Download ctools-7.x-1.12.tar.gztar.gz 423.54 KB
MD5: daae0be22830e34c4d952f91557ae5a5
SHA-1: 67dbdc09cdfc40244f18adc5281354a4d944135b
SHA-256: 2400652d13ed2bd301004c2d3f9acce645f6f763db66bc902cc8dbe176daae5e
Download ctools-7.x-1.12.zipzip 654.11 KB
MD5: 019cbf4db742c1d56a08b836d487dd81
SHA-1: e2508424032a239c6a56dc9b2d666ad3cd7abf4e
SHA-256: af43e8bb3a0725e7242c38c14a2d80d83ea5f1a52955df04cf5cbd6d7a3c142a

Release info

Created by: japerry
Created on: 22 Nov 2016 at 03:55 UTC
Last updated: 22 Nov 2016 at 03:59 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This is a bugfix release for ctools 7.x. No user-end features are in this release. The next release, will contain features and bug fixes.

The only feature added is test coverage on, all other items are bug fixes.

Changes since ctools 1.11

  • #2808985 by DamienMcKenna: Ensure CTools 7.x-1.x tests run, enable automated tests
  • #2826313 by shailesh.bhosale: Help / permission links text not aligned correctly.
  • #2822809 by michel.g: Constant UUID_PATTERN already defined
  • #2449245 by ndf, das-peter: Cloning page manager handlers leads to duplicated uuids
  • #2670160 by Albert Volkman: Spelling error "dispaly" in drush commands
  • #2598750 by eugene.ilyin: ajax key defined twice
  • #2539454 by ibonelli: Invalid plugin module/type combination requested (due to cache issues).
  • #2373297 by David_Rothstein, DamienMcKenna: hook_ctools_content_subtype_alter() does not provide any reliable way to identify the subtype being altered
  • #2184205 by jweowu, rivimey: ctools_content_render() claims to return an array; actually returns an object
  • #2068335 by Mac_Weber: function ctools_get_plugins() documentation
  • #640226 by clemens.tolboom, rivimey, jwilson3: Adding Book Navigation Block to panels and mini-panels
  • #1226648 by chasingmaxwell, Apfel007: Strict warning: error ctools_term_breadcrumb()
  • #935168 by Darvanen, codewatson, rivimey, DamienMcKenna: "Use context keywords" strips out anything after a % if it doesn't match
  • #528036 by rajeshwari10: Create text for the "Getting Started >> The page list" page in page manager advanced help


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