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I just encountered an issue in my one of the project ..The client wish to have a simple way to set nodes order by just drag and drop functionality. and voilla I found Noderorder module.

There are other similar modules in drupal that might work well ( i haven't tried that) However Nodeorder gives the similar functionality which my client wished.

OK I Installed Nodeorder on my drupal site and followed the steps according to the readme file. But I haven't found it working correctly..No Problem I found the reason..i.e. i am using a view to show the list of nodes hence I applied following steps to implement nodeorder with views:

1. Installed NodeOrder
2. Created a taxonomy vocabulary called "order nodes by category" and checked the multiple select box to show this vocabulary in content type "News" and check "ordering" check box too .
3. Added a term "order news" under newly created vocabulary "order nodes by category".
4. Now create a view which would filter nodes on the basis of taxonomy term "order news" and define a sort criteria on basis of taxonomyterm id weight.
5. Add nodes in News Content type and select "order news" for each node of news.
6. Now go to the taxonomy term "order news" in taxonomy and you can see there listing of the nodes you created in news content type. Thats it, now you can order the nodes there.

Hope I gave an easy step by step explanation. Feel free to contact me for any queries at

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