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What's a screencast? A video recording of my computer screen and my mouse movements. A great tool for showing your Users how to change their My Account info, add Content to the web site, and anything else they need help with.

My users -the members and the maintainers- are very knowledgeable in their field, however, their field does not include using computers.

I had written step-by-step instruction sheets, but the users often got overwhelmed when they first viewed the page. They would holler out, "I cannot do this" before they ever tried it. This year I decided that screen casts would be a better solution. They would only see the one step at a time and it is easier to show the menu options than it is to describe it in text.

These resources are the ones I will use. Please add your suggestions, resources, and advice.


Resources for your screencasts

1. Creating Screencasts using freeware

2. Find Drupal modules to display your screencast

There are several modules for displaying videos. Read the descriptions to see which one best suits your purpose.

The module description will often include links to how-to articles or the module's ReadMe.txt file will include instructions for installing and using the module.

Find the video modules

Use the Search filters to narrow your results.

  • Category = media
  • Compatibility = your core Drupal version number: 6.x; 7.x
  • Search modules = video


Tips for your screencasts

1. Make the screen match the Role

If your screencast is for Anonymous users, you want them to see the screen and menu settings just the way it looks for Anonymous and not the Admin user. Create a user called DemoScreen. When you are creating your screencast, log in as DemoScreen.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.