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  • Blog it: Users with blogs will see a "blog it" link in the form of a linked image i.e. Only local images are allowed. when viewing posts in the news aggregator. Other news listings, such as RSS blocks, will have an icon in place of the textual blog it link. When the blog it option is selected, the user will be taken to the blog entry form, with the title, a link to the item, and a link to the source already entered in the text input field, ready for the user to add explanation.
  • User Blog RSS syndication: each individual user blog has their own RSS feed, allowing other sites to syndicate their content or allowing readers to read the individual blog in an aggregator. To find the RSS feed for a user, view their personal blog (in their personal information, which you can get to by clicking on their username, select view recent blog entries). Then look for the XML icon at the bottom of their blog page.

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