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The purpose of this page is to collect pieces of CRM solutions and bring them together. The main focus is to build a CRM with as little coding as possible. The result should be some kind of package, maybe not out of the box, but an instruction with default views etc. where one can easily make one's own custom CRM based on nodes.

Why this?
1. There are already so many modules out there which are sufficient to build a CRM
2. Possibility to start small and enhance as needed

CRM is a very complex issue

suitable modules one could use

Most important for the moment: Brain storming and bringing structure into that discussion by rearranging and adding book pages.

Note that two Drupal 7-based CRM systems have been developed:

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I am just starting to look at CRM as I can see a dark cloud on the horizon. One of our clients will be needing it soon. They may not know it - but it seems obvious to us.

So, it might be a good idea to start with a brief, a definition of what CRM should be doing and how the workflow would look like.

One thing I liked when I investigated the Google "Wave" attempt of a co-operation / team work tool was the idea that everything just started with a blank sheet of screen. Quite often system start to categorize the workflow too early into "minutes", "contact records", "form a", "form b", etc.

Having suggested creating a brief I am, unfortunately, not going to be the first one to attempt writing one. I need to look around a bit more and will hopefully be able to come back before too long.
For now I feel this initiative deserves some responses - let's hope this will become a busy page to visit.
Thanks for starting it .....

Good luck .....
... more recent results of trying Drupal just once are -