sorts not available as pane config.
  • #1708052 by damiankloip: Return from _ctools_drush_export_module_filter().
  • #1706862 by swentel: Added a filter to drush ctex to filter on all, enabled or disabled objects.
  • #1700556 by damiankloip | swentel: Fixed Drush commands use $object->name to log a message which does not always exists.
  • #1704894 by tim.plunkett: Fixed CSS properties are not merged properly.
  • #1618264 by helior: Added Improved DX for Export UI.
  • #1699684 by damiankloip | swentel: Added an 'all' option to drush export op commands.
  • #1689708 by swentel: Added Let drush ctex alter the files to be written.
  • Refactored module filtering logic in
  • #1651274 by swentel: Do not make bulk_export() a dependency for drush ctex.
  • #1619170 by awebb and dsavinov: Allow field pane title override to override the title even if it is being used as the field title, not the pane title.
  • Clarify that there are no required keys for plugin metadata.
  • #1650456 by damiankloip: Add --module filtering option to drush commands.
  • Consistent naming of functions in
  • #1593596 by pcavanaugh: Fixed link to edit a taxonomy term from term description.
  • #1611252: Remove a crufty call from page_manager_menu().
  • #1612604 by awebb: ensure ctools files are included in form build state so multistep formatter forms work correclty.
  • Revert "Issue #1612604 by awebb: ensure ctools files are included in form build state so multistep formatter forms work correclty."
  • #1612604 by awebb: ensure ctools files are included in form build state so multistep formatter forms work correclty.
  • Added code filter option to ctools_export_info
  • Refactored drush_ctool_info filtering logic, Fixed some docblock indentation, Added new helper functions to evaluate object status, added result of ctools_export_get_schemas to return value of _drush_ctools_export_info
  • Added --filter option to ctex command to filter tables, Use constants in export statuses, Added width to first table col in drush_export_info output, _drush_ctools_explode_options helper function, Fixed undefined schema var in _drush_ctools_selection_screen, Added typing to some function signatures
  • #941782: needs tests
  • #1371700 by juampy, merlinofchaos, prdctvtxt and tim.plunkett: CTools adds cached plugins with wrong paths during hook_registry_files_alter() in multisite systems
  • #1444006 by kotnik, lucascaro: Fixed disallowed Unicode code point in CTOOLS_PREG_CLASS_ALNUM.
  • #1122736 by joachim: Fixed incorrect length for cache name.
  • #1233638 by joachim: Cleaned up @file docs in dependent.js.
  • #1538242 by oadaeh: Documentation tweaks for the About Chaos Tool Suite page.
  • Added --filter examples for ctools-export-info command, Changed param passed into _drush_ctools_export_info to use (bool) value based on filter
  • Removed individual filtering options in favour of one --filter=FILTER, Count summaries to export-info command, Additional tests in
  • #1298332 by jramby: Fixed Undefined variable: test in ctools_context_handler_get_render_handler().
  • #1512154 by markusbroman: Prevent error when listing sibling terms when term has no sibs.
  • #1505432 by litwol: Rewrite JS to use jQuery.once().
  • #1505536 by jludwig: Allow the object cache to take session ids as arguments so modules can use non-session ids if necessary.
  • #1362448: Simple view content type does not deal properly with missing optional context.
  • #1511054 by litwol: Update css for the modal close button to be less grabby.
  • #1334020 by bennetteson: Allow raw tokens for context keywords generated from token.module.
  • #1416302 by twistor: Fix PHP strict notices.
  • #1510428: stylizer was adding farbtastic incorrectly so the color picker did not work.
  • #1353956 by tim.plunkett: Fixed undefined form in page_manager_page_form_argument().
  • #1508868 by tim.plunkett: Context plugins aren't getting their $conf defaults loaded.