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  1. To get to the categorization screen, in your sidebar navigation, click news aggregator
  2. Here you have two options:
    1. click categories, then the category you wish to look at, then the categorize tab.
    2. click sources, then the feed source you wish to look at, then the categorize tab.
  3. You will be presented with a list of items to categorize, plus to the right, the categories which you can assign to each item. If you have the multiple-select option enabled in the aggregator configuration, you can select more than one category for an item by holding down CTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) and clicking on each category.

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At point 3, in my case (Drupal 6.16), you can choose if you want to use a multiple-selector select-list to categorize items or if you want to use checkboxes for that. You can configure it in "Administer > Content Management > Feed Aggregator".