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Enables the use of Resource Description Framework (RDF) metadata in Drupal.

  • Provides RDF API hooks for:
    • defining RDF repositories.
    • querying, inserting, updating, and deleting RDF data.
    • defining namespaces for serialization purposes.
  • Provides management interfaces for:
    • repository management, listing the available repositories provided by add-on modules hooking into the RDF API.
    • data management, allowing the conjunctive graph of the available RDF repositories to be queried using subject, predicate, and object.
    • namespace management, listing all URI abbreviations used for CURIEs.
  • Provides theming functionality for:
    • property name-value tables from RDF data.
    • triple tables consisting of subject, predicate, object.
    • rendering URIs/literals in human-readable form (e.g. as CURIEs).
  • Provides serialization/unserialization for the RDF/PHP and RDF/JSON formats.


Provides RDF data storage in local RDBMS-based repositories.

RDF Export

Exports Drupal data in the RDF/XML, TriX, Turtle and N-Triples formats.

RDF Import

Imports RDF data in the RDF/XML, Turtle and N-Triples formats.

RDF Schema

Provides an RDF Schema (RDFS) vocabulary for Drupal.

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